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  1. southantrim3

    The "irish House Hunter" Report Sweepstake

    Any idea when the results are going to be posted? I'm aiming for 456.
  2. southantrim3

    Is The "crash" Over?

    I tend to agree with most people on the forum. This may just be a slight delay in the crash getting underway. As others have refered to, just wait until the interest rates start to increase. People who currently have mortgages of £150k plus (with average NI salaries) will no longer be able to afford the monthly repayments which means they are going to have to put the house up for sale. This in turn will create an oversupply of houses as I think there could be a number of people in this position. This in turn will mean house prices will drop. Feel free to refer back to this post in 18-24 months.
  3. southantrim3

    The "irish House Hunter" Report Sweepstake

    Congratulations Vespasian. As the results aren't up yet, I'm going for 475. Think it might be a wee bit higher as we're getting into the Spring time. A period when traditionally there are a few more properties on the market.
  4. southantrim3

    Ni Bill Of Rights

    I hate filling those things in, so wont be. Enough companies have my details as it is without adding anymore.
  5. southantrim3

    If Stormont Collapses

    Us civil servants wont get our back pay which will mean the economy will not get the boost it so desperately needs as we wont have all your tax money to spend....
  6. southantrim3

    Whats Going To Happen To Property Prices In 2010

    I've said this before but I feel I have to say it again. Just wait until the Bank of England base rate starts to rise again. I can imagine that the banks are also going to increase their interest rates at the same time (and wait until you see how quickly they pass on the rises, no dilly dallying like they did when the decreases eventually came through!) This will in turn, obviosuly, increase monthly repayments and we'll have another crash (in my opinion of course.) Feel free to comment.
  7. southantrim3

    Whats Going To Happen To Property Prices In 2010

    Also guys, remember that the stamp duty as of the start of the year is down from £175k to £125k.
  8. southantrim3

    Loopland Area East Belfast

    I've looked at Loopland a few times but still prefer being out in Newtownabbey when you get a wee bit more for you're money with being out of town. It seems to be reasonable from what I've looked at although the house prices seem to be all over the place with the semis going from £200k down to £150k and a similar variation in the terraces of £180 down to just over £120kish. Might be worth waiting to see if it stabilises a bit more. Just don't pay over the odds would be the advice.
  9. southantrim3

    The "irish House Hunter" Report Sweepstake

    Numbers are getting lower - winter is here. Gonna go for 111 this time round.
  10. southantrim3

    Never Thought I Would See The Day

    & the interest rates rise??
  11. southantrim3

    140K For A Belfast Semi? Should I Jump?

    Also remember that the interest rates are currently at an historically low rate. Granted they maybe this low for another year or so but after that, well if the base rate goes back up to 5-6% or more, will your finances be able to cope??
  12. southantrim3

    The "irish House Hunter" Report Sweepstake

    There's a shame:( - I enjoyed looking through all the price drops. Ah well, good luck to the guys who ran it. I bet you had a huge number of hits!
  13. southantrim3

    The "irish House Hunter" Report Sweepstake

    Yea, no results for any of the websites. The start of the weeks bad enough, the house price drops just make it that wee bit better. Come on guys.... (please.)
  14. southantrim3

    Still A Lot Of Denial Out There

    Bring the interest rates up by a few %, go on - then we'll see what happens!
  15. southantrim3

    The "irish House Hunter" Report Sweepstake

    Glad to see they got it back up and running . I'm going for 363 this week.

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