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  1. Actually empty property certainly in my area (Telford and Wrekin) is charged the full council tax after 6 months unless the occupier is in a hospital/care home etc. I've noticed one or two on here seem to think there is no tax on an empty house.
  2. Killed this quite easily at my parents old house by cutting stems off at 3 or 4 feet then putting a spoonful of undiluted Agricultural Roundup in each. Completely effective with the one dose. Cut off stems dried off the ground and burnt. It has not reappeared since and this was some years ago.
  3. I'm about 3 miles Sambrook side of Newport. The Newport schools have done much to stabilise prices in the area as you locals know we still have boys and girls grammar schools plus a very excellent comprehensive. JB
  4. I was telephoned by one I know yesterday asking if I could give him a reference as he was applying to an agency for factory work ------
  5. Been stocking up on wood for the last few months. My eldest son his chain saws and my ancient Ferguson have dealt with quite a few fallen damaged etc trees he has been asked to clear by local farmers. Free wood for the cutting and taking. Must have 8 or more tons now and all hardwood not pine etc. Some of the decent pieces I will use for turning but the rest will hopefully reduce the oil and electricity bills. Must be worth stocking up on - mind you it is much harder work than having your tank filled. JB
  6. The buyers conveyancer is required to report such arrangments to the buyers lendor for approval. It is unlikely a lendor will agree such a scheme although some lendors have in the past allowed small allowances under say 5%. Lendors are not fools and are well aware of such possible arrangments and while the point you make regarding the Land Registry/house price stats price shown is valid it must always be realised they can often not be the full story for many legitimate reasons. JB
  7. By 'eck you're in my area - The agents in Telford are desparate it seems to me - transaction numbers down by a half it appears and many staff laid off. There is an honest estate agent on this site - can I sign myself as the honest conveyancer? Salopian.
  8. It seems to be this week in my area (see username) - instructed by clients in two purchases this week in both cases no related sale - first one at £330000 asking was £380000 second at £400000 asking was £470000. I don't know the vendors circumstances in the first case but it is a new house finished 12 months ago in the second case. JB
  9. The buyers Solicitor or conveyancer is required under the terms of his instructions from the lendor to report such discounts (or loans as you suggest) for approval- if he does not I would consider it at the least negligent and at the worst fraud. JB
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