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  1. And this (IMO) is the problem, there is no viable alternative! Nu Labour reinvented themselves simply to attract the vote, which was and has been a complete sham the Conservatives are well I dunno really what they are? Liberals are as woolley as usual and the rest are clearly lunatic fringe party's! Either way the Nu Labour has left a financial crater and I don't think there is anyone out there capable of picking up the tab and addressing the situation.
  2. In fact it's Allsopp...(best stick to Linux and computer code ehhh???)
  3. I like others have stated will not vote Tory with this petulant parasite representing the party. What on earth were they thinking of, clearly a sign that NEITHER of the main party's have a clue what is going on in the real world. I happen to think our current crop of politicians are especially poor, tory and fudge labour, however I would vote for the party with overwhelming majority to get the current incumbent and socialist lock jaw 'Nazi' out at all cost, but with this child representing the Conservative party I am reticent to give them my vote! I doubt any Tory representative reads this forum but if by chance there is please note, I am sure I am not alone in thinking this bitch needs to be ditched....pronto!
  4. Well done Wad correctly called, and if I may say my TOLD YOU SO post was approx a year ago (I can't be asked to find it I know lazy bla bla) when I said this Labour government was 'back door socialism' at it's very worst. I had a bunch of Nu Labour freaks slate me then for my view, well where are you now you have begun to nationalise the entire banking system via the back door? People fought and died to rid of socialism, just as they did the Nazi's (known as the Nationalist Socialist party), we as always have been duped and stupidly let it infest and impregnate our society!
  5. 'But prepare to become very cynical - on Bloomberg last night they had a banking analyst on who said the stock market had risen because we are reaching the bottom of this banking crisis. I guess they have to say this but I do find their ignorance/lies incredible.' This is good advice, I admit I have become extremely cynical of Government and financial institution since frequenting this site, perhaps it should come with a 'special warning' label when you first open the link?
  6. It's a good sign, Krusty is clearly panicing, imagine a year ago she would have simply laughed this off as a minor blip, now she is seriously rattled and showing her true colours, a complete lack of grace & class. For anyone who actually managed to navigate to this site after he daft bint quoted the incorrect URL, I actually do own a property outright which has gone up in value x3 in the last 10 years! This I recognise to be absurd, inflation of this kind only results in instability, misery for many & BOOM & BUST.
  7. I wonder if these job losses are applicable to the trader's? They normally jump when there is a SM crash, would the layoff's be more applicable to admin/IT type roles prior to any worsening activity which may spread to the trading floors?
  8. Not one for the bitter & twisted or BTL brigade ! Are you Dom in disguise.....
  9. I didn't bother making my house burglar proof when Dom and his dodgy looking sidekick did the 'how to protect your property show.' I just brought myself a great big bat in the hope that the daft bald headed cockney munchkin would thrust his shiney dome through my window in order for me to give the silly little **** a cheery welcolme.......SLAAAAAAP !
  10. No he was PM, and he championed Brown as the 'miracle chancellor' and is a culpable for this mess as anyone. The grinning jug eared slimey chimp should be next to the snot gobbler in the stocks for a day long pelting of the most nauseous fruit and veg, then to be banished to a far away land to wreck their economy just as they have done ours. The only good thing to come form this is the hope that this is the end of Labour for good.
  11. Waited toooooo loooooooong for this not to enjoy it now. Could I show some humility? Yes. Should I conceal my glee? Maybe? Should I not crack up with ribs bursting, tears rolling from eyes at this hapless turd getting annoyed at FP? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. HAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA if your reading this Dominic we all think your a prize *****
  13. He's still carping on about the 10 years inherited from the previous government! He inherited a sound economy, a fiscal dream, he encouraged a credit boom with a ponzi pyramid selling scam for 10 years instead of investing in a sound economic future ie industry, he fritted away billions for the benefit of a few bankers and property barons. "We are the only economy of the major economies that has continued to grow without a major recession in the last 10 years," he added. This guy is seriously deluded he is a danger, the problem is the danger has been running the economy for 10 years and the grinning chimp and arch zealot Blair has to shoulder a major responsibility for this fiasco also.
  14. I can only liken it to being struck on the forehead by a giant turd....
  15. I forgot the most obvious achievement - the nurturing and perfection of spin making Shane Warne look novice and another - the complete breakdown of immigration control (we love that one of course) Heres another of Gordy's 'wrong un's' June 13, 2007 at 2:54 pm · Filed under wages, public sector, statistics, economy, unemployment A new study shows that the “low unemployment” which Gordon’s much heralded “miracle” economy has been built upon, is a mere sleight of hand, and that actually unemployment is much much higher than the government are willing to admit to. Unemployment is almost three times as high as the Government’s official figures a new study has claimed. A report by Sheffield Hallam University said 1.7 million “hidden jobless” should be added. In particular, the report said that at least one million of the 2.7 million people on incapacity benefit should be classified as unemployed. However, official unemployment has fallen by 15,000 to 1.68 million in the same period. The claimant count has fallen for eight months in a row, the longest continual reduction since the summer of 2003. The claimant count, which covers people eligible for jobseeker’s allowance, fell by 9,300 in May to 880,400, the tenth time the figure has fallen in the past 11 months. The claimant count has fallen for eight months in a row, the longest continual reduction since a run of 20 consecutive monthly reductions which started in the summer of 2003. But the figures were overshadowed by a big increase in the number of people classed as economically inactive, which includes students, those looking after a relative, workers who have taken early retirement or given up looking for a job. The figure increased by 77,000 in the latest quarter to 7.95 million, the highest figure since comparable records began in 1971. The number of jobs in manufacturing firms also fell to a record low of 2.96 million after a fall of 49,000 in the latest three months compared with a year ago. Today’s data from the Office for National Statistics also showed that the number of people in work fell by 10,000 in the quarter to April to just over 29 million. The claimant count is now at its lowest total since September 2005 and is down by 71,500 on the year. Average earnings increased by 4 per cent in the year to April, down by 0.4 per cent from the previous month. Excluding bonuses, the figure was unchanged at 3.6 per cent. Wage growth was 4.2 per cent in private firms, down by 0.6 per cent on the previous month, compared with an unchanged figure of 3.1 per cent in the public sector. There were 638,000 job vacancies in the three months to May, up by 21,700 from the previous quarter. There were 2,000 days lost through industrial disputes in April, the lowest monthly total since January 2005. The UK still has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe at 5.4 per cent, but the figure has increased by 0.2 per cent in the past year compared with an average European Union fall of 0.9 per cent. Jim Murphy, Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform, welcomed today’s figures, saying: “Since 1997 the numbers on jobseeker’s allowance, incapacity and lone parents benefits have fallen by over 900,000 and they continue to fall. Today’s figures show that the number on jobseeker’s allowance has now fallen for 10 out of the last 11 months. “Our welfare reforms, combined with a strong economy, are helping more people to come off benefits and look for work - but we are determined to go further still, and to break for good the cycle of poverty and dependency.” Meanwhile the bond markets are making things uncomfortable for Gordon’s coronation, with long term interest rates rising by about 0.50% in the last week alone. The market is doing the MPC’s job for them and there’s nothing Gordon can do about it.
  16. His successful ethos of getting insides his Client's minds to extrapolate their exact requirements sounds more like a a sex pest!
  17. Gordon Clown's list of achievements:- * Inflating enormous debt bubble * Destroying pension schemes * Massive PFI off-balance-sheet debts * Massively increasing tax burden through fiscal drag * Selling Gold reserves just before Gold tripled in value * Creating the biggest trade defecit in 10 years * Pricing hundreds of thousands of people out of owning their own home * Nose picking
  18. I'm putting my 98 VW golf diesel up for sale at 500k. I hoovered the carpets and polished it and am utterly convinced it will sell at the price or near as damn it, there are so many stupid *****s out there I don't see how I can fail?
  19. Thanks for the tip A.Steve, alas I already have holiday plans so shall have to give Kirkcaldy a miss this year
  20. Public general enquiries [email protected] Public statistical enquiries See Public statistical and Interactive Database enquiries Journalist/Media enquiries [email protected] Access problems and feedback [email protected] (for CCBS event applications and password enquiries contact [email protected]) Fraudulent Emails, Identity Theft and Financial Fraud The BoE's new remit!
  21. errrrr....they are , and the working mans socialist Gordon Brown was the chief architect of this mess
  22. This is precisely the scenario I envisage, I fear we have gone too long without pulling the banks reigns a recession should have happened in 2001 the more we put this off the worse the potential consequences become and now I fear there is no way out, depression is looking inevitable sooner or later.
  23. Banking in it's corrupt, greed driven, self obsessed manner has created this mess, the Government is as corrupt to deregulate but give bankers a free reign and their own greed will destroy all manner of systems.
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