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  1. Hi Mike , Try here. http://www.entitledto.co.uk/Default.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
  2. Different rules apply depending on whether the loan was taken out before or after Oct 2 1995 For loans to purchase the property (& home improvement loans) taken out after 2 October 1995, there is a waiting period of 39 weeks before help is provided, and 100% of eligible mortgage interest is paid from week 40. Vulnerable customers who fall into certain specific groups, and customers with a loan taken out prior to 2 October 1995, receive no help for the first 8 weeks of their claim, 50% of eligible interest for a further 18 weeks and 100% of their eligible mortgage interest from week 27. The capital limit up to which mortgage interest can be met is £100,000. So for most no help for 39 weeks
  3. This is another unintended consequences by the powers to be. The agent in question has a lot of tenants on housing benefit, the rules were recently changed to make the payment for rent direct to the tenant, and the tenant then pays the landlord / agent. Yes right, when said tenant is low on essentials ie food, fags, beer, wine, do a search on Scottish courts / Dundee, the council and local agents / housing associations are suing hundreds if not thousands of people yearly, some may be council tax / rates, but most rent arrears, never mind the green shoots, or recovery. It aint going to happen any time soon.
  4. What people should be worrying about are house prices booming to levels where affordability is very difficult for everyone So who do they sell their product to, what an idiot
  5. Sorry for going of topic but i cant start a new thread, can t find a thread or link yet but financial planner has a 3/4 page in the sunday post.
  6. But its different in Scotland, not http://www.thecourier.co.uk/output/2009/01...y12561519t0.asp
  7. Nope not buying houses in Tayside either, but it s different in Scotland! NOT http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/taysid...ral/7815271.stm
  8. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle5455026.ece
  9. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...=96723&st=0 More on subject here.
  10. Not quite correct, if the lender goes to court gets a ccj, then it could be enforced after 6 years, all a lender has to do is serve papers to your last known address, so even if you skip abroad, it might be waiting on your return.
  11. Sorry mate but you are wrong, did you get quotes from large contractors? agree labour rates vary through uk but, i could not buy a 4 bed 2 bath in this area for anything like what it cost to build using s /e guys , having experience in the building trade and contacts helps, 2 years your having a laugh, please tell me your joking
  12. Agree with that, as a spark to trade, i roughed out the portree, ie wiring, only in 1.5 days on my todd, used fast fix boxes so second fix ie boxes in and plates on, ie skts, switches, spurs, pendants , cooker outlet, neon sws above w / top in kitchen, etc, another 1.5 days, ( 4 twins in each room, more in kitchen ) 1 more day for cu and testing, if anyone can do a 1st fix in half a day, let me know, i will give you a shout next year when I hopefully get the chance to do it again, hope you all have a good new year, i will be tonight but you know what us scots are like, lol edit for spelling
  13. Glass in construction is expensive, lots in that edition family, all imho
  14. Portree developed, the undeveloped portree is a bungalow, so I had larger roof trusses, velux windows, stairs, extra flooring etc, seemed worth the extra cost to get 2 extra bedroom, the u/s were the largest, bathroom, and a large cupboard which we stuck another velux in and it became a small office. Edited to say about 5 months from cleared site, to move in, there was about 6 months before start to deal with warrants / p/p etc
  15. Well 3 years ago built 1.5 story 4 bed 2 baths in barry by Dundee for total £75000, land was £26000, sourced a very comprehensive kit from here http://www.deesidetimberframe.co.uk/prices.htm right down to triple mirrors in 2 largest bedrooms, and screws for the door hinges. You also get all the vat back on materials, think I claimed around 9k, also very satisfying. Make sure you have a good self build insurance covering thefy, accidents, etc, also I went down nhbc solo route make it easier to sell on with what evers left of the 10 yr warranty, its deff. better than architect cert.
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