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  1. For those interested in this thread: http://www.property-bee.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=199676
  2. To the best of my knowledge ACORN data is reflective of the occupants of the properties as opposed those who own them. If we take an example property from Hackney (http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/34743058). This property has a post code of E8 2EG, which ACORN allocates under the category of Aspiring Singles. I'm not sure how many aspiring single people are purchasing 4 bed terraced houses for 850k in Hackney. You could end up generating some very misleading statistics trying to read into geodemographics.
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. I have just attempted a quick search on Rightmove using the parameters you defined, viewing only pages 21-24 of the search results and looking at the details of 1 property per page. The data usage is as follows (split by domain): media.rightmove.co.uk [3,547,600] www.rightmove.co.uk [942,629] maps.google.com [75,367] www.property-bee.com [63,815] www.facebook.com [51,470] www.google-analytics.com [770] As you can see, Property Bee is responsible for using only 0.064MB of my data transfer allowance. This equates to 1.36% of the total data (4.6MB) passed over the internet during this browsing session (4 search page results + 4 property detail pages). The domain media.rightmove.co.uk is responsible for all the images used on Rightmove's site, so that's where your data allowance is being eaten up. Please be aware that when viewing a property detail page on Rightmove, the browser will download all the images in the slideshow regardless of whether you navigate to view them or not. Hope this helps.
  4. Can you give me an example search you've performed that has these "nightmare" pages and I'll take a look at what's going on? I'll take a look at this and see what the source of the problem is. Not sure I'll be able to do much in all honesty, simply because I don't have access to release new versions of the client/server software. Thanks for the heads up. I tend towards Google Chrome these days for my browsing needs and only ever load up Firefox for my fix of Property Bee. I'd one day like to get around to developing a heavily optimised version of Property Bee for Chrome, but having never developed in this area I'm not sure how feasible that is!
  5. Ditto. Thanks for the heads up TheCountOfNowhere.
  6. My sources tell me M&S are looking to potentially leave the Heath. But then again, it feels like I hear the same story every few years. If they were to leave, it would be incredibly damaging for the high street.
  7. It's scary to think it's been 21 years since I last walked to school passed that property. The location is utterly fabulous (outside of school hours), although I imagine the bowling club make a lot of noise! +1. If I could afford a nice three (or large two) bed in Lindfield, I'd be sticking around here rather than looking towards Horsham. If I have the inclination (skills or money) to do it up, I'd be tempted like the OP.
  8. I don't live in Horsham myself, but everything I have ever heard from people that do is that you want to avoid Roffey. North Horsham (Littlehaven) is certainly a good bit cheaper than the old town. I have friends who recently purchased a 3 bed detached (with garage) for 240k just a few minutes walk from Littlehaven station. I admit that not many properties of that specification go for that sort of price, but it certainly shows how much cheaper it can be. When I first explored on Horsham on foot to get an idea of the residential areas, the area south of the town centre (Causeway/Denne Road) was the area which first appealed to me. I've been property hunting for 12-18 months (seriously for the last few months) and one thing I can state is how rarely property comes up in this vicinity. If you look at this property http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-20674293.html, assuming you have property bee installed you can see how quickly it moved from available to SSTC (less than a week). The property is nice enough (albeit a little close to the railway line for me), but to sell that quickly shows how popular that type of property/area is. It's funny you should mention the pubs (yet to try Piries), as that's the only thing I think which lets Horsham down. The Black Jug is certainly my favourite of the ones I've ventured in so far. All the best with your search!
  9. Oh no, the competition! Horsham is my destination of choice, at exactly that budget. I have to say I'm not exactly seeing much downwards movement in price. Anything priced remotely well with the following spec (3 bed semi/detached, garage or off street parking within a mile of the station) sells easily. In fact, of the six properties I viewed so far, all four matching that spec sold within a week of being listed. That's not to say sales aren't falling through at SSTC stage, but they quickly get snapped up again by somebody else. There's me trying to work on a negotiating tactic to drive the price down, whilst most people seem happy to drop a couple of k off the asking price at most. Truly frustrating!
  10. How about combining Property Bee with sold prices? * *Taken from a development version of Propery Bee.
  11. This is the correct answer. In very simple terms, Property Bee operates by scanning the contents of the Rightmove (and other supported sites) pages as the user navigates their way through the site. We then attempt to interpret this data and in turn extract out the useful information you see displayed inline on the site and within the sidebar. The interpretation (parsing) process is where Property Bee is reliant on the host site outputting information in a relative static fashion, for which most of the time they do. Every so often though, the host site may tweak or completely re-write how their site is structured and therefore impact upon our ability to successfully infer the status (or any other property attribute for that matter) from the site. In this instance, Rightmove have opted to apply some additional output to their generated pages surrounding the photos section of their entries. <div class="photoswrapper"></div> Therefore the current xpath query (see below) will not execute correctly, resulting in Property Bee making the default assumption that the property is available. /html/body/div[@id=sitewrapper]/div[@id=pagewrapper]/div[@id=pagecontent]/div[contains(@class, 'primarycontent') and position()=2]/div[contains(@class, 'content')]/ol[@id=summaries]/li/div[contains(@class, 'summarymaincontent')]/div[contains(@class, 'photos') and position()=1]/div[contains(@class, 'photoframe')]/a[contains(@class, 'photo')]/span We should in fact be using (or a variance of): /html/body/div[@id=sitewrapper]/div[@id=pagewrapper]/div[@id=pagecontent]/div[contains(@class, 'primarycontent') and position()=2]/div[contains(@class, 'content')]/ol[@id=summaries]/li/div[contains(@class, 'summarymaincontent')]/div[contains(@class, 'photoswrapper') and position()=1]/div[contains(@class, 'photos') and position()=1]/div[contains(@class, 'photoframe')]/a[contains(@class, 'photo')]/span Following a quick code update on my local machine, you can see how the status of the property changes back to the correct status. Unfortunately I cannot provide you with a new release of Property Bee as responsibility and ownership of that process belongs to Beerhunter. If I get any spare time shortly, I'll try and push this and any other fixes (including compatability with latest versions of Firefox) into our shared development repository to assist Beerhunter in getting a fix out to everyone as quickly as possible. Whilst not resolving your problems, I hope this goes some way to providing some clarity as to the source of the problem.
  12. Glad I'm not the only one looking for software like this. I'm not interested in the granular management of each monetary transaction that takes place in my accounts, but instead want to review/manage these accounts at a higher level to maximise my income. Like most here (I imagine), I currently run a spreadsheet to manage my finances. In my particular instance, it describes my current status against my target following periodic reviews of the rates each account is paying. It is massively inadequate for what I want so I'm contemplating writing my own piece of software that is more targeted to the task at hand. If anyone's interested, I'd be more than happy to discuss people's requirements to see if I can accommodate them within this development. Assuming I actually get around to writing some software, I would then make it available for free under some type of license (e.g. GPL/MIT). As this is purely a personal development piece: I can't guarantee inclusion of features requested Software would be delivered if/when it's ready - I would not promise a release in x days/weeks/months/years. Software would be targeted at a particular platform I'm comfortable with (Windows/.NET 4) The security of the data would be the responsibility of the end user. I have no desire to manage sensitive data and all the issues that entails - so the application would be completely stand alone in it's operation.
  13. The issue presented itself simply due to adjustment to the layout of the Rightmove website. It just so happens that Property Bee is sensitive to such changes given it's tight integration with the site and therefore is vulnerable in such scenarios. It should be noted that the fix is very likely to be a short term one as the layout one assumes, will be rolled out irrespective of cookie residing in your machine.
  14. Beerhunter on Property Bee Forums Looks like there has been a fairly decent response from those interested in taking over Property Bee, so hopefully that indicates the future is relatively secure! Good luck to those involved.
  15. I guess I should reply to this by declaring an interest in helping out both on a technical+administration site where required.
  16. You're right, migrations of code from one team to another can be very difficult to manage irrespective of the quality of documentation. That being said, the majority of the functionality is operating exactly as intended with only minor adjustments to the xpaths in the rules engine to fix some of the bugs that exist. Therefore in order to maintain existing functionality, I'd hope/imagine it would be a relatively smooth transition for anyone who takes it on board. Anything above that would be ill advised in the immediate aftermath of a migration given a lack of obvious experience with the code base. To give you an example, I have a replica of the Property Bee website and toolbar operating locally on my machine at home including some provisional fixes to Rightmove and Daft.ie following layout changes with very minimal work. I appreciate that this in no way represents the volume/difficulty of work that will be involved, but for those with the necessary skills it's more than achievable. This is a very valid point, especially if someone attempts to commercialise the application. It should certainly be up to the individual account holder to decide whether they're happy to have their details migrated across to another group/collection of individuals.
  17. It is indeed very sad news. For anyone willing to manage the maintenance of Property Bee, I'm willing to provide whatever technical support I can on the assumption the tool remains subscription free. I'd really hate to see such a valuable tool disappear from the scene. P.S. You'll notice my name listed in the current set of developers for the Property Bee add-on, so I have a little bit of experience.
  18. Today is the first day I've been able to view the new Rightmove format. Can someone confirm that the new layout is structured as demonstrated by the sample screenshot at the bottom of this post? Someone did kindly post the new layout on the Property Bee forums, but with the site currently being down I thought I'd get confirmation via this channel. You'll notice that the history is showing in this particular example, along with red borders around some of the key values Property Bee picks up on. This is simply because I'm running a development version of Property Bee locally on my machine with some adjustments I've made to the code to accommodate Rightmove's new layout.
  19. As a resident of Lindfield, I can confirm the descriptions above. Both Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill are a little on the bland side. However, I highly suspect they're no different to any other small/medium commuter town. Pros: Transport Links (Train to Brighton - 15 mins, London - 40 mins) - In fact, you'll struggle to find a better serviced station than Haywards Heath. Decent State Schools - At least they were 10 years ago when I was pupil! Quiet/Dull Cons: Cost Quiet/Dull It all depends on what you what from your local area though. For me personally, I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else. I have the peace and quiet when I want it (with decent pubs - only applies to Lindfield ), but I'm also within easy reach of major cities should I wish to do something a bit different. I just wish the prices of property would scale down to a reasonable level. Some of the properties in my radar are far more expensive than their 2007 peak. Damn frustrating as a FTB. If you have any specific questions about the area, feel free to ask.
  20. I'm under the impression they don't need to go outside for a smoke. As for the prices they have to "endure", take a look at this sample menu; Click Here. I'm sure it's probably been posted before, but it infuriates me every time I see it.
  21. I was advised by a friend of mine that the Crawley store took sales well in excess of their anticipated amounts by about 4:30pm. Given that they were open I believe until 9pm on that day, it indicates that particular store did quite well out of it. Couldn't tell you about the others I'm afraid.
  22. Good stuff. I did however obtain rather stern looks after the onset of the giggles from my colleagues.
  23. Although you say fixed for the next 10 months, what are the penalities for getting out early (if you can)? In today's climate, the most logical thing is to play safe. Therefore I'd try and get out of any foreign banks asap. That's not to say they're necessarily less safe than our counterparts. But in the event of any issues, I'd feel more at ease trying to get at my funds from a british institution.
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