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  1. When discussing this in the pub recently, the idea was floated that any organisation granted a banking licence should be subject to a maximum pay level of (say) 20x the median wage of the organisation. This would mean that anyone looking to place bets in hope of a large bonus would have to do so without the benefit of a retail bank's balance sheet. A back door Glass-Steagall, if you will.
  2. This is something I've often wondered. Does anyone have a breakdown of how the other 5.5m are not defined as unemployed? Housewives, incapacity, single parents etc..
  3. +1 A spot on post. I would really like to see a proper political effort to reinstate Glass Steagall. It is obscene that these games are being played with depositors' cash.
  4. The banks are rebuilding their balance sheets....at Ladbrokes! How can they say they have no money to lend when they are able to commit capital to speculation?
  5. They also have no (meaningful) chance of holding onto their kids. If they withhold support for their offspring (which they shouldn't), the sanctions are quite severe. If an ex-wife withholds the children, the sanctions are non-existent. Financially, it is clearly going to be a strain to run two households, when money was often the cause of unhappiness. The financial penalty hangs over the heads of both parties, why shouldn't the loss of daily contact with the children?
  6. There is, clearly, a need for a banking system. This should be the dull, quasi-public sector occupation it was in (say) the 1950's. It could be regulated by the B of E and its activities severely limited. Anyone wanting to operate in the racier parts of financial services would be covered by the FSA and would receive no sort of state protection and have no access to the banks' balance sheets. It's a dose of Glass-Steagall we need, not a lot of indignation about people getting huge rewards, when there is so little evidence of any limit to human greed.
  7. Isn't it more case of people wanting an iniquitous premium removed than asking for a discount? "Half price" houses aren't cheap.
  8. The last house in this article is round the corner from me and was cut from £5m, not £4m. A 40% drop though, if memory serves, they got it for £800/- in 93.
  9. This one has been on the market for ages at £859,000. In fact, the owner bid on my house and claimed to be under no pressure to sell, as he had funds coming in from elsewhere. He dropped out and I sold for 10% lower and am delighted to have done so. A lovely bit of schadenfreude for me and a nasty dose of karma for him.
  10. I was at school with this bloke. Not a mate, but alright. He used to be in a punk band called "The Public Heirs".
  11. A girl in my year at primary school was in this. It was great to watch it again.
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