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  1. thanks all...I also took the advice of a friend who is an estate agent in lettings told them politely to get lost but left the door open to give me money to get lost...but seriously I would need a lot of money to make it worth my while They've replied saying okeydokey thanks for letting us know
  2. just checked...we are past the six month point on this assured shorthold tenancy agreement the flat is 400k's worth - minimum! - it's been rented out for a decade...and it's not the only one he owns so I am struggling to see a massive "need"
  3. OK thanks..so maybe I do have some rights after all? Fingers crossed
  4. I effing hate renting right now! Six months ago we had to move out of a flat after being there for just one year - we intended to rent it for many years - because the landlord decided to move back to the UK and wanted his flat back...ok fair enough (well it's not fair actually IMHO) although the letting agent swore blind he owned loads of flats and we could stay there for years Luckily we found a flat in the same block and signed a two year lease specifically to get some peace of mind. It still cost a lot to move all my equipment and office and it will cost a lot to move again (I have a recording studio here!) and now seven months in to a two year lease the letting agents send a guy round for a "routine evaluation visit" and then we get aletter saying that the owner "Needs to sell. We're wondering what your thoughts are so please ring me at your earliest convenience." So what are my rights in this case? And what is my best strategy if indeed I do have to move?? And what is the point of a two year lease if he has the right to chuck us out anyway?
  5. I've been too busy to really check this out but I signed an AST on July 24th and have had no information on any deposit scheme or anything.. I am really able to claim it back? Surely that's too easy (and weirdly in favour of me the tenant for a change!) and surely they will just claim to have sent a letter that I never got...or somesuch nonsense
  6. well I don't know the law on this but I feel that your landlord is trying to rip you off frankly I hope you get it sorted..good luck
  7. interesting few days looking at properties... I may be wrong but it seems to me that rents should come down a bit - the boot does seem to be on the renters feet for a change one estate agent agreed with me on prices...volunteered that opinion herself without any prompting the question is - how long will this take?
  8. there's one new building called Amisha for instance
  9. I think it may be because there are a few big buildings full of flats coming onstream at the same time in this area...good news as I am looking to rent around here..are you as well? Ah..going from your user name I'm assuming you are already there!
  10. thanks so much..really appreciate the help and advice ah yes Borough market is fab...that's something to look forward to
  11. yup there seem to be lots of places that might fit the bill in Elephant and Castle.. on the "one third take home rule of thumb" ...when I said 100k with 25k expenses..this is before tax so am guessing when its all sorted out that means a take home income of say 60? sorry to be so vague but this is my first year at a higher tax rate - and am in the middle of moving accountant to someone a bit more vigourous
  12. one third of takehome eh..thanks, no I hadn't heard that one cheers
  13. I'm splitting up with my girlfriend and am finding it difficult to think through the options - on top of the emotional turmoil and fear of the future my work/finances are very different from the last time I was single. I have to move out so I need to rent a place of my own (in a parallel universe perhaps I'd be a ftb! although I don't have enough saved yet really) I've never owned my own house btw as I used to be in very irregular work I have only just started earning a (very) decent amount so do not have a good sense of what is a sensible amount to aim to pay on rent (have always rented a room before, or shared rent/mortgage with partner..and was always earning much less than I am now). Have paid off all my old debts and am saving, perhaps in two or three years I'd like to buy somewhere but at the moment that's not an option. I'm in my early forties I'm a VAT registered freelancer and work a lot from home (have a bookeeper/PA who comes in irregularly) and I have an editing suite that takes up one whole room. I'm also away for weeks at a time fairly regularly for work. That is likely to increase to the occasional month away. Last year I brought in 100k with about 25k expenses. I can see this year exceeding that income by maybe 10k. After that I hope it will stay up there and maybe increase (it's fairly international and multi-client in scope so not totally tied to the UK economy)..but obviously nobody can be sure. Obviously saving as much as possible is a great idea. I do not lead a very expensive lifestyle which is good because suddenly I think I'm going to be paying quite a bit more than the 400 odd plus bills I have been used to. So I need one nice bedroom for me Either another bedroom or a dry garage or high ceiling cellar for the edit suite with some space for me and the bookeeper/PA to work in (one desk can be the edit suite, one more desk space needed) Bear in mind that maybe a quarter/third of the rent and appropriate bills will be tax deductible - that's the current advice anyway - as I work from home I'd like to get somewhere nice where there is the space to have friends round for meals and even stay over - I've spent too long in a couple or being depressed and lonely! And I'm also realising that some of the best projects for the future are likely to happen quicker when there is space for people to come over and collaborate I need to be in London, near transport (although I don't commute so I guess that's a little less drastic than for many people - but I'd like to be accessible for friends and colleagues). Apart from a range of central London meetings the only other place in London I need to be is Brockley on two mornings a week! That's on an overground line from London Bridge (or I could drive as its not rush hour - although was hoping not to run a car - maybe rent one occasionally) With that income and work/life balance what would you be looking at? And how much would you think is a sensible amount to pay? And how close to the centre can I afford? Perhaps I should put the edit suite in the very large living area of a one bed flat (edit suite is 2m cubed!)..but would that be crazy and too cramped?. I'm now thinking that the option that makes me feel most optimistic about my future is a three bed house and rent out one of the bedrooms when I find someone I get on with who will also benefit from the edit suite - but can I afford that, somewhere nice? I like the idea of someone being there when I'm away for ages...also sensible from a bill sharing point of view. But part of me secretly hopes I could afford some swish central London pad and pay the bookeeper/PA to come in more often when I'm away I've been looking at various options, I'm not complaining and realise I am very lucky (financially) and I'm not expecting hpc to do all the work for me..but maybe there's some imaginative response I have not thought of (warehouse in London Bridge?!) or it will look a lot clearer to someone out there Thank you
  14. thank you..very helpful list, very good idea...stickification recommendation!
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