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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/oct/22/spending-cuts-liverpool History repeating itself. A new Tory Government with a middle/upper Class agenda and dominated by the interests of the South-East makes cuts. Unsurprisingly, the consequence is the same as the last time. Some of the reasons why Liverpool is particularly affected are the same now as then. It is a doctrinaire policy without an informed analysis of the effects. The old industrial areas do not figure in Tory calculations. Unemployment in the North really is a price worth paying for Tory affluence. But in the intervening thirty years, Liverpool has lost its manufacturing and mercantile activities and the private sector has failed to create new jobs. Only public sector jobs have provided new employment. Liverpool reflects what has happened across the country and is a sad warning of what is to come. Its experience is evidence that private sector jobs will not be created as the Tories blithely say. Please do not respond with the usual catalogue of jokes and misconceived prejudice against scousers, its not clever or grown up.
  2. Put all those kids into care. That will save us all a lot of money. Throw the parents into jail, save some more.
  3. So this is the Big Society! The LibDems particularly trumpet 'localism', how long will they complacently hand over their values to the Tories?
  4. Have you really seen public sector income levels at the most common levels? Your second point is nonsense.
  5. Blair and Mandelson did not fight the last election and introduce a campaign of savage cuts while promising that 'We are all in this together'. It is uniquely Camoron's hypocracy.
  6. Also admitted that the Tories had planned all this for years. I did not see it in their manifesto.
  7. With all that money sloshing around, why did the private sector fail so spectacularly? Please try some joined up thinking.
  8. Yep, one of the 26 members of the Cabinet and one of the 18 millionaires. Comforting to know that we are all in this together. In the last 10 years the private sector created a million new jobs. Where will the new jobs come from? Middleborough. How many decision makers in London could place it on a map? That is why it is doomed like so many other cities because we have concentrated too much in London.
  9. I was amused to see the awful Phillip Blond complaining last night that his Big Society project was nowhere reflected in the spending plans. We all knew it was Cameron's smoke screen for deep public spending cuts that meet the neocon/Tory objective of shrinking the State. Cameron's defence that the rich will pay more is disingenuous. Of course they will pay more in absolute terms but 5% of s*** all will hurt the poor. The cuts in public sector jobs and the reductions in support for disabled people are particularly cynical. With only a few exceptions private sector employers do not want disabled people. No money, no job, no hope. I am surprised at the principled Ian Duncan Smith supporting the cuts to family incomes. Frankly, I am aghast at the sheer scale and ruthlessness of the cuts. When the defecit is paid down, will the poorest recoup some of the sacrafice we have required them to make on our behalf?
  10. And if you are under 35 you will have to move into a shared house. Handy to have housemates if you are dying. Is this part of the Big Society plan?
  11. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/MEPs-vote-to-boost-maternity.6592113.jp The European Parliament is trying to extend maternity pay rules to cover all the community on a common basis. Allegedly, will cost the UK another 2.5 billion. Good idea, we need plenty of kids to grow up into taxpayers and workers in our vibrant private sector.
  12. Grow up. He was quite objective. Certainly not as didactic as Patience Wheatcroft. Condemning under 35's to shared housing and restricting incapacity benefits to twelve months are the scandals which have yet to emerge. If you lose your legs, do you think you will be ready to work again in twelve months? Fair and equal not.
  13. Sheep poo collects in hard balls caught in the wool under the tail of the sheep. These are dags. Dags make the sheep prone to fly strike, which leads to maggots eating into the flesh of the living animal. Dagging is cutting off this contaminated wool. 'Clacking your dags' is antipodean slang for getting a move on. DEFRA staff would know all this. They do a good job in ensuring animal welfare and good husbandry. Sheep have no vote.
  14. I attribute your ignorance to urban myopia. Bet you have never dagged a sheep. I have and prefered it to working in a bank. Cleaner work.
  15. The Inland Waterways are being hived off into a charity. Are their staff part of the number, and how many? Not much honesty in the Cuts.
  16. Go on, be brave. Put your name and address to that post and display it at your local NHS Hospital (while you have one), your kids' school (while they have one) and attach it to your Tax Return. Mr Camoron is keen on transparency.
  17. My opening post was in part, your answer. Immigration and multiculturism are big issues which no-one in Government really wants to confront. They do not want to confront it because they are part of the middle class, international elite. They cannot come to terms with the fact that most of the population find it easier to interact with people who share their own values, language and experience. The London experience is somewhat different, being as it is, a place full of people from elsewhere. The issue is important; Brown, a Scot who really did not seem to like the English, which is common enough, made the 'bigot' remark which probably helped him lose an election. Milliband's father came here during WW2 as a refugee from Belgium. Fair enough. He then spent the rest of his life trying to make us a Marxist society. Thanks. Why not just shut up and join in? Clegg married a Spanish lady he met while working in Brussels. Fair enough again, but far from the background and references of those whose lives he influences. A european perspective must be part of his mental process. Camoron, by class, education and by name, has no link to the majority of people. Brown's scottishness was held against him, often vitriolically here, why the inconsistancy? A dislike of the Scots (reciprocated) is very common. What hope for people from other backgrounds? (By the way, my OP used the term 'Scotch' which was normal usage for the people, not the drink, until quite recently.) All of this is to say that it is very hard to achieve multiculturism. It is hard to overcome prejudice, which must be the first step. We are not making progress towards multiculturism because most people do not want to surrender their own culture and see little they want from others. But our politicians do not want to hear that - and that is creating a great rift between Government and governed.
  18. Johnson is on record as saying that as a child they moved house a great number of times. No doubt his Dad was flipping to make the money to send young Boris to Eton and Oxford. Property speculation must be in the Johnson genes.
  19. Thanks for that as I am having the barn next to the house converted right now It is a late Victorian barn of no great interest. A tree fell across it soon after we moved here and it was likely to collapse completely if we did not do something with it. Sadly, we lost the skelbusen in the tree fall and with it the feature I liked best, the animal stalls. I have found a builder who shares my approach; no swimming pool, no stabling for horses, second hand slates (they are cheaper than 'reclaimed' ones, funny how a word adds to the price.) Nevertheless, it is an expensive exercise but other than letting it go, there was no alternative.
  20. I too condemn such behaviour. We have let democratic power become (not for the first time) a passport to easy money. However, let's remember that all of the parties are tainted with this cheating. Lord Taylor?, and cash for questions is not a distant memory. Baroness Warsi is not involved in the money grubbing, but she too, is frightful by any standard.
  21. Well done and you clearly count yourself lucky. Natural wasteage in an organisation like the Civil Service is bound to create some specific skill shortages.
  22. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11559451 A brave, especially in Germany, complaint about the consequences of immigration. Will a British politician be so forthright? Milliband - family here for two minutes Camoron - Scotch Clegg - married out No chance of agreement from that lot.
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