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  1. I think you will find the cutoff point for housing benefit is £16,000. JSA(contribution based) is not capital means tested, but paid for the first six months only.
  2. Sounds like you were discriminated against on grounds of your birth, property or other status. Ask the HA why they have a policy which appears to breach Article 14 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Also article 1 of Protocol 12. Let us know how you get on.- (Memo to self p.331 and 349)
  3. TREASURY COMMITTEE INVITES QUESTIONS FROM THE PUBLIC TO PUT TO THE CHANCELLOR ON THE BANKING CRISIS Following the unprecedented financial intervention announced by the Chancellor over recent days, the Treasury Committee today announces it will undertake an urgent inquiry into the banking crisis. John McFall, Chairman of the Committee said: “This inquiry will take a fundamental look at the causes of the present banking crisis, the current responsibilities of the banks and the Government to the taxpayer, and the future shape of the financial and regulatory landscape.” Given the public conce
  4. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/c...0,6213711.story The sherriff in Cook County Chicago has refused to carry out foreclosures. Will court officials follow his lead here? sorry could not work out how to get link to work, any help please.
  5. TREASURY COMMITTEE ANNOUNCES ONE-OFF EVIDENCE SESSION INTO THE ECONOMICS OF THE HOUSING MARKET The Treasury Committee has decided to undertake a one-off evidence session into the Economics of the Housing Market. The Committee will use this hearing to explore issues relating to the housing market and the mortgage finance market, including both the current position of, and potential future developments in, those markets. The session will take place at 10.30am, Tuesday 14 October 2008, in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House: This looks like a marvelous opportunity for HPC'ers to put the rec
  6. IMO the 50K ( prev£35K) guarantee will be paid in some form of government stock (anyone with a better name than Brown bonds). This stock will be like War Loan, irredeemable except for approved purposes.
  7. Parents are only liable to UK IHT if they are domiciled in the UK. Look at the HMRC.gov.uk website, then manuals, then IHT. Look up the three meanings of domicile and what you have to do the change domicile. If they have assets here but are domiciled abroard, they may be liable to UK IHT but you are in the area of double taxation agreements. It is far more likely that they are subject to the French inheritance tax system. This is an area I know nothing about, nor have any desire to learn.
  8. The House of Representatives have just voted down this disastrous bailout bill. Hooray. The bankers must now put their own house in order. Who would support making them return all salaryin excess of £50,000 pa, bonuses etc over the last ten years. Any not paying within seven days to be shot.
  9. If HMRC got access, then they could assess the self-employed on the inflated income they declared on their liar loan application. The taxpayer is then faced with either having to admit he defrauded the building society or to pay the extra tax.
  10. You must have a word with the planning department and building inspector to see how much work conforms to regulations. Will the sparky who did the wiring provide a Part P certificate or give a written quote to complete work properly certificated. Ditto for gas boiler. Try and find out whether any tradesman have not been paid for their work and may try to reposses materials supplied. Are there any disputes with neighbours over extension work. Must check deeds to see if extension work needs approval from original landowner etc. Are they going to remove the acro props prior to completion.
  11. The only plan likely to work, and for which there is past succesful experience, is the Swedish one. See http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/23/business...23krona.html?em If there is $700B available, why cant this be used to fund a new bank (govt owned) which could lend direct to firms etc without involving the existing crooks. The existing banks could then be left to sink.
  12. Probably some form of rising damp. Best to post your problem on www.diydoctor.org.uk. There are some very knowlegeable and helpful people there.
  13. I would distinguish between supporting a bank ( so that financial meltdown does not further damage the general economy) and supporting the banks directors and other overpaid employees. The first condition of financial support should be the dismissal of all the directors, not only without compensation but the obligation to return all bonuses, cash from share options and pension rights. Once this is done, some form of bailout is acceptable to me. By the way, the best method of valuing NR shares would be to renounce nationalisation combined with a compulsory rights issue to provide funding.
  14. The Landlord can ask for HB to be paid direct to him as tenant is not paying the rent. I will find the reference on the dwp site if you need it. Once this is happening, I would asked to be released from the guarantee having paid up the six/seven months rent. Assuming a normal AST, the landlord can obtain possession provided he follows the correct procedure.
  15. We currently have taxes well in excess of 100%. let me give an example:- Let us look at a pensioner who saves an extra £1,000. The Pension Savings Credit falls by 80p for the extra deemed income on capital of £2 (capital of £1,000 divided by tariff of £500). Housing benefit falls by 78p (65% of £2 less 80p) and council tax benefit falls by 24p (20% of £2 less 80p). The extra £1000 saved generates 77p per week (£1,000 @ 4% ÷ 52) but the income is reduced by £1.82 (80p+78p+24p). This gives a marginal tax rate of 236%. Thus the reduction in the after tax and after benefit income is £1.05 per wee
  16. The following is general as I know nothing about this firm. Its running out of cash that kills a company not losses. Try to get hold of a flow of funds statement or even better a cash flow statement. If you are reasonably competent book-keeping wise, you can construct these from last years and this years balance sheets. Transfers to and from reserves as well as directors fees etc can change losses into profits and vice versa. Can you ascertain what expenses are voluntary ( ie could easily be cut back without much effect on the firm), which are fixed and which are variable. Do the usual accou
  17. VAT is a European tax. To remove the exempt categories you would need to change the 6th Directive. There are major practical obstacles to vat'ing financial services. These could be overcome but you would be up against a major lobby. Europe would love us to abolish the zero rate, but it would be electoral suicide for any party to try this. NIC is a tax. I define a tax as any compulsory payment to central or local government. I always used to ask my students for examples of voluntary taxes ( ans the national lottery and IHT). Protection money is an example of a compulsory payment but not to
  18. Let me repeat a post I made on a similar situation Depending on how much aggro you want to create, consider the following. However, it may be better to go quietly, rather than risk the loss of time and money. 1 IMO argue in court that the repossession proceedings are an arbitary seizure of property contrary to the European Convention of Human Rights. In Spadea v Italy 21 EHRR 482, it was held that the laws suspending a tenant eviction order were fair. However the opposite conclusion was reached in Scollo v Italy 22 EHRR 514. Anyone know if the H o L consider these in the Bruton case? 2 If
  19. Have a look at http://www.home-repo.org/. There is some very good info there. Tell the mortgagee that the property was sold on for £64k on date and it is up to them to prove to you that this was not the market value at the time of re-possession. You might even have a counter-claim for the difference between market value and under-value but your sols should advise you on whether this has any reasonable chance of success.
  20. Thanks fopr the links. An excellent analogy. Captain Smith did nothing. He had adequate time to unload all his passengers onto the iceberg ( a bit cold but at least it would not sink) or to make adequate rafts from all the wooden doors, tables and chairs ( he had unlimited labour amongst the passengers). Like Gordon who is only interested in helping out the bankers bonuses, Capt Smith sacrificed the steerage passengers.
  21. Consider the following 1 The Russians and the Germans were allies from 1939 until the start of Operation Barbarosa. They divided up Poland. 2 The RAF was on the point of anhilation until Goering switched the bombing from the airfields to the cities. This switch of policy saved this country. 3 Crete is a good example of what would have most likely happened to an invasion of Britain. The airfield at Maleme was abandonned by the troops left to defend it, thus allowing the Germans to land troops and supplies. The navy withdrew,after the defeat at Sulva Bay. 4 The US was unlikely to have decla
  22. Look at the land registry entry for the name of the borrower. If the LL's post is coming to your property, the chances are that the LL is pretending she is living there as her ppr. There is nothing stopping you asking the LL to confirm in writing that she has a BTL mortgage. This is a justifiable question as the validity of your AST depends on it. IMHO, letting a property with an OO mortgage is obtaining property by deception. Be aware the LL may not take kindly to your request.
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