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  1. very true... but with FTB's now not spending on property due to being priced out.. .they have to get that 'fix' somewhere.... the British public must spend... and live beyond there means
  2. I bought a 32" LCD screen about 4 months ago. Bought it on the web for £800 and to be honest never once regretted the spend. I don't watch TV that often as I'm out 3 nights a week playing sport but when I do watch it I'm glad at the quality of the screen. I'm also very glad that I don't have to have this huge chuck of plastic sitting in the corner of my room now, only 5" deep it looks much better.... As for those of you who argue how spending money on things like this is a total waste of money etc... can I ask what you spend your money on... it's not housing, it's not cars, it't not TV's.. or
  3. I started with the parental garentor - only because i was living in a 2 bed flat with most of my income in the form of a bonus. I was only able to borrow on my basic salary but that didn't take the oter circumstances into account. So - in relation to your question - you won't get a better rate (that I know of anyway), you will just be able to borrow more. Now - as people have stated - this may mean that you are borrowing too much but if your situation is like mine then it's fine. 2 years on my income has gone up and the person I share with is looking to move out and my partner moving in.. I no
  4. why don't you pay the admin fee to change the term and just switch to a 4 year time frame.. your monthly payment will go up - you could also fix the rate... so do you want to pay it off in less than 4 years?
  5. thought about Premium bonds... any way of keeping away from the tax man is always good - that and accounts like ING are all good
  6. yea- this is why they are so aggressive and not wanting to listen to the price that we, the punters actually want to pay - Must be so hard to work for that type of organisation
  7. Foxtons - now why has it taken so long for people to start talking about this very aggressive agency - if anyones got texplain themselves to huge price rises in London then Foxtons have. You tell them that you want to spend no more than 300k and they only offer to show you 350k properties - But to be fair - the cars are the best marketing stratgey 've seen for a while -
  8. we could always turn this site into Labour party crash!!!
  9. Agent not telling the same story - I'm not surprised to be fair - with regards to this flat - where abouts in Brook Green is it... what do you mean about a 'mixed street' - Is there any way that you can add value to the flat (cheaply) - sometimes you find that a flat on the market with old carpets and needing a coat of paint can have movement on price and cost hardly anything to add value... As you can tell I think very highly of the area - and with W12 being developed it's going to have as good a chance as any to hold the price. Although if there is a high percentage of vendors in the area
  10. Brook Green is no comparisson to Acton - Shepherds Bush - not too bad but has loads of potential. You looked at Chiswick?
  11. Searching - you will be able to find something in that area for 260k - they may not tell you that but it seems that you can go in at 15% below the asking price and you will walk away with it. I live in the Brook Green area and you can certainly buy a 2 bed there for that price - the trouble is that not many people know of the Brook Green area unless they have actually been there... maybe I should advertise the area... Do you not think that the Brook Green area will gain from the increase in development of the Shepherds Bush area?
  12. I have to agree with Bluelady - if your rent is the same as your capital repayment mortgage then why stay paying rent to someone else - in 10-15 years i think the pleasure you will have gained wil far outway some drop in the price of the property - you've gotta live somewhere right?
  13. I think that if you are going to stay there for that period of time then you should go for it - when a family is involved you have to look outside the financial box for once and look more at quality of life - you seem to be in as good a position as any to get on the ladder - it's the FTB that gear themselves up to the max that shouldn't jump on yet
  14. DonnieDarker you speak a lot of sense - the other thing though is that due to people like yourself continuing to rent - you are keeping the market alive for those landlords who have more than 1 property - renting income is still going up and until you get thoses people who have about 10 or more properites in London to sell - you are going to have this problem.. seems like there is no answear. If these people get scared as the yield is so low then they will sell (hopefully) - then they sell leading to an equilibrium in the market - which means lower prices - we almost need to tax the landlord
  15. with regards to the last coment about saving - true - you can't really argue against that - although there is a non-financial factor from living in a place that you own... this site never mentions that - if you think long term then maybe it's not all that bad. It's those who can't aford to get on that will have to wait - not as much as those who can afford but are just sitting waiting - there is more to buying a place than purely financial factors
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