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  1. Hi -- I'm a reporter writing about the house price crash and I'm looking for a buyer to interview. Please email me if I could talk to you for a few minutes -- [email protected]

  2. Just popping in quickly to let you know that we have now exchanged on the house I had discussed at the original offer. It is a buyers market. I am sure wewill be very happy there and can weather any future financial storms. Thank you everyone for your help.
  3. I have discovered that if you click intot he property you can still see Property Bee. Phew.
  4. I hope all our previous data will not be lost. I have realised now that I am addicted to Property Bee. I thought it was Rightmove I was addicted too but it is not the same without the Bee.
  5. I am monitoring Amersham on Property Bee and I am seeing lots of reductions now. Houses at the top end that are were on in the region of a million are dropping by at least 100k, there is an overall drop of at least 10%. Still too much!
  6. I will definately be packing the children off to my parents for the move. The cat has moved several times before and I can handle that. I cannot handle this waiting game. I have also checked out some auction sites in an attempt to find other options. Does anyone have any that are good? Thanks
  7. That is exactly how I feel. My husband travels a lot for work and I think he likes home to be a stress-free, stable place (lucky sod). I would consider moving when he was out of the country, even with two children I think that would be easier.
  8. Thanks Carti. I think I will do that. I do hope that they have had no viewings or that any they have had were not interested. It has been on the market for over six months now. I think that if anyone wanted it they would have offered by now and if anyone offers now and it is a higher offer than ours then we still have our good position card to play. Now we are so close to exchange I am going through that 'I really like our house, why are we moving' period.
  9. We have organised a long completion based on my sons school term finishing. This means we do have some time to look around for a new house. I know that you all advocate renting for a period while prices drop but with children and schools to take into account, not to mention a husband who finds moving a very stressful process, I am inclined to buy again. Based on this do I phone the agent on Tuesday or do I still stay cool. My plan previous to the price drop had been to call when we exchange and give them a week to accept or we look elsewhere.
  10. We are going to exchange next week on our sale and the house we had offered on has just had a price drop. A big drop. I am nervous now. Would have loved to make it part of the rule of three but can't find anything else. We don't complete till July. My husband is driving me nuts saying that we are going to loose this house, he doesn't know about the price drop yet either. Do you think I call the agent or do I wait until the exchange on our place has gone through. What if someone else buys it now. Arghh.
  11. Fingers crossed for you Pablopatito. I am still showing our house. If someone were to offer and was in a good position I would be tempted now but would not have considered it previously. We will see. Meantime I am a bag of nerves.
  12. I do acknowledge that. This sale has just been taking too long. Accepted the offer in February. Obviously the market has changed and I was expecting this.
  13. Yes, I see your point.
  14. No worries narrow. My EA also told me that this has happened to 3 sellers this week. Either EA talk or it is becoming the norm.
  15. Our offer on the house I referred to was not accepted and we were not prepared to offer any more. As things stand now I think we have to walk away from that house, particularly now we have been gazundered. I think that we might rent for a while, even though it might be unsettling for the children.
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