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  1. that was indeed very sad and unfortunate, my personal indication of a downturn has arrived the 'house shop' in bramhall village* a dire place full of overpriced aspirational tat has closed and several other bars/trendy restaurants and other places have closed due to lack of custom. recession is here for sure. *bramhall is the absolute essence of aspirational cheshire manchester suburb living, good schools and plenty of footballers pads dotted around, the growth of trendy crap in the village over the boom years has reached insane levels and it finally looks like it will pop back to the quiet leafy craphole it was in the mid to late 80's.
  2. the dollar is the bubble the inflation of commodities is simply the air going out of the one (the dollar) and into the other i.e. real tangible things, try reading some peter schiff for a detailed explanation of the mechanisms and likely outcomes at work/in play. not to mention of course geopolitical factors (you never do) to numerous to mention here (although schiff eludes and indeed expounds upon many)
  3. nadler has been attacked for his bearish stance by a number of people, his comment about $1000 gold being the end of the world as far as he was concerned was a particulary revealing insight IMHO he is a VI for the gold cartel. plenty of articles and links about his positions and statements are around on the web. anyway the deleverage deluge has begun, repatriated inflation will follow as more people and nations cotton on to the inflation tax being ramped up by the FED etc, oil/gold is just the main nexus at the moment the shift is well under way and manipulation and propaganda abound in the deliberate void created by uncertainty and doubt, pump and dump on a grand scale repeated and manipulated over and over, all the while washing out profit until the system is reset... as geopolitical/macroeconomic factors so often ignored in favour of dry and unrevealing statements and reasoning by so many posters on this forum will very soon compound exsisting issues and overwhelm others.. some expected other perhaps not so, the chaos is predictably unpredictable until it is not LOL. be carefull what comes out in the 'wash'.
  4. proper metal jerry cans + http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...A:IT&ih=012 =no problem storing petrol for over a year if required (i have tested it after 14months and its fine)
  5. i would go with option 1 as i am sure such unions exsist http://newsblaze.com/story/20080527102223p...S/Opinions.html another scary article about the mess in the middle east, ice cold fingers in the depths of my bowels from reading that although it could be from the bangers and mash tesco ready meal i had just wolfed down
  6. i read an article recently by a similarly well placed individual about the measures required to make sure the payouts at least provided basic care the numbers are horrific something like 100% of the defense budget cut and no new federal spending (at all) and a flat 50% tax rate etc etc i.e. totally impossible politically (but yet that is what is required to have the system function going forward all this kicks off big time within the baby boomer window of 2014-2025). it is a nightmare, sadly a totally inevitable one as soon as the last retraint was removed in 71 (last vestige of nominal gold standard) every time in human history it has been tried the particular iteration(fiat currency) has failed. never before have we had the misfortune of it (the paper fiat) being the worlds reserve currency and used to denominate and settle so many vital commodities and supplies. it really is as bad a situation as can be imagined (within reason) this is of course a totally seperate issue from the titanic mess in the housing market/credit markets etc..... or is it ...? oh and... http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/JE28Ak01.html o dear.
  7. my new bumper sticker repatriated dollar hyperinflation seems inevitable now does it not ?, all those pension and medicaid payments to make etc LOL,they will be paid out but as in russia in the early 90's you wont be able to actually buy anything worthwhile.
  8. Fionnula thus i would be running away very very quickly love. game over.
  9. the house i sold last august (to a btl parasite) simply is not worth more than 130-150k i sold for 217k so you (the OP) are IMHO broadly right in your assumption, we will overshoot on the downside possibly very significantly especially if macroeconomic and geopolitical factors play as big a part as they could in the next year or so.
  10. indeed, it is becoming more and more obvious by the day that the whole mortgage backed security (MBS) demand fueled boom has resulted in suicide lending (northern crock etc) and suicide borrowing (IO+no repayment+120% loans etc) this crash will be devastating and nothing like the early 90's at all, IMNSHO.
  11. saying i feel totally vindicated today having sold last year on 31st august and got rid of my lovely IO northern crock mortgage would be somewhat of an understatement. in fact i feel like this
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