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  1. If I'm in debt, with a mortgage, I want inflation.
  2. Im happy with deflation in the short term. After this period I want inflation. Our government are working on making this happen with their QE cunning plan. It might work. For me personally I am living in a deflationary environment. In response to this I am spending more because there is some decent value out there. Ive bought a better model of 2nd hand car than I would have been comfortable with before, because the next model up fell into the price range I was prepared to spend. Im looking at renting a better place to live, it will cost me more, but is better on a 'quality per pound' ba
  3. Used 'prestige' cars. Rent. Petrol? Coffee chain cappuccino is down from 1.95 to 1.91 due to vat change. So obviously now I buy 3.
  4. Seriously estate agent chappie, it will take a lot of effort to come up with enough text to teach you a lot of fundamentals, im shocked quite honestly. Id expect that kind of stuff from a bloke down the pub who works on an assembly line, you should have a bit more of an idea about some of the fundamentals. Please don't give any potential buyers any financial advice in your role, a lot of people out there believe estate agents to have some knowledge regarding the possible future of their 'investment'. It's the biggest one they will ever make, please don't try and help them reach a decision.
  5. There's nothing in harrogate! I fail to see any attraction to the place. York isn't far away, a much more interesting place IMO
  6. Because you sell for what you can get away with and build/buy for as little as you can. If my widget manufacturing company invests in research that leads to a cheaper method of widget production, I committed to that research in the first place for my own gain not for my customers. There would be no progress in manufacturing methods if it didn't lead to an increase in profits, the customer was happy to pay x last year, just because it costs me less this year to manufacture doesn't mean i'll be selling for less than x this year. This housing boom has been a big example of selling for what the
  7. I suppose the largest falls will be in the areas where the prices have been the most ridiculously inflated, doesn't mean they are now affordable. 300k average? Windsor really isn't that great. And why would anyone actually PAY to live in blackpool? Until they start paying people to live there I can't see much motivation. Still a long way to go before some semblance of sense is reached.
  8. Ive had a deposit returned in full under this scheme, it was quicker than getting money back from an agent or a private landlord directly in the past. My guess is with this scheme it gives the tenant visibility of a formal and obvious method to follow if they want their money back, so it's returned to give an easy life to the would be thief. Plenty of renters in the past wouldn't be chasing any stolen deposit money due to not having the confidence to get a solicitor involved, fear of costs, bullying from the agency/landlord. A plain route to take is a good thing in my opinion, those that mi
  9. Me neither. Maybe the EAs are seeing nothing but offers that the sellers aren't accepting, so to them it's just another day of showing people around and getting no sales. It's too soon to even be looking, Ive no interest in spending any part of a weekend having some chimp in a suit talk cr4p about a property the owner won't consider a reasonable offer for. Particularly not if they have an attitude.
  10. Nothing. It's up to them what they do, it's their money and their life. And even if it is a bad move what are they going to do now about it? it's a bit late for advice.
  11. How much is a 1 year old car? 6k as a minimum? If someone is driving a 10 year old car that they can't get more than 2k for in a private sale, why would they want to upgrade, they would still need to find 4k+. If they had that to spend on a car they wouldnt be driving their old heap. More likely is that someone in that position will sell their 100 quid car for a 2k voucher, go to a showroom, get a motor for 4k on a credit card, and then try and sell it for 5 or 6k. Along with everyone else in their street. The common thread in all these zany schemes this government keeps inflicting on us
  12. Fiddle, meddle, fiddle, meddle. It's just funny now, what scheme are they going to come up with next? Make up any ridiculous answer you like, I guarantee the government will top it.
  13. They know no other way. The ones that don't learn will go bust. Even then they will just blame 'the market', altering their approach will never occur to a lot of them, they aren't estate agents because they're smart. For me it's another reason to hold out before buying, in a couple of years the arrogant ones will be gone making the process of buying a much more pleasurable experience.
  14. Im always amused by the socialist/communist 'worker' banging on about minimum wage and 'workers rights' and their whole 'them and us' its all so unfair we're being exploited by fatcats mentality. You all seem to want to scrabble about in grime and do 'an honest days work for a fair days pay' and seem proud to be what you love to call 'working class', as though this makes you a part of some kind of an army of the righteous. The funny bit is how you all dive into it with such enthusiasm, you're volunteering for this life, you want it! And you want to moan about it, it's what defines you as 'a
  15. Naming stages anger and fear, and knowing the term 'brikar mortis' makes you sound like someone with more of an interest in the housing market than your ignorance suggests. This is the final nail in the coffin Coming out with this again? You're obviously someones alter ego on here just having a laugh and stimulating the debate a bit out of boredom with the constant bear views. Also you seem pretty literate, you can form sentances and everything! Someone with views as retarded as yours would appear to be would be too dumb to be able to string a sentance together. The mods were right, yo
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