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  1. London is already accpeted as the dominant financial and services centre of Europe, it is sucking in talent and highly paid jobs from the entire continent. You will find French, Italian, German, Swiss, American etc all working alongside one another. As London expands economically it's hinterland is spreading to encompass a triangle spreading from Cambridge to Oxford down to Bath and south to Brighton, the rest of the UK may eperience a hpc, but I can assure you this golden triangle around London is set to become the NY state of Euroland. Both the lettings and residential market will hold u
  2. For what it's worth I worked with a Bulgie a while back, asked his opinion as I was thinking of entering the market. He said don't, his take was that prices have risen fast there and will fall equally fast. Still if you want to catch a bullet I hear it's a good place to start.
  3. Oh my god there's one born every minute isn't there. Jesus-h how can you go to an auction and not know that! Auction rules 10% deposit on the day and the rest within a month, and no you cannot change your mind
  4. Totally agree, I read the Eye as my weekly news paper, my hypothesis is that all poloticians are greedy, corrupt ans self serving, I want to know what they're up to. What I don't want is a press that compares one party to Jesus and his disciples and rubishes all of the rest, apart from anything else to me the mainstream media in the UK are loosing all credibility.
  5. Don't be silly BTL has both a product.... provison & servicing of a dwelling ....and an income, rental. If you are going to make bearish arguments at leat make them vaguely sensible.
  6. Don't understand your obsession with .coms, did you invest and loose money??? HP have doubled in 4 years, that's happended to lots of stocks, like BA, or BP, no one says there going to crash? .Coms were crappy little Co with no products or income whose shares went up 100 fold in 1 year, or course they crashed. If the average hp had risen by 10times I'd agree they'd crash, but they've only doubled from a point at which by most estimates they were 30% under-valued.
  7. At last a well researched and realistic posting on this site. You can wait for your hpc for the rest of your lives, it simply isn't going to happen. People will save for longer, buy later etc. But you will NEVER EVER see the average house price at the £70k it was 4 years ago, EVER. They may drop back a little but have risen to a much higher equilibrium level.
  8. VP Socialist parties have almost always tended towards Fascism, which should not be confused with Capitalism. The Nazi Party, Franco's Facists, Pol Pot, the Soviets..... ALL socialists.....ALL fascitic opressive regiemes. Animal Farm is an excellent satire which observes the inherently 'right wing' nature of all Socialism. It should come as no suprise that New Labour are acting in this way. What do you expect from a Socialist Party? Personal freedom and an efficient 'Small State Government', if so on what basis????
  9. Don't see how an average mortgage of £70-90k has you guys all talking about an apocalytic crash, that means people are borrowing around 3 times earnings. If it was £190-250k mortgages that would be different. What's so bad about a £80k mortgage for the average earner on £20-25K????
  10. It's not all doom and gloom........ ps, Bulls can have a sense of humour too you know.
  11. 'Noh Wales boyoh. Blimmin marvelous place mind you' I left 15 years ago for London, they all call me 'That Dick Wittington there'. It's not really there fault there aren't any jobs and the benfits system makes sure there never will be because eveyones forgotten how to work. Then I go to dinner with friends in London from the home counties who think there taxes actually help people in those places, and how wonderful TB is. My theory is that the benefits system is supported by the middle classes because it actually works to keep the working class in there place.
  12. Depends which 'country' you live in the UK is split. If you go out to a pub in my home town on a Friday you'll be hard pushed to find anyone not on a scam, mainly invalidity, just say your depressed and the doc sings you off, everyone also works for cash jobs as well, the girls don't get married before they have kids so that they can pretend the father has dissapeared then get a single mum flat & you can work upto 16hrs a week and still get full benefits. You must live in a very nice area with lots of nice middle class tax payers, but if you wandered into an area where the benefits are a
  13. To get back on hpc message, they then all send there kids to uni to get a useless degree and a load of debt, and to provide even more tenants because they can't afford to FTB
  14. I wouldn't mind but they seem so pleased with themselves! They sit there paying 80% of the UKs income tax, 80%!!! And who do they all vote for...........New Labour who put taxes on the middle classes . I think they're great, mad as a box of frogs, and a bit naive, but great.
  15. Ever been to Tunisia, London will be just like Tunis, but without the sunshine. As fo the rest of the country, it'll be just like Eastern Europe, but poorer, lots of empty places, nice scenery and a few old wrinkles wandering about. BUT in the meantime let the boom roll.
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