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  1. Did you get coal for christmas in those days? Face it codger - the years of spouting this guff are over - your generation is going to be brought to justice now.
  2. Do you imagine? Seriously Kurtz saw nothing in comparison. Tippu tip was like father christmas
  3. My hypothesis is that in 2002 as a 5 year old you had your internet access taken away from you by your parents.
  4. A revealingly defensive answer - I hypothesise some childhood trauma leading to this gross inadaquacy in debating style
  5. Would be interested to know what aspect of your childhood leads you to consistently personalise economic discussions?
  6. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/global-financial-crisis-dummies-why-abandonment-gold-standard-responsible-worlds-sovereign-d This is a great article on gold and its huge influence on the economy. Moderators might do well to read this before being so keen to move all gold topics. I would be suprised if this forum was self censoring topics. Also a great chart on fiat reserves - is this helpful for those arguing gold is in a bubble? The price of gold is the canary in the gold mine that the economy is in dire trouble - why censor discussion of this topic in a forum based around the economy?
  7. You are not welcome around these parts. Clear off you city scummer.
  8. http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/kevin-myers/the-greatest-20th-century-beneficiary-of-popular-mythology-has-been-the-cad-churchill-1876680.html The IE claims Churchill was on BP's payroll. Puts his idea to use tax payers money to buy BP shares into perspective. BP is at the heart of the UK establishment.
  9. Quick - dump all your lithium / gold etc... right now. http://x3etfhell.blogspot.com/2009/11/history-of-douchebags-nov-19th-2009_19.html
  10. Natural Gas prices have collapsed. Literally 50 percent of a year or two ago. The new shale technology has meant enormous reserves are now easily reachable. I recall the nazis had a technology to turn gas into petrol, this was used a lot in South Africa during the sanctions. Might be a time to buy. Things might get a bit more expensive, but if it is just resource issue - not that much more expensive. The last time governments were printing money in the 1970s there were MSM stories about running out of fuel etc... It is just an excuse for rising prices caused by money printing IMO
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black%E2%80%93Scholes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futures_contract these should set you off. you can get the indicative volatility for a put or call on the soc gen warrants website. if i wanted to answer these questions i would put the formulas in a spreadsheet and have a crack. or someone here might do it for you
  12. This is spot on - though difficult to think of the target market for this video. Was Keynes saying what the establishment wanted to hear?
  13. The printing press is actively being used as we debate. In the EU recently they seem to have had this debate. With Germany presumably pushing for a Greek default and France pushing for ECB action to buy Greek bonds (printing). It looks like they agreed to print.
  14. Google Soc Gen warrants They have puts and calls on all major indices, currencies, some commodities and large companies
  15. I think attacking what people say is not personal and absolutely fair game. Although from a personal viewpoint I would admit to disliking polar bears especially those with glasses.
  16. With gold hitting new highs in the last day or so, it has subsequently fallen a fraction. I am just wondering if we will get another paper ramping post from HPC comedy club resident Realist Bear? Usually along the lines of "gold 300 dollars an ounce by Christmas" Come on - these have been appearing since gold was 600 dollars an ounce.
  17. Billions of oil wealth were found at the time of thatcher - even a total inept fool could have brought the country out of recession in those circumstances. And thatcher being a total fool proved this. However whilst Norway has a soverign wealth fund and massive pensions for norwegian citizens thatcher squandered our oil wealth - we have no soverign wealth fund.
  18. Reagan was the real capitulation of America to the military industrial complex. You could reasonably say reaganite policies bust america. Thatcher made the UK into and non industrial country. Both were long term strategic disasters where we are only starting to understand the calamity
  19. Good point fergusson is a twerp Those who can do
  20. He was campaigning for an election. No chance of this landed gentry representative doing anything to fix housing
  21. I am talking relative to say africa, the philippines, south america - how does the standard of living compare? What I presented is empirically the case. A sort of necessity for a successful economy. CAP is a good thing, I would rather waste a few quid and see a few fat rich farmers than starve
  22. Any successful economy needs a wealthy food producing class. This is just human experience. Any successful country in the world will have this - unsuccessful ones will not. (There are likely exceptions exporting natural resources). EU and US dumping destroys this class in Africa - it is not accidental as the same people dumping protect their own food producing class relentlessly
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