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  1. Sorry to dishearten you but I also have a very similar skill set and a few extra bits and I am not on anything near that but I am a permie. Replace the MCSE and MS SQL requirements for NetApp NCDA, RHCE and Oracle RAC and they could be looking for me but I don't know who fancies contracting in this environment for only £250 per day and a 3 month contract. I used to think the same thing(imposible to have all these skills) prior to landing my last job working for a large multinational where as part of my job working on the infrastructure for a large and complex web based Document Management System I had to pick-up all these skills. Unfortunately working for small companies or companies with small IT infrastructures does not expose you to much in the way of technology. What frightens me is at some point in the future going for an interview against some guy who worked IT for a financial institution or large supermarket with a background of looking after 500+ server farms and multi million pound SAN/NAS devices( ours are only hundreds of thousands of pounds per device :-P ) and trust me they are out there. That is the typical background of the consultants we bring in to help us occasionally.
  2. The article misses out the ~10% price hike most manufacturers pulled in the last year. I think Triumph is one of the only ones that didn't raise their pries. Price hikes can't be helping their sales either.
  3. For a couple of weeks now I have noticed that the HPC RSS feed no longer updates in the Firefox Live Bookmarks. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. I watch it every year and I'm super cool too I do know a few people that also watch it but also know loads more that like to ride the "Eurovision is crap" train just because it's cool to say so.
  5. I lost 20%+ of the value of my pension although I had only been paying into it for the past 3 years. It was 100% managed by the pension provider with it evenly spread into equities etc. I only just realised that I can choose where the money goes and although a bit late I switched it all to cash this weekend.
  6. We're not necessarily in the worst position: http://time-blog.com/curious_capitalist/20...only_peopl.html
  7. What kind of highly skilled jobs and complex supply chains are you thinking about?
  8. But you have left out the possibility of massive inflation taking off. In the inflation scenario in 10 years time their BTL portfolio may cost more than it does today after the first few years of devaluation. The UK seems to have been very good in the past at inflating it's way out of debt it seems. Cumulative Historical Inflation
  9. I loved Animal Farm. Just ordered 1984, We by Yevgeny Zamyatin and Matter by Iain M Banks. I can't wait.
  10. What a fantastic piece of text! Where is it from?
  11. I'm seeing an increase of supply in Chafford Hundred also (near Lakeside in Essex). Early in the year there were 2-3 2 bedroom houses for rent at any one time with prices of £725-£800 per month. In the last couple of months the volume of houses available for rent has stayed the same while the rent for a 2 bedroom house was always above £800 per month. I just checked Rightmove yesterday and what do you know - I can see 14 2 bedroom houses with rents starting at £775-£850. I guess that it won't be long before they all go back down to £700 or less.
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