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  1. They keep changing the terms etc. It depends on when you took out the loans too - It was a friend of mine who told me that it was 4.4% (he has a pre-98 loan) that he has still not paid off. My loan was taken out before they brought in bursaries and has fluctuated over the past few years (see below) and has steadily increased as I continued studying in higher education. Yes you are correct - It's currently at 1.5% (http://www.slc.co.uk/statistics/facts%20and%20%20figures/index.html). This link shows the previous interest rates that they have applied: http://www.slc.co.uk/statistics/facts%20
  2. yep, steady inflation over the next twenty years - keep stackin' the PMs.
  3. The interest rate is currently 4.4% (a doubling time of 15.75 years) - Interest rates are artificially low too. The debt is currently written off at fifty. I guess the country needs to find half a million jobs per year for each cohort of undergraduate students just to stand still. As the degree is gradually devalued (in terms of its ability for the holder to find suitable employment) it will have less power in terms of producing a job that pays a salary (over 15k and soon over 21k) to pay off the debt. Embarking on further study should lead to better emloyment prospects for early entrant
  4. To be fair the author has held this position now for a while: http://www.moneyweek.com/investments/precious-metals-and-gems/buy-gold---not-buy-to-let.aspx
  5. "But the Post Office still remains some way off being a genuine people’s bank, as its financial services will continue to be offered through its 50/50 joint venture with the Bank of Ireland, as it does not have its own banking licence." http://www.walesonline.co.uk/business-in-wales/business-news/2010/04/07/post-office-aiming-to-be-a-service-to-bank-on-91466-26186992/
  6. What happens when a tipping point is reached when more tax is generated from the public sector workers than from private sector workers?
  7. Yes the self-employed (and the single) can claim working tax credits. My understanding is that it is calculated from your previous tax year though and not your current financial position. It is worthwhile claiming if you have for example been unemployed for a while and have decided to start out on your own.
  8. "The state pension is not a 'ponzi scheme" sounds like a jedi mind trick: Make your own minds up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/emmahartley/5994537/The_Ponzi_scheme_in_which_were_all_involved/
  9. i'm noticing that quite a few independent local shops are gradually cutting their opening hours - opening at 10am etc or not at all on some mornings. Perhaps it's because they still have to pay wages even though the shop is open with no customers actually buying their goods?
  10. 'Money mutts' ? For all you gold bugs - beware of the gold diggers!
  11. Looks like only the inflated prices can be included. The data should be available with the outliers included.
  12. Yes, the demand for homes and the demand for property (as an investment class) are too different things. We have two customer categories. The UK housing market sits directly in the middle of the economy. Personally, there is just too much economic uncertainty for me so my position has not changed and I will be still sitting this out and waiting to see how things unfold. I recently read this quote from somewhere, think it was Gerard Minack from Morgan Stanley and it stuck in my mind: "leveraged investors owning leveraged companies that depend up on leveraged consumers" This means trouble to
  13. The demand for homes is there... but there's not much demand/appetite to buy (at current prices) due to: increased deposit requirements. job insecurity. lack of mortgages.
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