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  1. I wouldn't know, I just use factual statistics from official sources.
  2. And that is why the education system is so poor, the NHS is riddled with incompentence, crime and justice for victims is a laughing stock, politicians are on the take, that old bag and her chav brats who live in a massive council house at the end of some road called pall mall who get millions to breed and so on...
  3. Tell us how you will benefit directly from the sale and subsequent profit made by the gov. I will tell you, you will get 'nowt'. And you know something else?, you can buy RBS and LLOY stock now, and will continue to be able to do so long before, during and long after the gov sells the stock. Don't think for one solitary second you will get a cut in taxes, council tax, VAT, NI and so forth, because the tax payer will get diddly squat. The tory proposal is a good idea indeed. Just a question of the timing though, and that is the crux of the matter. Too soon or too late, and those who buy the sto
  4. That just about proves how little people know or even understand. You don't own them, if you did, you would be able to profit from them eventually, but you never will. Can anybody with a brain in their head not see that the tax payers would buy them anyway?, ****** me, they are buying and selling them today!, what is it with some of you!!!!!?.
  5. Not looked at the share centre?. Online application and you can start to trade within minutes. Bought a variety of overseas stocks without any problems. Apart from international brokers, they are most certainly the best one there is.
  6. Overlay UKX with DJI on a chart and they pretty much mirror eachother.
  7. Suckers rally?. Market correction?, Dow to hit 6600 before end of year?, expect 20% correction? blaa blaa blaa. Welcome to the CNBC 'have not got a clue' thread Gun and bullets required.
  8. Only that there is not a 'Debt Tax'. Punish those who overspend - regardless.
  9. May well be, but what is very odd, and hearing on the radio this morning, Iceland is one the top three countries to live in!
  10. People who are unable to be responsible over debt should be taxed to pay for this, not have those responsible with their cash have to bail them out. This tax should be a percentage of their outstanding debt and go towards paying the gov for bailing them out with their halfwit schemes, creating national debt ultimately caused by those irresponsible people who cannot live within their means and splurge on credit cards, overextend themselves with 100x salary mortgages and loans etc... For every pound someone is in debt by, 17.5% tax is charged. Might force many to be more prudent in future and l
  11. Who the hell let Gordon Brown design this awful new look?
  12. Struggling to PM you Rover, as this website is pretty ******ed up now, but in a nutshell, you are right in theory. Will PM you as soon as this site gets working correctly. Lots of RIs due within the banking sector soon, and worth keeping an eye on this news: http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/markets/article6856555.ece
  13. Absolutely. We would be punching the air in delight if the bet pays off, but getting it wrong won't half do your head in. Rover: I will PM you later, after work. God DAMN!!! stinking website, spent over an hour with a PM to rover and as I send it, it logs me out and so lose all what was written. Someone smash the thing with a sledge hammer please! :angry:
  14. As the rights issue placing to the market is not until around mid october, whereby the the share price may fall, I have, over the past year or so, monitored the actions of rights issue placings, and have noticed that manipulation takes place. Firstly, the company that is due to have rights issue share placed in the market, the values go up until the last day of trading before the rights issues shares are tradeable the following day. Long then short positions are taken by many. Just something I have noticed, and also, from experience, that it is difficult to get in on the act as the big players
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