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  1. I had a Rightmove email update last week of 22 new properties matching my criteria. Seems like inventory is steadily increasing.
  2. Washington. The one in the North of England not the USA state or conurbation.
  3. Pretty much coincides with my world view. A decade ago I would have described myself as a socialist. Now I'm a secret socialist with conservative tendencies. Want to buy a house at some point and I have some investments which I thought marked me out as a capitalist.
  4. Mostly flats are still available. Mostly houses got bought under RTB, like my late parents' council house 4 decades ago.
  5. Voted 'up to 1%` but I hope I will be wrong and it will be up to 1.25%. There is some catching up to do.
  6. I have noticed the same in my part of Norfolk. I'm just looking at properties at the a**e end of the market under £200k.
  7. Bloody hell! Difficult to get a mortgage on them so quite why they can sell them for that much beggars belief. Very little coming onto the market where I live. Not that I'm eager to buy as I want to quit my job.
  8. I remember getting quite annoyed when it was announced 10 or 15 years ago that to become a nurse they need to get a degree. What on Earth was wrong with the training programme before? Was that training not up to scratch and only a degree qualification would address that or was it an underhand way to indebt more students?
  9. This office block got converted into 53 flats a few years ago. They seem to have sold in the £150-200k region. The residents have been evicted by the council due to concerns about the power to the building. St. Peter's House, Norwich
  10. This house close to me has just come back onto the market. It was previously marketed last summer for £180k. I assumed it had sold back then. Would actually suit me quite well (aside from the fake grass in the back garden) but £30k over my budget at present. House in Norfolk
  11. Seems like the buyer was chancing their arm with the request for a reduction. It would be interesting to hear of some more anecdotals like this.
  12. I think the old Debenhams store local to me will be turned into residential. Six stories high apparently. The ground floor would make a good residential parking area with flats above, with the loading bay as an exit and entrance. However, it could be turned into student housing like a lot of other places nearby. It might force the sale of "The Young Ones" style student houses onto the housing market.
  13. Popcorn 🍿 at the ready chap's and chapesses! 🇾🇪
  14. I watch a few YouTube videos on the Reddit topic Choosing Beggars. Some of those feature job adverts consisting of quite a lot of work for almost no reward. Some babysitting jobs where parents think they can pay them 1 groat an hour while they go to their mediocre paying office job.
  15. Good! I thought that I was going to get my P45 on 31st March. Clinical staffing levels are stretched as they are. The Government cannot afford to lose any more with that draconian scheme.
  16. It's one thing when luxury items are offered on credit but it's a travesty when it's basic necessities offered this way. Not good.
  17. Does she have a spare bedroom that could be rented out? I think almost anyone would go stir crazy living in that all of the time, never mind the temperatures.
  18. £120k for a studio flat/bedsit? Jesus wept. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Norwich, NR1
  19. I'm glad at least one person noticed this deep within the bowels of the HPC subforums!
  20. There seems to be quite a bit more inventory this week. One or two I wouldn't actually mind going to view and a few £5k reductions on the asking price.
  21. My search area is in Norfolk, more specifically in the city of Norwich. Unfortunately, my job is at risk in 2022 so I dare not seriously property hunt until I can secure alternative employment. Bog standard 2 bedroomed flats can reach £170k now in this area. Doesn't seem sustainable until salaries increase.
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