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  1. Haha, sense of honour...this is a business deal, not my problem the system requires no downpayment until the point of exchange. Hate the game not the player... Seems like I'm in the wrong place here asking for advice on getting a house cheaper, you guys all seem keen on overpaying, not what I was expecting.
  2. So I've bought a house in London...agreed price a few weeks back, gone through the legal stuff and mortgage application etc, and should be ready to exchange soon. But the seller seems desperate..hit a low offer having already cut asking price a couple times, hassled my solicitor to hurry up to get to exchange, etc. I'm considering dropping the price at the last minute. Paying over a million quid for the place (it's London so not even anything fancy!). Any thoughts on how to pitch it, other than "market feels very weak, I'm only paying xxx now, take it or leave it" ? I guess if they did leave it, I'd only be mildly disappointed, and just have some solicitors costs to pay.
  3. tboy

    House Buying Tech Tips

    Seriously, use Property Bee...it's amazing information that 99%+ of people will just not find. Get Firefox Install Greasemonkey add-on. Install Property Bee. Simple. You can thank me later.. Good idea on planning, not something I ever look at.
  4. The tax is just based on the normal British jealousy of anyone doing well for themselves. Am surprised at the support for it round here, I thought the erstwhile members of this site would have a more common sense and free market belief. Also, whether you agree or not with it, I think the important thing is NEVER LET POLITICIANS GET ANOTHER TAX...it will only expand (how's Gordon Brown's "green" Air Passenger Duty of £10 a flight looking now? Up about 15x I think) This "mansion tax" will be here to stay, give it 20yrs time it will firmly be hitting the middle class. Just look at the US property tax system...we pay about 10x less than them with council tax...we're onto a good thing, let's keep it that way.
  5. tboy

    Smi Still At 3.63%

    Beautifully put. Sadly will never happen.
  6. tboy

    Pret A Manger

    EAT have 3 shops within a 1 minute walk (no joke) of my London office. Saturation?
  7. tboy

    I Predict A Yes Vote 53:47

    yeah, i have been....also got as wide as 7.2 on the YES vote being between 50-55%...seem amazing odds to me, I feel the pollsters are underestimating some element of the vote...across Facebook polls it's crazy biased to Yes, like 70-90% usually...though obv skewed to the younger voter base and missing out the older votes where No is more likely...but even so...market seems way too con fident on the 52-48% polls that have been coming in. Am pretty large on this trade but thinking of getting bigger !!
  8. Never, ever, let them have a new tax. Remember Air Passenger Duty? Was a tenner when Broon brought it in I think, now can run a couple hundred quid. Think land value tax won't ever affect you? Just you wait.
  9. Are you sure? I bought mine from receivers last year but it's on LR.
  10. tboy

    The Pop And The Plan?

    Definitely. I keep telling the "London can't go down" crowd how London has been ugly several times over recent years...2005 I felt like the only buyer around at times, some amazing properties were just sitting on the market for so long. I saw one recently offered for almost triple what it was at back then! (Tower bridge area)
  11. Well my own recent experience...am not currently working (should be starting again soon) and wife part-time making <£20k a year...asked TSB about getting a BtL mortgage to buy a place in London which was a bit over £1mm, they said they didn't even need to know what our income was, they could do it in principle no problem at all at low-3% for a 2y...had a decent deposit in fairness, but 50+ times income? Insane...I reckon BtL mortgages being used to get around new rules limiting owner-occupied ones.
  12. Like Savills charging me 50 quid to replace a lightbulb cos they needed an electrician in to install it?
  13. I pay some tax at 50%, and it really bothers me.

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