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  1. Public sector pensions may not be the main cause of the UK’s deficit, the fireman’s pension scheme is however the force destroying the fire service. It is unaffordable; it has remained so because of the stance taken by the FBU and the lack of backbone shown in negotiations by management and government. The slice taken out of every local authority fire service budget to finance the pension of retired personal and their wife’s ( On the death of a retired fireman the full pension is the paid to the wife for life) has left such shortfall that stations have been shut and manning of the remaining s
  2. I have known business friends who putting their social conscience hat on have employed the long term benefits enthusiast that has been forced to work, they have soon removed said hat after the first week. They don’t turn up on time and never turn up on Monday morning. If they don’t take normal employment when offered, regardless of wage to benefit calculations, work should be forced upon them, I am grateful that companies are prepared to take them on at any cost. I have seen, as have people reading this must have, the year out of work chap, never able to get out of bed before midday again a
  3. Not all shops offer a bad service, been looking for a new Rolex sub for weeks not one to be had in the southeast, my local retailer located 3 at its branch in Wales, following day they phoned me to pick one up. The other two had gone before I arrived to collect mine, some 2 hours latter. Talking to the manager, gold jewellery sales are dead; people are buying high end watches and diamonds for safety deposit storage. The female underwear shop nearby recently in administration now brought out by a middle east company is about to close 100 of its 160 stores, I bet most of that 60 are in the so
  4. http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/athome/microsoft-money.aspx All I can suggest is microsoft money which is now supplied free by microsoft at the link above its the uk version by the way.
  5. We are complaining because we have to pay for it. Stop final salary pensions and invest the pension contributions as everybody else has to. It’s the Tax paying public that have had enough; the government are at last reflecting that fact with policy.
  6. If you want to buy contact the owners/mortgage company direct. I had the same problem 20 years ago – viewed a repossessed property made a cash offer whilst viewing, turned down on the spot. As I was leaving picked up a letter from the mortgage company off the doorstep, made the same offer to them, they accepted.
  7. I made enquires about the pension with the department of the local authority providing the fireman’s pension we discussed its future given the expected financial storm to come, his comment to me – “We will just have to put up council tax then.” Every un invested final salary pension provided by government relies not upon the employee but the Tax payer, they are not and never will be sustainable.
  8. Final salary pension £30,000 plus per year salary whole time retained shift system
  9. A old friend of mine a fireman bottom rank structure / pay scale who retied 4 years ago after 30 years service ask me for advice on investments of lump sum etc. He was worried that he may not have enough to survive without working again. Pension consisted of £90,000 lump sum and £14,000 per year index linked for the rest of his days; after he died his wife would receive £14,000 per year index linked until she died. The fire service pension is a local government pension; contributions are not invested pension payments to the retired individual come direct out of the county fire service yearl
  10. Last week I was talking to the owner of a local pound shop when a young girl came in asking for a job – she was so nervous and to tell her no job was available hurt, we both congratulated her on her efforts and wished her the best. He went on to explain to me business was bad, profits very low, cause week pound – selling Chinese made goods. Today the pound shop was not open; its shelves empty – the bailiffs were due today. He must have been very busy last night.
  11. Injin – Do you realy think I had any money after payng morgauge, Tax and council Tax – why do you think we held down 3 jobs up to and beyond the point when my mortgage was paid. I bloody walked from Rainham to Rochester at some points due to lack of funds. Going to bed now painting tomorrow.
  12. My solution is just that – house prices will drop because wages cannot rise and rent will follow. They can drop Taxes and lower council tax because I want an end to the welfare state full stop and I am prepared to see the results in my own pocket. I take no state pension or government pension, no benefits of any kind, as I said I fund my own retirement. There is a waiting time for bike repairs and some days a sign outside the ironing shop refusing work because of work load. another excuse not to try?
  13. The people running both those businesses pay mortgages and make a living from their own hard work. Its you that are out of touch with the modern world. If you removed the easy option of doing nothing for your whole life and yet still having food and a roof over your head, perhaps a few more might see today’s business reality. You can have my old age pension for a start if you stop paying healthy kids to sit around my town drinking and smoking all day. Im not your bud.
  14. I totally disagree I have practical skills, I could run that pushbike repair shop, my wife could run that Ironing business. My point is that few are prepared to start their own business and almost all of the people that want employment within practical based environments do no have the skills to return £6.00 an hour to the business and yet you seem to think they deserve more. Only Government runs a charity for the unemployable.
  15. I very much want to remove the option of kid – dole - house and if wages don’t drop house prices will, wages cannot rise if the country is to compete in a world market. So if you want your own house and have a deposit the options are buy now and neg equity later or sit on this site bitch about how hard done by you are. I say again no business is going to pay £6.00 and hour for a numpty, only government does that out of my Tax. When I was interviewed for an engineering apprenticeship they wanted to know what I could offer, I could repair a motorcycle and change a plug on a electrical applia
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