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  1. And if we see them, how does that make us lucky? Maybe you are planning on buying some and are waiting for it to go lower. And after you buy, how do you know it will not go lower? Don't try to catch a falling knife. As for me, I have no gold. I see it as pure speculation and I can't afford to speculate.
  2. Wall Street didn't kill the EU banks. The collapse killed the EU banks. The collapse was brought on by governments on both sides of the Atlantic, not by Wall Street. Wall Street and the EU banks were both victims of poor government regulation in the US and throughout continental Europe. If the federal governments in the US and continental European countries had done their jobs by regulating the financial industry properly, there would not have been a great collapse.
  3. "The real winners are rich Americans" Who are you kidding????? If the euro succeeds the real winners in this big mess are the big German corporations who export. Whether the euro succeeds or fails the rich people the world over who can make money playing the markets (stock, bond, forex, etc.) will be the winners. Average people like us in the US, the UK, and the rest of Europe have been and will continue to be the big losers in this euro debacle. Why?? Because of 1) an unstable exchange rate and 2) price gouging by retailers, distributors, and vendors of all types when the euro was introduced, when currency conversions take place, and while the euro is artificially inflated as it is now.
  4. I knew Obummer couldn't stay out of this, even when he is on vacation, which is most of the time. How wonderful; we American taxpayers are helping to bail out a currency that if successful will destroy the US dollar, and the UK pound too. Can't those thieves in Brussels just send out to the local print shop for more of their fake currency to be printed?
  5. Sure, the people on this forum think the world is going to collapse economically within the next five years, with the majority predicting house price collapses of about 50%. So congratulations, you have found the right place to post. As for me, I think that house prices will be driven by demand, or lack of demand, and if the governmment can create sufficient demand, house prices are not going south. Just my opinion, so I wouldn't take it too seriously if I were you. After all, I never saw the big collapse in 2008 ahead of time.
  6. Your narrative paints a much more grim picture of the UK than I previously imagined. (I live in the US) If more people begin to think like you, the UK will decline even faster both economically and in quality of life. The fewer houses that are purchased, the longer it will take the country to get out of this economic slowdown. And with more renters and fewer homeowners, neighborhoods will decline more quickly, as tenants will flee to a better area, but homeowners would be more likely to stay put and band together to make a better neighborhood. That is why the US government heavily subsides homeownership. Even though there is great cost to the taxpayers, it works, because homeowner areas are always much better areas to live in than an area with a high concentration of rental properties. But that doesn't mean the US isn't going downhill; it is. I think the US and the UK are gonig downhill together at the same rate of speed.
  7. Denninger would make a great American politician because he sees the world the way he thinks it should be and not the way it really is. In his theories and his arguments he seems to ignore reality and this time is no exception. He sure is a great dreamer.
  8. THIS MAN IS NUTS!!! So because a few great companies that engaged in some fraudulent activities had offices in London, he says that London is the fraud capital of the world. That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. London and NYC are the two business capitals of the world. Thousands of financial companies have offices in each of those cities out of necessity. To call an entire city fraudlent just because a company with an office there may have done something unethical makes no sense whatsoever!!!! He tells us how much gold the UK has and how much gold the eurozone has. How do we know how much gold the eurozone has? Is it possible that the eurozone countries lied? It is no secret that Greece lied about how much debt it had to get into the euro currency. It is only recently that Italy revealed how much debt it has, causing many economists to speculate that a lot of the debt was kept off the books to make their debt crisis look better than it really is. And their accounting procedures make a cheating accountant at the inland revenue look like child's play. As a well-read American, I just wish to congratulate the British people for electing and supporting David Cameron. I wish we could have a leader who looks out for the people's interests as he does. He deserves credit for standing up to the euro nazis. The citizens of the UK do not need their hard earned tax money going to support the lazy, overpaid bureaucrats in Brussels, or bailing out corrupt governments with their corrupt programs that only transfer tax money to politicians pockets. When the euro collapses, as it should, will Max Kaiser still be so cocky and anti-Cameron?
  9. Those Occupy Wall Streeters are calling for the heads of Wall Street bankers when they should be calling for the heads of the Euro government officials and European Central Bankers. The people protesting the loudest should be the German taxpayers for having to bail everyone else out. If the euro blows up, the shockwaves will spread outside the eurozone, quickly to the UK and US, then around the world. There was nothing wrong with the eurozone economy in the 1980's and 1990's before this lamebrained euro was put into play so all of this mess is directly attributed to the euro and to the government officials who keep shoving it down the throats of the hard-working, uninformed public.
  10. It seems like Merkel is not going to be happy until all the bureaucrats of the Eurozone countries are wearing brown shirts and speaking German.
  11. Maybe you know something we don't know. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2011-12-01/gun-sales-up-black-friday/51554972/1?csp=hf
  12. You are not that far behind?? I think the US and UK are neck and neck. What put the UK so far down the hole with us is that you allowed your government to take guns from the citizens. We need the guns because over here we have plenty of criminals. Oh, and here is a link so that you can see what is going on over here. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2011-12-01/gun-sales-up-black-friday/51554972/1
  13. The economic geniuses that run Zimbabwe will probably replace the US dollar with the euro, just before the euro disintegrates. Panama and Ecuador also use the US dollar as their currency. I wonder if they are replacing it anytime soon with another currency.
  14. Very good assessment. You are right that the euro should have never been in existence in the first place. The real damage for us (taxpaying citizens of the UK and US) is that the big banks in the UK and US will take large losses in the eurobonds that they bought. They should never have been allowed to purchase those bonds in the first place. Their investing should have been confined to their home country, but unfortunately our elected leaders encouraged them to invest in and support the euro, which does not help the citizens of the UK or the US in any way. (Not to mention the fact that the euro does not help the citizens of the eurozone in any way.) So while those on this forum have been calling for the heads of the Wall Street crowd, why haven't they been calling for the heads of our government leaders? After all, if the euro fails, our banks will probably have to be bailed out again at taxpayer expense.
  15. An interesting article. http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/11/28/111128fa_fact_schwartz?currentPage=all
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