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  1. Good shout on Ford how much debt do they carry these days? http://uk.reuters.com/article/marketsNewsU...760738720080317
  2. You summed up my feeling's perfectly (thanks) Did you also note the make up artist had clearly tried to do their best, Gordy's barnet was manicured (plastered) closely to his head, though they clearly have not managed to protract a fluid ease during public speaking his smile resembles more of a grimace! That aside the content was lacking and vomit inducing, l I felt I was watching Ricky Gervais in an episode of 'the office' it was cringe material. The BBC, what are they on? I like their web site & to be fair they do have public opinion blog's on most topics where most can air their views, but these never seem to be aired to a wider TV audience, for example the majority of blog spots I observe appear to be most negative towards Brown and Nu Labour which was not reflected by the Brown Broadcasting Corperation last night? Very average speech, very poor reporting.
  3. I was thinking about the applause, watch the row's near the front you always get the brain washed demented clapping and gawping like deranged seals on crack. I always liken them to some of the 'dawn of the dead' characters they have that same ashen void look about them! *****s!
  4. Did he mention 'NO MORE BOOM AND BUST' by any chance???
  5. The issue is the 'other market source' is the tax payer. Therefore the tax payer is now responsible for the burden of debt accumulated by greedy self indulgent bankers, mis-managed and directed by an incompetent bunch of half wits known as Nu-Labour. Are you happy about that?
  6. 'Mr Darling said the government would be "disciplined" in its attitude to the public finances and would have "to live within its means". ' Do you think they actually believe what they say or do you think they assume the majority of the populace are as thick as shit? It's so easy to argue the above point apart with reference of prior economic imprudence this statement is beyond logical comprehension?
  7. Does this indicate that Angela Merkel has got her facts slightly wrong, or is our PM very dangerously deluded and totally incapable of telling the truth?
  8. I can't quite fathom how this can really affect one though? If you don't want to travel with 'chav scum' then simply book alternative travel, ie BA? You will generally find the more expensive the flight the less chav element present and as this is clearly a major issue for you I suggest this is the way forward? Lets face it your going to be paying a whole lot more for air tickets in future if your 'eutopia' becomes a reality so you might as well get used to travel inflation now?
  9. This and most of what you have previously quoted is obvious. What is not obvious is your motive for not recognising government have a moral and economic duty to ensure that credit and debt is not allowed to get out of control as is the case currently. Bankers cannot be trusted with such morality or common sense due to the very nature of the business they are in and the inherent greed within the system, this greed inevitably spills into the private sector, keeping up with the Jone's, desire to better ones self, assurances housing can go one way and one way is up, easy money, blinds people into making crass decisions that would not normally cross ones mind. After all if it's good for bankers why not good for the public? Therefore this particular responsibility lies with the regulators and not specifically with Joe Public as you seem to imply, without some governance in this department we are left with the horrendous possibilities of depression therefore government and financial regulators are as guilty as the public in this ponzi scam.
  10. Spot on, I do wonder why so many seem to give King a thumbs up, King is as guilty as any for standing back and 'following orders' he should have cried foul in 2004/05. No matter how intelligent King is his credibility is shot to bits. I would be very suprised if he resigns over Browns latest insane plan(s) or shows any tendancy to do the honourable thing, he knew the impact cheap credit would have on the UK and he knows the deciept and lies spun to conceal debt, as chairman of the BoE he is as you rightly say fully complicit to this fraud.
  11. Amazing how she now turns against the very person she has gushed and fornicated over in previous pieces? How is it she never saw the damage this imposter was doing before the 'bleedin obvious' became reality? Piss poor journalist, piss poor paper.
  12. You would probably one of those people who chose to stay then Republican White House hopeful Senator McCain and governor Palin are set to meet Mississippi governor Haley Barbour at the state's Hurricane Command Centre in Jackson. Gustav, packing winds of 150 mph is on course to slam into the US Gulf Coast near New Orleans. It will hit almost exactly three years to the day after Hurricane Katrina obliterated whole areas of the city, leaving 1,800 people dead across the region. New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin has ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city, saying Gustav was "the mother of all storms". "We want everybody... we want 100% evacuation. If you decide to stay, you are on your own," he warned. "This storm is so powerful and growing more powerful every day that I'm not sure we've seen anything like it."
  13. So Degsy the lefty socialist morphes into a capitalist pwoderdy developer? No suprise there then, this is the epitimy of socialism, a hypocritical work shy bull shitter who fools the hard of thinking into believing he helps the working class becomes a capitalist land lord, thus enhancing all the virtues of capitalism Thatcher preached!
  14. You will never see a socialist accept responsibility for the mess they generate, it's always someone else's fault. I would take Thatcher and her mindset over socialist work shy unions and the rabble we have in charge now any day.
  15. 'basically because I don't break the limits - I wouln't claim I've never inadvertantly exceeded a limit during those 30 years but I don't make a habit of it.' We should rename this thread 'the contradiction thread' If anyone here is saying they NEVER break the speed limit then I would go as far as to say they are talking out of their backside (respectfully of course)
  16. Which is completely irrelevant because it's not necessarily the speeding that is dangerous it's the speeding location and driving style that is. The fact is this is not an enforcement of safety by the government it is simply a way to raise funds easily, the motorist is an easy target. Day in day out I see BMW & 4x4 (as an example) flouting safety and speeding rules, the ignorance and complacency of the driver an infuriating sight, but our silly government erects stealth speed traps and encourages the Police to conduct the same procedures. Clearly this is purely about money nothing to do with safety and yet again the general public suffers at the hands of Stalin, how the stupid British public have been conned.
  17. I am hoping this is the end of the Labour movement for good, their reign of socialism has reeked of corruption, lies and failure. How can one party create such incompetence in an economy, its beyond comprehension?
  18. So.....they have done nothing for more than a decade to discourage a huge property boom and subsequent 'vibrant economy' (paid for by credit) and now it's okay to look like they are able to give us some kind of artificial lifeline by pumping £90 billion to aid an over indulged, self serving, unscrupulous institution known as banking? 1/ Why I ask when it was 'bleedin obvious' to anyone with a slight inkling of common sense did they sit on their hands for all this time when they COULD and SHOULD have done something to safe guard the financial security of the country? 2/ Why should anyone trust these useless *****s after making so many basic mistakes with a single stinking penny more of public or private finance, letting these clowns loose with £90 billion would IMO be the biggest case of stupidity since voting for the stupid pricks in the first place.
  19. I think the government would love reignite HPI, brown has publicly admitted as much 'getting on with the job, getting the housing market moving' (caveat to this he didn't say up ot down?). However that aside as HPI has been the fundamental source of 'the miracle economy' it has to be assumed that Nu Labour are completely bereft of any other ideas of how to stimulate the economy therefore I am of he opinion that this delusional fiasco of an idea is simply another continuation of ignoring the inevitable recession that should have been left to occur post 9/11. The absurd actions post 9/11 have left us with a deadly hangover than a mere headache another £90 billion down the drain and I fear there may be nothing left to salvage, you clearly have more faith than I.
  20. And it's frightening to see our clown of a PM making similar comments (£90 billion injection)!
  21. 'Should last them until 9:15 on monday morning' http://money.cnn.com/2008/07/11/news/econo...sion=2008071209 NEW YORK (Fortune) -- They own or guarantee $5 trillion worth of mortgages­ - nearly half of all the country's outstanding home loan debt-and they're crashing. Big time. What a waste of $15 billion, but hey whats $15 billion when you have been squandering trillions for the past decade? I fear this is all way out of anyones control now, and no one knows quite what to do?
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