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  1. Hi all, Do anyone dealt with http://www.challenorproperty.com/. They do offer quite attractive houses for BTL with 15% deposit as an incentive!. However like to hear any advices or experience dealing with such parties. Thanks, Regards, Baskey
  2. Hi Nelly, Thanks for the answer. But IO also gives the flexibility of repaying capital upto 10% per annum. So it gives better flexibility than repayment. If one wants to reduce the capital can easily do so... Thats why i liked IO mortgages also, it keeps monthly commitments low for a fixed period. IS there any thing wrong in my understanding? Thanks, Baskey
  3. Hi all, I am a FTB and totally new to mortgage processes. I choose to take interest only mortgage. Nationwide offers me 4.79% interest for 3 yrs of fixed term and as well as 5yrs for the same rate (Also i am getting still lower interest rate for 2 yrs fixed term but due to personal reasons i want to keep min of 3 yrs fixed rate). I am not planning to sell this house for another 5 yrs. In that case, i think to go for 5 yrs fixed term instead of 3 yrs. Will you people think, it is wise to go for 5 yrs fixed @4.79%?. Also it gives flexibility of paying capital upto 500 Pounds per month, if in case i want to reduce my capital during this fixd term. Can you people share your opinion please? Also anyone knows, Banks that offers better quote than Nationwide's offer of above. Thanks in advance. Regards, Baskey
  4. Hi, I closely watch to buy a house in Milton Keynes. A decent detached 3 bed room cost around 155 to 160 K. I also feel market may fall in the near future as most of our forum members thinks but need a own home soon as i nearly 36 yrs old now and may loss interest of getting one when i advance further. Also what are all pros and cons of getting a 3 bed room bungalow which is ca. 130 -140 K against detached houses. Any one can share their opinion on this price for Milton Keynes. Regards, Baskey
  5. Hi all, I am a first time buyer. I look for investemnt in the property. As such i do not have stable job, so i keep changing various locations ( but no worries for mortgage payment because either me or my wife will in the job always hopefully and we both are professionals) My questions is, 1.which area to consider to invest for buy to let point of view. Is London better? or any other place. 2. Should i wait till the year end to see what way the market moves.. or which is the best time to enter into the market?? 3. What about going for Property auction. Is it a clever option to look for Auction properties?? I look forward to receive your valuable comments pls... Regards, Baskey
  6. Hi all, It is my posting to thgis forum. I am sure this forum is doing excellent and lots of useful hints available about property market. Thanks the administrator and members. Now i require a tenancy agreement template or some sample agreement copies. Do any body know any free online downloads or suggest me where to get them physically. Thanks in advance, Baskey
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