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    Darius Guppy

    Never mind diddums if it's all too much for you, resort to attack eh?
  2. Sourman

    Darius Guppy

    You are so for down the rabbit hole I feel sorry for you. A cast iron clad argument implicates your heroes and your brain is struggling to rationalize what you have just read with everything else you have believed to be true so far. As I have said so many times, the majority on here are part of the problem not the solution, and now I know exactly why. It is because you have almost all subscribed in one way or another to the status quo and especially to the Neo-liberal (tory) rhetoric on capitalism. An absolutely stunning essay and indictment of the present system.
  3. Absolutely! My mum has just told me that after the increase, 25% of her income will now go on fuel costs! This is a f*%#ing disgrace... Privatization has been a complete and utter disaster for the majority of people in this country of ours.
  4. It would never matter how good other countries services are when provided by private companies, in this country and especially under a Tory govt, the services will be provided by companies who have the playing field skewed toward profit not performance. Just look at any of the privatized companies and any of the pfi contracts currently running.
  5. Makes you wonder why the government funding for research will be cut 15% by 2014. maybe Dave thinks we can carry on buying our energy ad infinitum from the ever so competitive international energy markets.
  6. Surely this would be the perfect export for equatorial countries with little else to offer. A larger international network of electricity generation and distribution must be one of the defining projects of the next 50 years, if we are all to move toward a safer more environmentally friendly approach to our power needs.
  7. Of course there is no benefit, just a quick florin to be made flogging them off to Johnny foreigner!
  8. So really that means that 2/3 of our GDP is based on the availability of credit! What a mess we are in.
  9. In my mums area there are lots of older folks living in 2 and 3 bedroomed houses alone. This is not always by choice, as there ar far more 2-3 bedroomed houses available than single bedroomed bungalows! So what will happen to all of those?
  10. Another I'll thought out bit of legislation from the jokers in charge! If anyone still thinks that this bunch of no hopers will do anything for anyone other than their mates, you' better forget it.
  11. Usual BS from the torygraph... How did we manage to have a housing boom under labour whilst at the same time building less than 50% the amount of properties than the previous Tory government?
  12. It would more than likely be very, very painful for a lot of people who bought in the past 4-5 years, but I think it could be a blessing in disguise. We may finally be forced to think of other sectors to base our whole economy on other than one of personal debt. A good 15-20 years of stagnant or falling house prices, can only be a good thing.
  13. It's closer to the truth to say "we" are to blame 100%. But then "we" have also been manipulated into becoming the gotta keep up with the Jones's idiots we are. The endless drive to sell and the equally ridiculous urge to consume has completely wrecked the system. But I'm sure it was designed that way by those who can see the unfolding of events over decades as mere rolls of the dice.
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