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  1. Every time I've glanced over this site I've seen you all working yourselves up into a frenzy over the "SIPPS myth", and how it must be "debunked" before the evil, plotting, hysterical, house-price-ramping media convince everyone of a new boom. Then suddenly, on the announcement that the rules are to change, you're all predictably bursting with glee that a new risk to your treasured house price crash has thankfully been averted. Why the celebration if the SIPPS would have had no effect anyway? Only a question, but I'm still bracing myself for the abuse...
  2. Honestly, I despair. A lot of this kind of sentiment is expressed through this forum. So much bitterness towards government workers, with their "highly" (apparently) paid jobs, who do nothing but waste all the money that all you hard working tax payers earn. So why don't you work in the public sector yourselves if it's so great?
  3. Presumably you mean "let" the house out, rather than rent it. But the point is that they can't wait until next year as they are getting deep into debt now.
  4. Don't be so silly: that was the condition of the market when the programme was made. She made it abundantly clear that most of the time they would have made money even if they had done nothing with the properties, and that sometimes they could have made more!
  5. I agree that the tone should be raised. People would take the site more seriously then. Some posts on this forum have been abusive, personal, and offensive, and have made me think twice about coming back. Publishing such material could be seen to signify tolerance, and in the very least may leave people with the impression that this is a forum for cranks, crackpots, and lunatics!
  6. Hang on a minute - it's only the ASKING price that has dropped. That might just be because the asking price was too much to start with, rather than an actual shift in the market, surely?
  7. I've seen many, many, posts on here exclaiming with glee that house prices are falling dramatically, and quoting examples of properties falling from £800k to £700k, or whatever. But are prices of houses in the market of £400k, £500k, £600k, and beyond, of any relevance to those people who can only afford sensible prices, for example 3.5x £25,000? Where are all the reports of starter home prices falling to something within the realms of reason and possibility to most people? Thoughts please!
  8. Hello, I've been watching silently for a while but now I'm coming out...! I'm mid-twenties, earn my age, no real savings yet. I'm getting to the stage where it's looking less and less likely that I'll move any time in the near future, wanting to save up and buy, but feel like I was born at the wrong time, and I'm probably not alone in that. Something that frustrates me, as I peruse the news and article on house prices, is how difficult is seems to be to get simple, raw, unadultered data. You have to dig deep to get past the "%monthly change", "%yearly change", "% rate of change", "seasonall
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