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  1. The landlord has allowed me to install a lock, but I must meet the cost myself. Should I send him the bill? Aren't HMO properties required to have locks on the bedroom doors by law and it is the landlords responsibility? If I just take the hit with the cost, don't I have a better case for not giving him a copy of the key?
  2. What about a copy of a bedroom door key? Is the landlord entitled to a copy of that?
  3. Thanks for the link SpaceHopper, looks ideal. As far as I can see there would be no structural change/damage to the door. I realise not a high-level of security, but at the end of the day the door could just be kicked in. I just want assurance that people aren't using my room when I'm not in, I think this could do the trick and even installable by a DIY retard like myself? Anyone know if this system is available at a retail outlet? B&Q? Homebase? Things are harder to return on the internet and I'll have to wait for delivery (I'm flying out the country on Monday) I rang round some locksmi
  4. I very much doubt this place is HMO registered. He's not a professional landlord of sorts, and when I queried about the deposit protection scheme he deflected the question and went very quiet. He lives here sometimes and is essentially renting out the spare rooms. His son "looks after" the property when he is not around - so in this case his son is the one I'm refering to as the "landlord" who keeps showing up. Was thinking this type of lock (http://www.directdoors.com/door-locks-latches/yale-type-locks/yale-77-p272) is the best, as the door doesn't need to be modified much. I will have to
  5. As in the topic title. I am tempted to get a locksmith in to put a lock on my bedroom door. I live in a "shared house" with "3 people" stated on the tenancy agreement as the maximum number of people allowed to live in the property. The landlord basically turns up on quite a regular basis to pick up mail and it seems, to just wonder around. I have warned him about notifying us first but he doesn't bother. I'm sure he must be coming round more often than I am actually noticing (as I'm not at home much). I also travel sometimes and don't feel comfortable people wondering around the house with a
  6. I have full access to the Hong Kong stock exchange as a HK "resident". I am personally reluctant to go direct into Mainland shares, don't think I would be able to do that that easily anyway? Friends of mine are telling me to jump back into HSBC.. I'm not so sure.. I have just bought China Meditech Thanks for that funds info.
  7. Can anyone explain what that graph actually means?
  8. Where do I find out more about Chinese investment funds, and what companies/stocks are included within these funds? Do I have to go through an investment manager or broker to buy into them? I am thinking of increasing my exposure to China, but feel I should wait untill I see where this global credit bubble goes. I feel most of the big gains in Chinese stock have been realised and there will be a dip or consolidation period before the big and more consistent leg up.
  9. But is there actually any benefit to registering as non domiciled. Surely it just means that when they change the rules they'll be after me. I believe I already get the interest on my offshore savings gross, since I opened the offshore account whilst I was in Hong Kong and used my Hong Kong address. I have been careful to keep my offshore bank a/c and uk bank a/c(s) as seperate entities despite them being with the same bank, however I have on occasion transfered money from my offshore a/c to my uk a/c to make purchases, invest, etc.. Is there anything stopping me moving savings from my UK inco
  10. Can I be non domiciled if I am a british national but born overseas. I live and work full time in the UK - am I being a fool by putting savings from my wages in a non offshore bank account? Savings rates are worse on offshore accounts so I suppose my interest taxed at 22% (or whatever it is) isn't alot different. What are the benefits of 'registering' as non dom? To be registered as non dom don't I need an overseas address in the country I'm declaring as my country of domicile? My housemate is moving next month into a 2 bedroom house 'given' to his pregnant 19 yr old gf. Sod paying more ta
  11. Her makeup is scary. Her face is a different colour to the rest of her
  12. My intentions are to buy and hold for a few months or when I feel the shares are over-valued. I don't have the patience or time (or intelligence) to trade daily; selling high and buying low every few hours. I would be looking at blue-chip stocks, but at present feel most are ready for a correction? My feeling at the moment are shares in companies that will benefit from the impending credit crunch and mass IVA's. I don't have huge amounts of cash to use, but feel with all my wealth in sterling cash (and a tiny bit in allocated gold bullion) I am too exposed to the £, which I personally feel is
  13. What if you want to buy smaller shares more frequently. Seems quite expensive to me, or is that the only way to do it? - make large infrequent transactions.
  14. If the house is in Warndon Villages, that's not city centre! Considering how much some of these flats are; in and around Worcester city centre, I think you've done well. I'm tempted to jump the gun aswell, my savings just seem to be inflating away!
  15. I don't seem to be able to send a private msg too, and your e-mail address is "private" "The error returned was: You are not allowed to use the messenger feature on this board" I have pm's enabled as far as I'm aware. I'll fiddle with the settings again.
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