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  1. http://companycheck.co.uk/director/906756157/MR-GRANT-SHAPPS Company Name Company Status Position Appointed Resigned Dissolved AIRHOUSE CORPORATION LTD. Company is dissolved Director 20/08/1998 01/09/2002 Yes HOW TO CORP LIMITED Company is dissolved Director 21/03/2005 30/07/2008 Yes PRINTHOUSE CORPORATION LTD Active - Accounts Filed Director 28/10/1997 18/06/2009 FREELANCE BUSINESS FORUM LIMITED Company is dissolved Company Secretary 01/12/1998 - Yes FREELANCE BUSINESS FORUM LIMITED Company is di
  2. Madmax, I don't have to tell you that nobody can predict what will happen over the next few years. We could carry on as we are for decades or there could be some event around the corner that sparks off a correction and monumental depression. We're doing "OK", not brilliantly, just OK... Even though we've got a bit of equity in the house (very little of it through HPI I might add, we bought in 2008, it was all savings for us and a little bit of help from parents (little bit, not a lot, plus we've paid it back now), I had a largely curable cancer and the precise house we wanted came up, it coul
  3. I seem to remember him fishing them in gleefully as if they were a perch! I might be up there these days... This very posting might affect my standing!
  4. Guy I've been working with for a few months saw me looking at HPC the other week. We've never really discussed matters such, his reaction was something along the lines of "housepricecrash, love that site".... Made me laugh... feels like a secret club....
  5. I have been on here since early 2007, (registered in 2008). I'd say I come on here generally between 1 to 5 times a day but I do occasionally go through busy periods where I am not looking for maybe 3-5 days, sometimes a couple of weeks. I re-read the Serpico posts today at work, fascinating as ever... Made me feel a bit empty again, first time I read it I was struck by the random nature of success and how some people fluke success whilst others struggle all their lives for very little. I'm not on here to make a big point or anything, just to say I'm a lurker really. I am watching you all!
  6. Another conceited champagne socialist. I literally cannot listen to him. Thank god he is not drive-time.
  7. Sorry, that might have been me. I can assure you I will never be voting for them ever again.
  8. No huge surprise really: http://www.movehut.co.uk/news/jon-hunt-creates-chain-of-office-properties-in-london-5120/
  9. Here is how devalued we have become and how times have changed (I feel a rant coming on). It also demonstrates why I think we are partly to blame for this mess we are in... In about 1984 my parents bought a Barbeque. We used to drive to Whitby and park up in lay-bys on the way and have a barbeque with extended family etc. There would have been, whilst grilling questionable meat, conversations about the miners strike, arguments about Michael Foot and full on shouting matches about the political direction of the country. I would have been about 10 but understood even at that age where my parent
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