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  1. I missed the news piece, in the words of Kimi Raikkonen 'I went to take a dump' Must be off now see y'all later have a good day
  2. Are you a mentalist? House prices are doomed for another 2 years IMO, get a grip man!
  3. It was a news flash the news flash referred to docklands flats in London. The main piece shall be up soon, one shall update once the full story has been covered
  4. On BBC 24 hour news now! These baby's are going down faster than the FTSE get out piggies the trough is empty SELL SELL SELL!
  5. Done....c'mon guys get voting with your feet, stamp on this obnoxious, lying, arrogant, vile, jug eared **** !
  6. 'copydude' has summed up the siuation in the UK nicely I have ot agree with those comments. Aside from the UK, HPI was a global boom, look at the US. You are not going to get Freddie & Fannie part 2 for a few years, maybe decade? I simply cannot see another Northern Rock style bank suddenly taking up the reigns of liar loans and cheap mortgages, there is too much toxic debt out there and the consumer is going to be weighed down in a mire of tax burdens, it just ain't gonna happen over night.
  7. Your choice and good luck, I personally don't believe it will be back and am having nothing to do with any insane ponzi scheme even if it does?
  8. Grills...I don't believe this is going to kick off like it did, look at the reaction of the banks (thanks to intersate..blabla)! Don't join in the suckers there is no sudden quick fix. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=90802
  9. Newbie's thread encapsulates all that is wrong about us having to buy this turkey! http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=90411 Cheers Newbie
  10. That's a fair point but look, in Politics you get mavericks who disagree and speak out politicians who give the general public some food for thought (ie Heseltine over Westland), you would think there was at least one who would be pushing hard to see the numbers and query it surely? It's all been too easy for my liking Labour and finance go together like Paul Gadd in a creche, sorry I know thats crude but it's fact and a very very scary one!
  11. I am disgusted with the Tory's and shall write to my MP saying so. Cameron today was pathetic, lightweight, Brown even smirked when he mentioned fat cat bonuses, the sheer arrogance of this man is beyond my comprehension! It's extremely depressing to see such an odious repulsive pig representing this nation, and the one prior to that wasn't any better either, my only sliver of comfort is that the mugs who voted them in are gonna get it both barrels now up the wrong un, Nu Labour....visiting your colon soon!
  12. Enter the eternally gullible....are you serious??? The mess these fools have made over the past decade and you are trusting their judgment on this staggering bailout? How has this figure of 50 billion come about, why 50 billion, why not 25, 35, 75???? Wheres the Math? To remind you of Browns dismal record so far... # Inflating enormous debt bubble # Destroying pension schemes # Massive PFI off-balance-sheet debts # Massively increasing tax burden through fiscal drag # Selling Gold reserves just before Gold tripled in value # Creating the biggest trade defecit in 10 years # Pricing hundreds of thousands of people out of owning their own home # Nose picking A huge abyss of fiscal aptitude & common sense, and you trust this **** without even questioning the wisdom? Madness the country's truly lost the plot!
  13. Shadow chancellor 'there shouldn't be rewards for failure' (bankers bonuses) Browns reaction sits and smirks! SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP! :angry:
  14. Thanks for calming me, prevented my fists from taking a severe beating taking on brick walls
  15. Yeah sorry....over excited....interest rates cut 0.5% now 4.5% Browns waffling away he looks like he's had a few sleepless ones !
  16. Unbelievable! The guy looks like a train wreck FFS when is this country going to wake up?? Jeeessss I give up! :angry:
  17. Sorry Steve I am at home watching sky news......INTEREST RATE CUT TO 0.5% just out!
  18. I'm watching live wish I was there ........ 'Mr Sub-Prime minister there are 5 words I would like you to comment on and clarify their meaning to the house NO MORE BOOM AND BUST' ?
  19. I concur with your views 100% ! My loathing for this repulsive **** has reached new heights. How can he sit through this without even the slightest hint of embaressment at the mess and destruction he has helped cause, there is no shame, no honesty, no morals to this man. God forbid the UK public are stupid enough to believe in this mentally imbalanced parasite, and chide the opposition for not having the wisdom, gumption or intelligence for deriding this man for what he is, a charlatan and traitor to this once fine country of ours.
  20. This is true, however I am sure almost everyone appreciates the marvellous work these people do and has empathy for those in need (yes even bankers)! These are tense times and a little light humor (or dark) is certainly a trait of people in the UK don't judge it too harshly, it may be all we have left if things continue at this pace
  21. Well I wasn't expecting a serious reply with you lot but really...
  22. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7644008.stm www.samaritans.org/volunteer God bless em!
  23. Agree with other posters here I have funds in Abbey and thats where they are staying, I also read that Santander were not so exposed to this madness (please correct me if there is any conflicting news out there)? I also have concerns at investing in the 'New Socialist Rock' bank, after all if he can thieve your pension, what can he do to your savings?
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