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  1. I liked Thatcher, of course not perfect but I admired her spunk. (LOL) I dislike Gordon Brown, but not as much as Tony Blair, clearly one of David Icke's reptiles from another planet IMO. But in answer to your comment, Brown really cemmented his own legend with the totally awesome 'no more boom & bust' quote, and numerous claims from Nu Liebour of being the genuis behind the 'miracle' economy. His real genius was in fact dumming down a gullible & greedy electorate who could see no further than the next years inevitable 10-20% rise in house prices. Never in the field of human deception have so many lies been succesfully sold to so many by so few.
  2. I would think they are hardly going to openly propose banking regulation that could impact a specific economy at a EU summit, are they? The current proposals from the summit appear to address future budgetary rules and checks as you say, but I cannot see enough concrete substance from the summit to attempt to address the current Euro crisis, to me it appeared more to be about gaining political favour? Reality is Europe has crippled itself, the real action is going on else where in the world. Mr Lyons said there would be a "two-speed world where a fragile West contrasts with a resilient East." http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/press-association/news-detail.html?newsId=N0399091323672595963A&packageId=N0401081323681150429A〈=en
  3. This one could be the biggie for Gordenron, the 'host' of liar loan! http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_3200718.html http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Business/...Paul_Moore_Says Still nowhere near the pages of the BBC, how does that work? Like a SA rugby referee, sees no evil hears no evil speaks no evil unless wearing a white shirt?
  4. In that case good luck. Now, feast your eyes on this link, at least you are here to get an alternative opinion and then you can make your mind up... http://uk.reuters.com/article/domesticNews...E51904S20090210
  5. Your not seeing the real issue here, the real issue is the economy.....there isn't one! Go ahead, buy but don't come on here crying when your net asset plummets 25 - 30%
  6. Another example, I know someone who works for RBS (go on snigger then..), and half the staff in the office have just recently been told they are going. Many of these are people working in new business, now if there is such scope for new business and such pent up demand waiting to be unleashed why are all these people being given the chop? Answer: there is NO NEW BUSINESS and that means mortgages!
  7. Heres whats REALLY happening in the market... One in five of the people where I work are waiting to find out when they are going to be made redundant. THAT is what is going on in the market throughout the UK, WHEN is it going to sink in to your head that people ARE NOT going to be buying bloody houses with no confidence in their future, and no means to pay for them? Thats reality not some smoked up pipe dream you seem to have your head stuck in.
  8. Muhahahaha...thats funny, I can't believe these desperado's seriously think the economic picture is gonna change and suddenly there will be rampant HPI once again! People are going to lose jobs en mass it's only just begun, estate agents, pwoberdy developers, builders, bankers....all screwed!
  9. It's not going to get any better for you over the course of the next 6 months, your new friends will soon vanish back into the pond they crawled out of and you will be left on your on again.
  10. No wonder the global finances are in such a mess with people like this pissing their personal finance up the wall, $1.5 would set me up for life happily without all that bull and nonsense that seems to prevail in a nasty little bankers world.
  11. Even the pro-property porn BBC have woken up and smelt the coffee! This has a long way to go yet this year is going to be an absolute shocker, bottom of the housing market will not be seen for another year and half to years at least, and it's going to take a decade prior to any kind of recovery. The average price of UK homes rose by 1.9% in January from December's figure, according to the Halifax. However it warned that one month's figures did not indicate an end to the downward trend in prices, which it says have dropped 17.2% in the past year. The average house price has now reached £163,966, according to the Halifax. Last week, a survey by Nationwide suggested house prices fell by 1.3% in January, and they said job worries were putting off people buying homes.
  12. Look at the history of the Labour party and explain the last succesful economic model employed by the Labour party (not including the shambolic management of the current one nicked of a flawed Tory government as they did not have the capacity to create their own model)? Your comment below discredits you.
  13. This is so far off it's untrue. Anyone who comes in now, is going to have to make some seriously unpopular decisions and the pathetic greed of the British public is not going to like it. The New Labour chav vote will be very hard hit. The thought of having to work for a living and not getting free subsidies is going to make them revert to type and bay for a socialist gravy train. I fear the UK is beyond help, fashioned in general by a public which is simply too lazy and idle to want anything other than the easy life, no government can rescue this ship now it's been allowed to sink too far under and the correction is going to take a massive effort by ALL, something which I fear we are incapable of doing any longer.
  14. It's not Cameron, simply anyone with half an ounce of common sense. Basically querying 1/ How effective is this? 2/ Who's paying for this long term? Do yo seriously think the tax payer is not picking up the tab, along with the bill for the banking crisis, car makers etc etc...??? If you think your getting a tax cut you want to try taking the blinkers off cos your about to get royally screwed like the rest of us in the UK by Ponzi Brown and his back stabbing 2 faced cohorts.
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