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  1. We were told before Christmas that development had been sold, and that we had to change rent etc, then a complete reversal and were then told this wasn't happening. Just wondering who this company is.
  2. Any way to private message this rather then post publicly?
  3. Can anyone shed some light into who this company actually is. Am a tenant at the moment, no major rush to buy, but the development I rent in has supposedly been purchased by this company. However near impossible to find anything out about who they are or their plans etc. Anything you guys can find would be helpful!
  4. Any idea on ETA? Looking at a greenfield site at the moment, would be nice to know its potential for planning?
  5. Archy are you still around? If so is it possible to pm you a few questions about PPS21?
  6. The whole development was rented out by the developer as a going concern. We only found out today by accident that they are all bank owned! At the moment the fridge is giving trouble. Discussions with the agent last week ended in an agreement that it should be replaced. Now told today that this wont be as simple as we thought. If my deposit has gone to the developer, and is not held by the agent, then I assume we've lost this as well?
  7. Anyone any experience of how things pan out here? Have been renting in a new development for over a year now. My wife just called the agent regarding getting some problems sorted and he has advised that the properties are now owned by the bank. Is there a way of finding out what bank without going through the agent, a pretty dire estate agents that I do not want to use? I'd like to approach the bank directly and see how things lie? Has anyone any experience of buying directly from the bank, ie no middle man at all, have they been able to get a decent price for example? Also is our deposit kaput? Sorry so many bloody questions!!!!
  8. So if the ad says "Reserve not to exceed £85,000" the first bid to reach this figure is the buyer? Or is it saying that if the bidding goes over this value the sale is guaranteed?
  9. Couple of questions about buying a property at auction. What does the term "Reserve Not To Exceed" mean and if the property has a tenant would you have to wait to tenancy agreement is up before you could move in? Sorry if asked before by the way. Also anything else to be aware of when going this direction?
  10. No I'm definatley not an estate agent LOL. I had a look at it the other day, and just posted the property out of interest. I STR in Nov 09, currently looking for a decent site at the "right" money.
  11. Depends on your defination of nowhere....but yeah I suppose if you were a city or NE of NI dweller you could see it that way.
  12. Nah its 1.5 mile from the nearest town and no distance from the southern border.
  13. Just spotted this in the wilds of Fermanagh. Had a quick look around it. House is also wired already. Roof is finished including fascia, soffit and guttering. http://www.propertypal.com/carn-derrylin-derrylin/137628 So a 2/3 finished house for £45,000 on a nice rural 1/2 acre site. I'm estimating the sites value at between £5,000 and £10,000 doing quick sums?
  14. Apols if already posted. This sums up what I feel is happening at the moment :
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