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  1. I bet they will too. It's a dead cert.
  2. Newquay is ok compared to some areas, a real dump compared to others. Just like anywhere else. Can't see what the deal is.
  3. You're not kidding. I find it sad, but the other week I was sat in a coffee shop in Falmouth, sat in the window by the door, looking out at Market Street. I looked right, then left and I saw not one retail outlet that wasn't either; 1. A bank 2. A building society 3. Part of a large chain of retail stores (Woolworths, WH Smith, Vodaphone), etc. Yes, another 'generic town' it already is
  4. Shops are closing down in Truro are they? I haven't been there for a few months, so have no idea. What I do find interesting is that here in Falmouth we have a Xen Noodle Bar recently opened, a Domino Pizza opening in the next couple of weeks and a Cafe Nero opening soon. And they are cracking on with the new cinema. Can't see where all the money is coming from myself. Conveyancer - By the way, there is no 'U' in Camborne.
  5. Agreed. Myself and my partner are PS workers, and we have a very healthy income in comparison to others we know that are in the private sector down here. Ie; We get paid more than they do. However, you mention national payscales. AFC, which I went through a couple of years ago, was to put NHS workers thoughout the UK on the same banding, regardless of where you were. We had to justify what we were worth. It didn't totally work out as fair as some people put in different measures than others in the same position and got graded on a higher, or lower band (even though they are doing the same jobs. You cuold appeal to the grading though. Then there was the next round of annual pay awards. Scotland and Wales got higher pay awards than England and the whole process broke down in respect that you could do the same job in Wales at a higher banding, for example. It was such a waste of money and time.
  6. I live in Cornwall, not from Cornwall though (just like 90% of the population down here )
  7. Yeah, it was at one stage. ADVFN is now saying -731
  8. 34, Applications Developer, Rent a 2 bedroom house for £550 a month. Looking to buy when the monthly mortgage payments will be =< what I pay in rent
  9. I would really, really like to know where this is going to take place. I drive through Highertown everyday ( I work at Royal Cornwall Hospital you see) and there is nowhere for new homes. I know that 5000 new homes will be built by 2016 within Carrick, but confined within Truro is nuts. Falmouth is part of Carrick too, so maybe they mean 5000 within the district of Carrick? I wonder where Carricks plans will lie when we have the Unitary Authority?
  10. A builders merchants in Treviscoe has gone into liquidation - I know the owner. Also I noticed over the weekend that Rightmove EA in Falmouth is no more.
  11. Union Street isn't that bad! I wouldn't want to live anywhere in Plymouth full stop, but labelling it 'one of Englands most leery and violent adresses' is a bit harsh. It's cleaned up alot in recent years, not half as bad as when I was in the RN in the early 90's.
  12. Lillicrap always make me laugh when I walk past....
  13. They can be priced at whatever the seller wants to price it at, but it is only worth what someone is going to pay for it. £750k for a 2 bedroomed appartment in *Chavsville? Class. * There are some very, very lovely areas in Newquay - I'm only kidding.
  14. I've got a Ford Focus, 1.6. The dealerships hate them, as apparently nothing ever goes wrong with them. I've owned it for 4 years, and apart from tyres, tax and MOT, have spent most likely no more than £350 on it. It needed a new clutch last year, that's it. And it went into the garage for that. Brakes, oil change and so on I do myself. £200 for a service? Oil Filter - £4 Oil - £12 Air Filter - £8 Fuel Filter - £5 Then there are the brakes: Discs and Pads - £30 I think we will see more and more people doing services rather than paying for a garage. I don't get a stamp in the book, but the car is 8 years old and I plan on keeping it until it is beyond repair.
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