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  1. If you've got a box at the Royal Albert Hall, I think it's safe you don't have much to worry about anyway . . . How often do you get to see the London Symphony Orchestra, Cirque du Soleil and Grand Slam tennis live*? It's pretty pricey - £60 and upwards, per event. A thousand years for £500k? You could make back 50k a year plus if you were so inclined by selling your tickets off. *Note - without a TV MohThoM
  2. I'm going for numerically retarded f**kwit You can't pin the blame on a product - it's peoples inability to PAY for the product when things change (as it says they might ON the product . . . ) that causes problems. Any sensible buyer or owner now should work out how much it would cost them at 12% interest. If you can't cope . . . well . . . "You numerically retarded f**kwits!" MohThoM
  3. This is going to sound crazy, but that's really NOT that expensive! They don't come around too often, and when they do prices like this (or higher) aren't too uncommon. I'd be surprised if they were on the market for long. They were originally sold, IIRC, for £100 each in 1851 (!), and there was just over a thousand of them out there. There's a service charge on that too. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3250494.stm http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Sky-News-.../20082851251635 If I had a spare half million quid, I'd rather spend it on a box at the RAH than on a Bugatti Veyron. Service charge (petrol and insurance . . . ) would be cheaper at the hall too! MohThoM
  4. I didn't. I'd still prefer them. In fact, I'd rather there wasn't a fuse in my TV come to think of it. MohThoM
  5. I think this is pretty spot on. That said, the BBC have been doing everything they can to reduce their credibility over the last ten years - shall I make a list? Destruction of the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition - formerly a great reserve of TRUE British talent Overpaying talent (one example being Jonathan Ross - he's good, but not eight million quid good) before farming it out to the commercial channels (Natasha Kaplinsky?) Entering the 'Reality TV' phase with such gusto, and as a result proudly screaming 'We ARE American!' to all that will listen Ignoring their true strengths - those being factual programming (Natural History) and the Arts. Channel 4 does sit-coms better than you, stop making me pay for '2 Pints of Lager' FFS!!! At least they've held on to Sir David Attenborough and Ray Mears, two beacons of hope for the future naturalists of our nation Allowing themselves to be manipulated by the government to spin *everything* Allowing the Sunday at 5:30pm autumn teen-dramas to be of such poor quality (anyone remember Narnia - fantastic!) Finally, all that property porn. I know it's cheap TV, but I'd rather watch re-runs of deep sea fishing all day, every day. That or the paint-drying show. Whichever! Oh, and for the record, you're going to have to remove stiff upper lip and crumpets from your list - they're not multicultural enough. I genuinely don't understand why NO news channel has started using the term polycultural yet - it's a far more apt and descriptive term. MohThoM
  6. Or does it just mean that they've already sold the 3 bed apts?
  7. Hi -- I'm a reporter writing about the house price crash and I'm looking for a buyer to interview. Please email me if I could talk to you for a few minutes -- gabor.debreczeni@dowjones.com

  8. ASDA's 'Rollback' prices - we ALL know that it was cheaper last week, so don't put a sticker on telling me it's cheaper now. Vendors who don't offer coffee when they make themselves one or, in fact, realise that they're asking for multiple years wages for the piece of crap they're showing you round. Estate agents who call with properties WAY over budget. Vendors who like to have a high asking price to make themselves feel big, but know that they are going to have to take a lower offer. Politicians who 'Win voters' rather than 'write/agree on great policy.' Overpriced houses with Chelsea tractors outside. Broccoli that costs a quid a head. Anyone who has a dog as a status symbol. Imbeciles who persecute those savvy with technology for their skills. Meeja folk who think it's important what politicians do in their 'off' time. The notion of celebrity. Charity collectors who won't just leave when told just HOW broke being a student has made me. Is that enough? MohThoM
  9. I was called today by an estate agent who claimed a similar thing. After I'd turned up to the agency to speak with the person with details of the offer, I was told it wasn't 'for people in your circumstance.' I asked what circumstance would enable me to get my hands on said free money, but was brickwalled. How polite. My interpretation is that the circumstance must be 'not living' in order to qualify. MohThoM
  10. Aislaby's fine! I was just pointing out that it wasn't in Yarm as it's not on the little peninsula that Yarm is made up of. It's a really nice area! Transport in and out of Ingleby Barwick has improved since I travelled through it regularly (there used to be HUGE problems as there was only two roads in and out to service the whole place), but I couldn't vouch for public transport. The schools in Ingleby are nowhere near as good as the decent schools found in more 'established' areas like Yarm, Guisborough, Linthorpe to name but three. It's possible to get lost for hours in Ingleby Barwick without trying - all the houses look (literally) the same, and while they have built a school and a tesco in the middle of it I wouldn't say it was going to be easy to live just in Ingleby. If your OH doesn't drive, I'd look to either be ON the bus route (17 and 17A go from Middlesbrough, through Stockton, Ingleby, Eaglescliffe and on to Yarm) or somewhere that isn't Ingleby. I don't think you're going to find that it's much cheaper to live than anywhere else once you factor in transport/food (only one shop . . . ) costs etc. I already mentioned Lewis and Coopers in Northallerton - if you do go to Yarm you MUST take half an hour to go to Strickland and Holt, especially if you have kids (how many hundred toys are there in the world for under a quid? It's stocking filler territory). If you want to live in a newbuild but closer to motorways etc., why not look at the Kingsmeade estate (newbuild, finished c.2002) just past Allans West Station in Egglescliffe? Granted, public transport is by train only (to Middlesbrough and Saltburn to the South and on to Newcastle in the North, if memory serves correctly - but please feel free to correct me!), but it's a fair compromise as there's the good schools you were after as well as road links. MohThoM
  11. Does anyone actually begrudge civil servants for wanting pay increases? Does anyone think that they're unjustified? The only thing that I see that IS unjustified is the massive, massive numbers of civil servants there only to provide figures for the 20% that actually do something . . .
  12. I wouldn't say that either of those houses were in Yarm - they're both in Aislaby. The difference between Egglescliffe and Eaglescliffe is a spelling mistake around 600 years ago which certain residents cling to. From the map point of view, Eaglescliffe is further North and East, and Egglescliffe is further South and West. Guisborough is nice. Lawrence Jackson wasn't a couple of years ago. If we knew what exactly you were after in terms of lifestyle . . . MohThoM
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