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  1. The unthinking masses as you describe are rather like these chaps:
  2. Have a brawl with the bailiffs. Seeing as they can bish bosh you in legallynow, fug 'em up in return.
  3. Dead Cat Bounce, & a fake one at that, given the "Seasonal Adjustment"
  4. UK PLC is the world's prostitute, sell out to johnny foreigner for a tenner. "How much, love?"
  5. Gordon's alive?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLCSHljSZ60...re=channel_page
  6. I Aint reading through 500 pages of waffle just to find out, so that's my take on it
  7. The person complaing against FP was pi55ed off at house prices crashing, and was directing his frustration at fp. How that muppet who complains gets away with doing that to fp on here (a bear pit), i don't know..
  8. Yeah- at the roc post (Cold war era nationwide network of bunkers to aid in communication in the event of nuclear war) example below http://www.ringbell.co.uk/ukwmo/post.htm
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