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  1. See my post in the economics section ....affordability index (ratio of house prices to median disposable income and deviation from the average.
  2. If you work you lose 65p in the £ of your housing benefit, 20p in the £ of your council tax benefit, 37p in the £ of you working tax credit. Adding these together, mean that the poor are faced with a 90% marginal rate of tax over quite a wide range of income. Look at the "Tax Benefit Model Tables" on the dwp.gov.uk website for more details. If you want to know how capital effects benefits, let me know directly. Accession 8 immigrants ( mainly Poles) are not eligible for most benefits until they have been here for 12 months. Hence no work, no food. This is the incentive for them to work, at le
  3. If you became a full time student, am I right in thinking that you do not pay council tax.
  4. Would agreeing to an increase of rent of £75 but with a discount for prompt payment of a nearly equvalent amount be a legal way round this problem. I have long argued that local authorities should do this to provide an incentive for prompt payment and reduce arrears.
  5. The rent guarantee is liable to income tax, but reducing the purchase price is not taxable in the hands of the buyer( or at least not until the property is sold when CGT is applicable).
  6. In a liquidation your mortgage will be sold on. For example a £100k mortgage might be sold at a discount of 20% for £80k. The sheer number of mortgages would make the liquidator likely to bundle a package of 50 mortgages together. If the bank was in dire trouble because of the poor quality of its sub-prime mortgages, the discount might be 60%. The interesting part would be whether you as an individual would be allowed to buy your individual mortgage at its discounted price. An analogy is the right to buy schemes for council house tenants.
  7. Figs now on economics section. Had to attach file in word format, as could not get excel accepted. Apologies if layout not too good as cols would go out of page range.
  8. Affordability_Index.docThis spreadsheet gives an affordability index for house prices by dividing the annual figure by disposable income. If someone can find the figures for 2006 onwards, I would be grateful as I have spebt too long on the ONS website without success. Affordability_Index.doc
  9. Does anyone know the extent that BTL's are held in a limited company, so that one's primary residence is not at risk. Or even held by an LLP?( limited liability partnership).
  10. The notional income rules come into play for a non-pensioner at £6,000 savings for jobseekers allowance, housing benefit and council tax benefit. At £16,000, these benefits are wiped out. Between these two figures, the effective marginal rate of tax on investment income is 400%. For a pensioner who is foolish enough to save the marginal rate is 236%. These are a huge deterrent to saving, but I have so far been unable to persuade any politician to take notice.` You are correct in saying that the value of the main residence is ignored even if its equity is a million pounds. The £16,000 limit f
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