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  1. What preceded the last 3-6 months is what was WRONG. Developers and investors are going to get smoked, period!
  2. Where is Cleetus van damme, he was the champion of 'London is immune' ? He must be regretting that purchase the year before like mad, amazing how many mugs fell for the VI spin of krusty and our trusting caring bankers!
  3. It's rather early in this game to be making assumptions of when one should have brought and comparing prices to 2003. Your assuming property prices will fall a mere 30% for starters, I think it will be more like 50%, will you still say then people should have purchased property in 2003?
  4. All driven by the same greed infested people who caused the mess in the first place. Stands to reason, drop the shares down to an all time low then at the slightest prospects of reinvigorated profits (slashing jobs ) they all pile in (sucking in mug investor at the same time). Shortly all change again as reality strikes and the big boys sell off the gains made for a few mill here and there leaving everyone else to carry the rusty can. Theres a looong way to go with this credit crunch IMO, do not get suckered into false rally, as in 2000 they are not going to last, housing it's associates and these satelite BTL banks are truly shafted.
  5. Cleetus, originally a bear who was I think convinced, paniced, submitted into the bullsh*t that was never ending HPI who then came on here trying to justify and convince himself (to the worst bunch of slobering p*ss taking hyena's on the WWW) that he had made a sound call and that whatever occurred London was a fort of economic stability and competence. I don't think we shall be seeing Cleetus again on this forum unless he had a name/sex change?
  6. Brought a mountain bike the other day as I am fortunate enough to be able to ride 5 miles X country to work. I visited 2 shops both were heaving which made me think either people are buying due to petrol crisis or there is no pending recession? Decided it was not due to the latter!
  7. What do you call an 'Indian' transvestite attacked by washing line accessories and seeking legal redress? Peggy-Sioux
  8. This is what I was thinking? How many people would he end up having to sue, and what grounds has he to sue as surely the telegraph (for example) would be reporting a fact (a rare event in itself) and not implying or suggesting anything contrary to the truth if the reported article is indeed fact? Could be a fest of sueing and sueing for the sake of sueing?
  9. Wise up....of course he cannot 'bail out the housing market' he is referring to a minimal fund to buy up housing for social purpose, he has then used this as a political tool to make it sound like he is trying to assist a market that is FUBAR. The banks are running this show the housing market is the fall guy, Gordon is simply sitting on this train which is on a one way trip to oblivion he has no power to stop this what so ever, the guy is a liability to himself and the country and should be removed and dumped in the channel forthwith!
  10. Number of 1st time buyers holding up, some recent home buyer who bought at the peak 'no regrets at least I am on the housing ladder now' even though plunged into NE with no clarity of future stability. 1/ So if report is correct & 1st time buyers are holding up, why did the question did not arise....'who was buying this over inflated property/mortgages when at their peak'? (We know though don't we, MEW, BTL, SPIV's) 2/ Sheeple are in for the mother of all shocks, the generic economic problems that are rife on a global scale still do not seem appreciated/recognised, which means they are either burying their heads in the sand, complacent of such matters, or completely stupid?
  11. Theres always huge lag in these figures, and an even bigger lag in the media bull digested by masses. We are well into a large economic correction huge shock ahead for many I am afraid.
  12. No 'shaven havens' in those days either Kurt, simply a great big hairy untrimmed muff to pile into.....
  13. 'Then in February last year she married taxi driver Mark Croft at Gretna Green, and in the past two years is reported to have given Mark a Ferrari, two BMW's, two Range Rovers, a Lamborghini, four Porsches, two Aston Martins , an Audi and two superbikes worth an estimated £1.5m' Surely one of the latest range of Austin 4x4 fairway would have been more appropriate?
  14. To be honest I completely agree with most of what you say, and maybe it was a bit harsh to quote 'honesty and integrity' The FSA/treasury/BOE between them have done about as much as a 'Mugabe cabinet in a crisis' to assist in steering the ship away from the rocks and I too share the view that Mr King was all too easily made to look the sole bearer of guilt whilst watching the broadcast. However...I do feel as a highly skilled and intelligent man his professional purpose would have prevailed over the political field and he should and could have been more outspoken earlier, to me I believe Mr King to be way ahead of the game and he must have seen what was coming? Yes he may have been left on the scrap heap politically, yes someone far less capable may have taken over but we seem to be caught up in a generic world of spin with no straight talkers which I find quite depressing. Have a good day.
  15. 'Mervyn certainly does have a clue - my impression is of a man who has an encyclopaedic economic knowledge and, I think, is remarkably intellectually capable too. He is forced to play at politics - and that involves not making unnecessary statements outside your remit' I don't doubt that but as with all political figures whether in finance or other field's, I doubt his integrity and honesty.
  16. Now now no need to be like that! Mr King explained that inflation had reached 3% before and they had brought it 'back under control to 2%' and that 'the BOE shall do so again' The BOE chairman said that 'it didn't matter what happened to inflation in the short term it was what happened long term and their ability to control it' however I did not view this coming away with any assurance what time scales we were talking about here? King got a grilling from one of the committee members who clearly shared the scepticism 'sometimes' known to prevail on the HPC forum!
  17. On bloomburg this morning Merv King admits inflation will likely be over 4% by year end and plenty of discussion on the falling housing market (not that they had a clue) ie 'unknown correction levels' Lovely....ohhhhh what a difference a year makes!
  18. I don't think it is. Remember the government have promised ANOTHER 50 BILLION if (or rather when) required. Now lets asses this from layman's perspective. Alistair darlings mole, has a car I would like to buy....(it's a bit of a rotter) hence I offer him £500. However.....having the business and financial acumen of Gordon Hamish Brown I then say to Mr Mole....if you do not accept £500 and feel the car is worth more I shall up the bid by another £500, prior to response from Mr Mole in regards to my initial offer. This is essentially what the government have promised the banks, of course they are not going to lower the mortgage rates they are going to cry to the BoE and will not pass go until they have collected ANOTHER 50 BILLION pounds of yours and my taxes. The country is being run by a mentally retarded Nu Labour socialist, we shall all shoulder the debt, the main weapon you have now is to get out of sterling get a run going on the banks & stick 2 fingers up to Brown & the financial crooks in the City of London, good luck one and all we are going to need it with this numbskull at the helm.
  19. The media are always minimum 6-12 months behind the curve (hence can pretty much guarantee ineptitude), they were ramping tech stocks after the initial Y2k crash, they ramped property during the last housing bust, this is nothing new, as for pride I have to question what pride the media posses?
  20. Still batting for the up hill gardener then Pat, you could say the same about dear old Gordy of course but then I suspect he may have a shorter shelf life than old Krusty
  21. And now try and post some thing sensible.....and be glad I was the second!
  22. The Conservative Party the main opposition seem to value her ludicrous opinions though?
  23. At the end of the last series I remember the appalling 'Simon' who won the contest was actually employed as 'the apprentice' to work on Sugars property investments. Fact is if he is nuts deep in property he is likely to lose them.....shame cos I can't stand the over bearing *****
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