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  1. Gigs are crazy expensive these days and I put it down to 3 things. 1. Bands dont make money from selling music and so need to make their money on the tour and merchandise 2. Middlemen ticket companies ripping the **** out of it. Plenty of tickets need to be booked via ticketmaster (who charge a fee per ticket) and are then straight away resold on places like Stubhub (who charge a fee per ticket). Worth noting that Ticketmaster owns a lot of these ticket tout websites like stubhub too... 3. Gigs happen mostly inside of big buildings in the middle of cities - and these are expensive bits of land. Just one more example of inflated land prices draining money from your wallet.
  2. Not a lawyer but if I was moving out and hadn't signed an inventory i'd feel quite inclined to claim that any 'damage' the landlord was deducting from my deposit was already there.
  3. A massive sample set of Londoncentric Daily Mail readers to be fair.
  4. Genuine question. Has anyone come across anything intelligent setting out a rational potential outcome for the UK if we leave? Something like this http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexitvote/2016/05/27/dear-friends-this-is-why-i-will-vote-remain-in-the-referendum/ I keep seeing loads of quite well thought out and articulate arguments like this for staying. But for leave - not so many. Does anyone have a link?
  5. Exactly. I don't understand how we would be allowed to Leave anyway - considering that if you listen the nonsense it appears that we have to do exactly as the EU tells us.
  6. This is politics. It's also just one side of the argument. Pinning it here would suggest that its view is sanctioned by the site.
  7. I've met the people. Most of them are idiots. Not one person has managed to put forward a compelling case for BREXIT based on any kind of facts or research. Just a gut instinct that it will probably be ok and that something needs to change. Fine for people that are used to voting for UKIP - but this is a little more important as it could actually happen.
  8. Totally. Not like the BREXIT crew who are serious heavyweight thinkers right? Remind me who of any note wants BREXIT. Boris, Farage and I think one of the Chuckle Brothers but can't remember which.
  9. Those brainwashed idiots probably dont feel confident about BREXIT in a country that spends its taxes fighting the EU to allow our thieving bankers to be rewarded with bigger bonuses.
  10. The media reporting on the story that it created for itself. Thankfully it sounds like most people were bright enough to see through it.
  11. Used to think that kind of think looked like crazy prices until I moved from Brighton to London and the garage at the end of my road went to sealed bids and sold for >£600k
  12. We had Hive put in and the landlady has been bothering the gas board about not being able to connect to it. Probably because I unplugged the cat cable from the router.
  13. Wait until they start chucking in a free iPad and then it really begins..
  14. I wouldn't mind tbh but I think that having my kid bullied at school for being a pikey would probably be a deal breaker.
  15. Easily. According to Boris at least. The reality is that we will be attempting to negotiate a whole host of different trade agreements against a tight deadline in a position of weakness with the help of lobbyists who will at every turn ensure that our corporations profit at the cost of the people of the UK.
  16. Holloway in North London. Sadly not. Although we are moving out as it's just no longer affordable. It's not far from this but is 1200 sq ft rather than this which is 1800 sq ft and has more bedrooms. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-57797183.html
  17. You could probably work it out on a fag packet. For the terrace house i live in the sums are: Rent = 2,900 per month = £34,800 per year. Buy = £400k deposit + (assuming 4% SVR interest only mortgage repayments) £3333 per month or £40,000 a year + any money spent on upkeep + £1m life insurance to cover loan
  18. They won't need to. It'll wreck the economy and the young will be told that 'it is China's fault' and they will go happily to wear on behalf of her Maj to protect the country from those terrible foreigners who ruined our perfect British economy. You only have to read these forums to see how easily supposedly clued up people here lose all sense of reason once the anti-immigrant pitchforks are handed out.
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