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  1. Not hit by the credit crunch as yet, pay rises have been well above inflation thanks to the Olympics and a promotion. Certainly trying to save a bit more, and rather than investing it, we are just holding on to it. We do have to remortgage in Feb next year, it will cost us an additional 250 per month. We'll cover that no problem, but would rather it be paid off the capital than on increased interest. Jobs are stable for now. All in all, the credit crunch has been ok, discounted holidays, cheap clothing etc seem to balance out the daily increases.
  2. Do you think it would ever return to those sorts of numbers. It would be great if it did, but wouldn't those people on lets say 60-70k buy up those 80k properties as an investment. It would make sense seeing as though the market would have been deemed to be at the bottom. I only say this as my partner and I are fortunate enough to earn over a 100k, as such we would seriously consider buying one or two properties if we could get them for 80k each Just some thoughts, I just wonder how long before your investor comes back into the market, as at some point in the future the mortgage and rental income will tie up. (Assumes no major interest change) * Awaitings bashing *
  3. Yes that is true, but the Original post was refering to a small town and as such the rents are probably low. Electricity in the scheme of things will cost, no more than £200 a month- big deal Who says a company puts the boards up? Maybe they do it themselves Advertising on websites, will equate to next to nothing, plus it is the owner who would pay for this directly. You could say that rightmove is an agency run entirely on the internet?? Give it 6-12 months and you'll see some closures I'd say. You also need to consider that, even if prices drop, EA will still get a cut, just not as much
  4. As any normal business would do, you dont just close because times are getting tough or you've had a bad few months. I would guess that to run an EA, you dont need much in the way of working capital so you costs are quite low anyway. With the amount of money they've probably made over the last few years, I'd say they could go with out for a while...?? Maybe this time next year will be different
  5. It would be interesting to see what the level of sales is at the moment. How many people have taken there property's off the market?
  6. If it is fiddled so much, why do you actually care what it says?
  7. Ah the news gets better, so in 8 months time, I'll probably be about even in equity and paying even more for my mortgage. OH well, I guess you win some lose some, with a loss firmly happening here. Silver lining _ I guess any upgrade will be cheaper in the long run
  8. going to be so much fun fiance remortgaging at the end of the year. Given that I am on at 1.5% discounted Variable now,. I'd say our payments will go up from 1100 odd to 1350 at the least. We are lucky that we can afford the payment increase with out to much issue, I'd hate to see what the average person would be like though
  9. It was a genuine, non trolling question and thank you for asking it. Just taking it at face value.
  10. I dont know what the average prices are like up that way, but if you could get each on for a 100k, you might be able to sell each one on its own for say 125k on average, 13 x 25k = 325k gross which is not bad. How would stamp duty fare on a sale like that? Individual or lump sum?
  11. Not a very smart move to out price the locals is it? Some of the modeling they must have done on the demographics leaves a lot to be desired
  12. The majority of housing in this country is dated. It has no imagination what so ever, particular the new builds which are designed in general to look old
  13. Perhaps people dont need to sell, loans of up to a 120k arent exactly high
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