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  1. It's the luck of the draw; some people do very well, many don't.
  2. I got 0 in November, also with £30K, but it was unusual.
  3. Congratulations, scarlet. 0 for me this month, November!
  4. scrappycoco, statistically he'd be very unlikely to win with a £15. holding. Get him to check online for winnings (if any) for the past 6 months and he could contact them about previous "wins" in case if ID scam. BTW Has he notified them of any change of address?
  5. Heinzbean, so that's £650 in 7 months, so the year's not over. You've time for a biggie or more than one. Keep us posted in November and good luck.
  6. http://www.nsandi.com/products/pb/winnerlist.jsp
  7. That's very poor, OMG. When I had (only) £10K I was winning small amounts regularly. Better luck next month and until you buy your house.
  8. Well done, absolute zero. £50. for me this month, though £200. last month. Good luck for October.
  9. http://www.nsandi.com/products/pb/winnerlist.jsp
  10. £200 for me. OH doesn't have any because, he says, he wouldn't win if he did have any! I've offered to buy them with my winnings but he refused.
  11. Well done. BTW Please, what do the symbols to the left of a profile mean? Next to them it reads "no information". Does anyone know?
  12. Lower prizes for August are online, I have £200. Anyone else checked?
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