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  1. Which would explain why so many people were stuck in rabbit dwellings at the time of the last HPC and the divorce rate shot through the roof....(not mine variety is the spice of life an all that)
  2. Not one person wanted to discuss that though. Not my fault! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wonder why that is........????
  3. errrrrr.....doesn,t that mean the subject of your thread is rather irrelevant??? Or are you simply provoking reaction from the masses?
  4. Thanks....left peg as well I hope you noticed Best leave the rest to the LFC site and continue the HPC debate here though. Hasta leugo
  5. I am fortunate as I own property, however do not see how current prices can do anything other than cripple FTB,s with debt only adding to the ludicrous 1.1 trillion debt mountain which appears to have escaped the minds of many! I have further cash waiting for one of 2 scenarios..... 1/ HPC (and hopefully I shall buy again at lowest or near as lowest prices) 2/ No HPC and I will buy abroad. Either way I am amazed that people can sleep at night paying 200k for a 2 bed flat, it strikes me as madness where is the money coming from to fund (even with a healthy 50k deposit) 150k of debt for a FTB? What if the economy goes really horribly wrong (check out latest manufacturing figures)??? Its unfair on these people as they could be saddled with major future problems IMO the situation is going to go one way.......tech bubble 2000 !
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