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  1. If you check my join date smart ****, I actually joined before you! My comment, while admitedly a bit rude was to point out the flaw in the posters observations. For example - 100% of people hate Number 86* *Survey of 1 persons, taken from a cross section of all ages ** ** I think I've just made it 2
  2. Quite. I'f I've saved 200k in cash (I wish!), or shares/bonds whatever. Then I get made redundant, I don't get a bean to cover my rent, food, bills. Fair enough I suppose. It's there to help people who can't afford to live by their own means in tough times. With 200k in the coffers you'd be hard pressed to argue your way out of that one. But, If instead of saving the monies, I overpayed and cleared my mortgage, and have a 200k asset which I can live in for free, I can claim benefits until the cows come home. That's bulltard of the highest order. It should be either or, not both. Saying that, the implications of having 200k in a house, and 200k cash are not directly proportional, but it shouldn't alter it that much.
  3. Yeah. Your one anecdotal experience about not many people, not buying much, at some remote M&S, at the exact time you were there. Clearly sounds like the end of the world. The other day, I went to a petrol station right, and they were clean out of diesel. Clearly the sign that peak oil has been and gone. I'm currently converting my car to run on tumbleweed before it's too late.
  4. Slightly OT. But what? Your LCD is obviously shit then. I've got a new Samsung LCD and I'll guarantee you it shits all over any CRT. You might have a point on Standard def picture. But even then, that's partly due to the picture being that much bigger. This whole thread does seem like a bit of a rant though. All patting each other on the back and congratulating each other on ohw clever you are at viewing a house as a house. It's not a very nice vibe, and just as crazy and arrogant as a "sheeple" view on things. Yes, ultimately furnishing and decor don't matter a great deal, but arguing against it's psychological impact isn't correct either. Do you wash your car before you sell it?? While you indeed SHOULD be concentrating on the house itself, I think it's a bit harsh to get the stupid hammer out and start bashing everyone with it.
  5. I think the point trying to be made was not so much specifically about a 911 or a breitling, but why earn all this doe if you're not gonna spend it and be a miser. *I* would like a breitling and a 911tt. Someone else might like a small yacht to cruise round in. But ultimately why mise all your money away in a pot. Excluding all that for a second and back to bangernomics. The benefit is there, and I fully understand a fast car may appeal a lot more to me than to another man, but I cannot fathom why someone on 90k a year would ever buy a 100 quid car. That's madness on a grand scale. Fair enough he won't spend 90k on a porsche, but anyone with that sort of wedge - even if they don't give a shit would at least drive somehting of a slightly higher calibre? Say a Passat/3 series or some such?? I dunno. Maybe it's just the HPC way
  6. You can apply that logic to anything though. People like to enjoy there money, not live like a council tramp. It could be cars, it could be a nice new Breitling once a year. OR....a nice house. None of this makes you a better person. But the justification as to why you don't own these items sounds like the justification of a poor man. Nothing wrong with not owning a decent porsche. Only a very small percentage ever will, but it's the: Well, I didn't want one in the first place thing that is funny. You have 300k savings say, and earn 90k a year, but drive a 100 quid banger. Seriously? What's the point.
  7. *sniff sniff* Something smells in this post. Oh yah, it's bullcrap. Yes, bangernomics it's great in the fact it is satisfying running a car for peanuts. But that's not a justification against a nice spanking 997tt. The whole post smacks of jealousy. With you then trying to justify your reasons for doing what you do, and then trying to slate his porsche, with crap reasons like spenging time on insurance docs (come on, seriously?). It's funny these posts only come from people who CAN'T afford the nice cars. Or the nice clothes, or the whatevers... if you've got the cash, awesome. I'd bloody love a Porsche turbo, but can't afford one. But I'm not about to try and create some weird rationalisation as to why I didn't really want it in the first place.
  8. I see your points guys. I was also just talking from personal experience. Out of my closer friends. 2 have bought, one this year, one last year (whoopsie). The others, me included, have all moved into rental places (that's 5). Now, I could say with a fair degree of certainty that we'd all either of bought by now, or would be looking to buy, had this been 5/6 years ago. While an extremely limited survey, that's a 5 out of 7 loss. Which is what, 70%? I'd not say we were anything other than normal folk, so I don't see why some of this trend would transfer to other people in their twenties...? Still, I hope rent does go down a bit more. Wouldn't mind haggling come term end!
  9. What do you mean nonsense??? Like me, and some of my friends, we are renting now, instead of buying. You get to that time in your life when you can't live at home anymore, so you either buy a place, or rent one. Buying being a bad move at the minute, so you rent instead. There will always be a constant flow of people moving out of home, into their own place, and at this present moment, I can't imagine that many of those thousands of people are going to be buying. Then, add to that the people that are renting, and were planning on buying a property. There would always be a cycle of these types of people. But now the cycle is frozen, because these people aren't buying either, so are staying in rented accomodation. I don't see how this is so difficult to understand. I'm not saying the figures given above are correct, but you can't dispute the above. Oh, and we haven't considered the people who STR'd too.
  10. While being a FTB near London(or should I say potential FTB) I don't have a STR fund burning a hole in my bank, but I sure hope that's true. It would be nice to bypass the overpriced shoebox flats and move straight onto a detatched house!
  11. Do we really know something they don't? I mean, a 50% drop from peak would be absolutely amazing for me to buy a place at last, and I hope it goes all the way down! But outside of this forum I've really not heard much talk of anything greater than a 25-30% from peak.
  12. With the proof of deposit certificate. Does this 14 day rule apply only upon request. Or does the EA/LL have to provide this within 14 days of signing the AST. I'm just wondering, as I haven't received the cert yet! I did ask about it when signing, and they said they'd send a copy. But I didn't formally request proof of it.
  13. Just recently looked at some Nissan 350z under a Nissan promo. Registered June 07 (though interestingly an 07 not a 57 plate) 8k miles. GT pack with leather heated seats, uprated alloys and factory satnav. £16,600 That's circa 29k new. My sensible head decided against it though. I'm praying to see more bargains like that in a years time!
  14. The place I've just moved into isn't far from Harrow on the Hill, and I only managed a token 25 quid off. I saw a multitude of shit properties and a couple of good ones I let slip through, due to trying to bash down the price. So I don't think it's going down everywhere. Though renterbob will have you believe otherwise, and will call you an EA if you say something different to his opinion. I will say this though. I'm fairly certain I could of got 5-10% off some of the other properties I viewed. But then again, I didn't want to live in them in the first place, so making an offer wasn't a concern. So far as well, my landlord has been nothing short of great. Super friendly, and extremely helpfull about everything. He even helped me build my TV stand when he popped round to drop something off for the flat!
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