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  1. Allerton ???? ****** you'd have to pay me to live there, not just give me the house. £425,000 what for the whole of Allerton ??? Disclaimer DH's family are from Allerton.
  2. He kept it up for 2 weeks before sulking back to school kids eh ?
  3. The bit where we made our own luck was getting into the house in the first place, I'm not going to be a smug ******* by rubbing in just what is being paid for by the government but if we were in rented we'd have been forced into a £500 3 bed house which would have driven me to drink. I'm pretty sure we'll be just fine but if we're not we'll just start again, so what, you roll with the punches and you can't take it with you.
  4. They differ because in theory they do 2 jobs, their paid jobs and then the important one of raising their children. I know as a single person I had the option of working 2 jobs when I wanted a holiday/house deposit/new car whatever these days it's not a viable option.
  5. We're far from alright actually, my husband hasn't had a job for getting on for a year so I'm well aware from the sharp end of what the issues are and it's nothing to do with luck and nothing to do with lack of jobs, it's the fact that he couldn't take a job for less than £38k without being worse off on than on benefits. Now I'm being saved by the generous benefits scheme, amongst other things but the truth is when it's windy the tree bends and people need to start making this life that they have now work for them one way or another. No graduate jobs, well do something else, think outside the box assuming you have the brains and if you don't then you should never progressed beyond Tesco's checkout staff in the first place.
  6. CCC how is your 16 year old getting to the airport for 5am just out of interest, I ask because I've had to turn down a job starting in the 4th largest city at 7.15am because I cannot get there by public transport.
  7. Silbley what rubbish, I was born to teenage parents my dad worked his socks off for about 4 years and then couldn't cut it anymore in family life and walked out, my mum then took us to live on some god awful council estate but I still went to University and still held down a job for as long as required and have a stable family. There are too many excuses made. I looked around me and thought ****** this and moved on, no reason why anybody else I went to school with couldn't have done the same.
  8. Naples is very very poor, we went to Sorrento on honeymoon and couldn't believe that so close to Capri were people living in slums basically.
  9. Trust me I'd happily pay more to be a size 8 or a ten says the 12 and a bit
  10. Well this is why we bought when we did, we felt that as home owners we'd be looked after and have more security if things went wrong (which they did) than as renters. We'd love to go to Australia but I fear it's too late DH is 40 now but if we do get a decent amount of savings behind us in the future it would be something to consider. We also bought a bungalow in a bit of a state, too much work for most 50/60 year olds with a plan to sell it at a premium and part ex for their lovely big house if the opportunity comes along :-)
  11. You always used to get a discount for cash before retailers were forced into accepting credit cards for everything. I ran a great little business in 2000 selling items around the £400 mark, everyone sent me cheques my cash flow was brilliant, gave discounts to customers, suppliers paid within 14 days, ran like clock work. Then the bank refused to accept more than 5 cheques per week into my account, wanted me to accept debit/credit cards and the business closed down within 6 months. Charge backs from people claiming never to have received goods, bank refunded them despite delivery notes and signature to the contrary, the charges were so high and you never quite knew when the money would clear in the account so I believe we racked up several hundred pounds in charges. I would welcome a cash discount culture again, people can then only spend what they have in their pockets too.
  12. I actually attended an FE course where the teachers had both gone through the verification process so had their paperwork but also their 20 odd year experience in their chosen field, the issue was they couldn't control a class of 20 16/17 year old and a handful of adults which meant even as a graduate I couldn't learn as well as I should have and I was used to independent learning. Those who'd come straight from school never stood a chance and that is what you get from the PGCE and NQT year IMO. As long as the teacher has a degree in their subject I guess that's not bad but I "know" for a fact at primary level every private school we saw the staff were qualified teachers, do people really think we'd pay for less than is available for free
  13. Hmm i'm not sure you can rely on other 8 year olds to teach each other anything certainly wasn't a chance I was prepared to take. And no it wasn't a "bad" school it was rated as outstanding by ofsted, very strong head in an affluent middle class area which begs the question how bad are all the others, actually I take that back the facilities and teachers at the council estate schools are no doubt out of this world, it's all wrong. My point about the degree is not that one is "needed" but if the requirements of the profession is that those teaching should have one then they bloody well should. TA's are typically your ex shop workers, bank cashiers that have have kids and now want a part time job that fits around the children, not what I had in mind for my daughters education.
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