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  1. Finding it a bit ironic that there's an ad for allsops at the top of this page I think if we are to have a revolution it should be done properly and certain tv presenters should be put in stocks One can dream
  2. The fact is he's earning 74K in a top job in a progressive career and can't afford to buy somewhere to live So imagine how all those who will never get near that salary must feel Totally ******ed I'd imagine I can't really blame the younger peeps if they just want to give up on it all
  3. If only this were the case whereby the cost of living was purely based on market forces. It's their constant intervention in preventing market forces taking full effect that has caused the problem Supply and demand, load of ********, more like cheap socialised money being giving out recklessley.
  4. So keep interest rates low to allow people to borrow lots of money for a future in which there's no growth to allow them to afford to pay the loan off All makes perfect sense
  5. HSBC is going of a cliff, a profitable bank with a large divi... this is my bellwether for smart investors perception of the state of the economy right now.
  6. Most countries are screwed one way or another though.
  7. If only they could see the truth, that wealth creation in the UK has been substitued for putting money in the back pockets of a select few that own a significant amount of property. The technology revolution has created masses amounts of wealth and freed up time in automation, you would have thought we'd have all been working less and enjoying life more, instead people are working more to meet their rent and transferring it to boomers who don't work at all. I guess it's like the serfs/peasants, until the black death/fire of london etc. they just accepted their lot. They didn't have access to the internet though...
  8. For the boomers it's all winks and smiles For everyone else, there's prozac
  9. actually how come it hasn't happened already? There's a significant amount of people who have had the metaphorical crap kicked out of them from a life perspective, and are just basically taking it. I've seriously struggled to understand how engineered HPI madness has been allowed to continue in this Country. If someone comes along and nicks a fiver from you, you get angry about it, if they nick a few hundred thousand off you, why is it ok? Honestly, if it keeps going like this I'll have to start instigating a revolution myself
  10. Actually bands just don't make money, unless you're huge these days. Most of the young ones scrape around trying to "keep going" on live performances but the difference is even if they manage to land a record deal they don't get paid anymore for it. So the game now is to have a laugh till you get a proper job. And it's not about copyright law not working, that's only part of it. It's a combination of a)people being selfish b)no copyright law and c)nothing "special" to own. Songs were broadcast on the radio, you could copy them onto tape.The difference is now, people just don't bother to go the extra step and buy the music as you don't get anything more for it.
  11. Your whole post is wrong, particularly the bit where you invent this fantasy world where these mythical bands "keep going" on a tin of beans and some determination and people actually pay money to them. The general rule is that musicians don't make money any more, everybody knows it, and it's the direct result of people not paying for music anymore. As far as there being "more music" out there, there's a lot more crap yeah.
  12. And this is based on what exactly? Your extensive knowledge of the music industry? I worked in A&R during the early 90's and it's a completely different prospect now because money can't be made from record sales. Just feel free to ask any young artist how the games shifted and how you can only make money from live performances with the record being the promo for it - you're completely out of touch, sorry.
  13. Good post But you forget to mention the over hair gelled burton suited computer agents explaining why P2 processors are now much sought after for their late 90's period transistor features
  14. These candy brothers won't care though, they've spent the best part of their early 30's very loaded with boats, cars, women. Can't really blame them.
  15. I think you just made the point. Your examples are 2 past it bands with a huge fanbase built up over the years. Well I mean, duh, of course acts that already have had global exposure thanks to record companies marketing the hell out of them a couple of decades ago can ask their fans for money. I can site you numerous examples of young class acts that have been sidelined and spend their time eeking out a living playing small gigs but funnily enough you won't have heard of them as no record company is willing to take the risk to try and sell them anymore, unless of course they've had a zillion hits on youtube which isn't exactly the best judge of an artists worth, see: justin bieber. I wonder whether radiohead would have made it these days I still remember seeing them in a small bar in london many moons ago singing about people jumping out of airplanes with a certain intensity and I see bands just as good and vibrant kicking around the place nowadays while people at the bar get drunk and ignore them. By the way I have their first release on vinyl, and it's worth quite a bit of money these days, I'd like to see that happen with someone's first youtube video As for this ****** about selling themselves, artists aren't the best at marketing, and while they're concerned about that the music isn't getting made is it
  16. It's easier to record music, but still as difficult to make good music, hence all the crap floating about out there.
  17. Artists can only create more if they have the money to buy time to create more No time = no creations No money = no time No revenue stream = no money No copyright = no revenue stream No copyright = no creations
  18. Then you're in the minority pal, the only way musicians survive these days is through paid live performances.
  19. It does and it has, technology fuels a lot of creativity. The destruction of jobs has come about from the wealth going towards a small amount of people who just skim off the rewards of that creativity
  20. Yeah, cue a few middle class bristol educated 20 somethings working in insurance, something about not enough lending, bank of mum and dad, blah blah
  21. She seems to be a cheerleader for middle england The guy was simply expressing a quite rational opinion that putting his money into an overpriced house didn't seem to be a good life choice Krusty of course got the hump, so blinded by her own hype and convinced by her way being the only way - somebody not buying into overpriced pwoperdy would not do So she wheeled out the big guns - at his age he shouldn't be giving away money to a landlord, it's not an investment she says Why this ignoramus graces our screens I'll never know
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