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  1. You did state that increasing population was a pre requisite for economic growth. One counter example would show it is not a pre requisite. I think you are now saying population growth is highly correlated with economic growth - which sounds reasonable.
  2. Nigeria was run by a british company which monopolised the palm oil trade - it was very profitable. Calcutta was described as the richest place in the world by the first british people to arrive - I think it is one of the poorest cities in the world now. There is no doubt the empire generated fabulous wealth as for other european countries.
  3. Yes this is a reasonable example. The death of one tramp would show a falling population with a continued increase in economic growth
  4. We have examples of population rises correlated to economic falls. A good question is can anyone name any examples of population falls in any countries in history? We only need one example to show the fallacy of this argument. I understood the population of russia has been falling as has the life expectancy for several years? The economy has grown. However - this is not science. The assertion is that population growth is a pre requisite to economic growth. I assume we are scientists rather than religious people - so it is down to scepticus to demonstrate this - or provide data points. Correlation is not sufficient to show causation.
  5. This is difficult as the populations of all countries have risen. I did give an example of say france where population has not grown massively and the economy has still grown. If the populations are aging if people retire later - will that not increase the percentage of the population of working age who are contributing to society. Retired people even contribute by looking after grand children and carrying out social roles. People who do not contribute at all right now are the young who require care and education.
  6. If we had a stable population, I cannot think why in principle it would not be possible to have ever increasing efficiency Are populations falling in the west due to contraception?
  7. I am inclined to agree with this. The invention of the tractor has replaced to role of hundreds of people.
  8. that is a scary graph some populations in europe have stabilised in recent years - their economies still grow. perhaps we are saying that debt can only be paid off with increasing populations; rather than economic growth only happens with increasing populations
  9. the total number of cancer and HIV deaths have grown exponentially since 1694 as has per capita prosperity. there is a big difference between correlation and causality
  10. Is it really so simple? The populations of all countries have risen. Ethiopia was so rich it could defeat western powers 100 years ago. Are you describing the ultimate bubble - given there is likely a maximum number of people who can live on earth
  11. But you are siting this example as how wealth was generated. Is that what the Japanese did wrong, they borrowed money and spent it on roads and buildings and holes in the ground. A child of 10 might question some of these projects, but this is apparently keynesian economincs. Was the trick they missed to: 1 borrow a lot 2 attack other countries 3 steal your victims goods 4 pay back creditors. The japanese got 1 right, but 2,3 and 4 were not implemented - hence failure
  12. So we borrowed money and looted our neighbour - is that the crux of keynesianism?
  13. We are talking about countries rather than businesses. Countries are not engaging in new business opportunities. Debt was borrowed to fund wars, and services to the population. The real wealth of say the UK was acquired by looting other parts of the world.
  14. You are arguing the wealth of the West is based on borrowing? Is borrowing not just a way of smoothing income and outgo over the long term? There is probably some profit made also from the inflation tax. Or is there some other way of generating wealth by borrowing? Prosperity of the west is quite well correlated to the poverty and exploitation of the east and south
  15. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/japan-land-rising-debt Japan seems a good example of what Keynesian policies might be expected to deliver. The above article suggests an end game here. The US seems keen to follow this route, delaying and worsening the inevitable. Europe and the UK are taking the pain now. Will be interesting to see how things play out in Japan from now on.
  16. Or a triple or cinquentle agent Most central banks hold huge amount of gold. Bankers know what holds value in the real world
  17. How many trillions have been printed directly so far? How many after going through the banking system?
  18. There is plenty of common land in the UK on which say sheep are free to roam. One can purchase a dozen sheep at the start of the year using a loan. Some will have lambs and give milk and wool. Of course there is risk, but if the business is in aggregate profitable people will do this (go and look on Malvern common today) The yield might be the opportunity cost lost by the lender From 6000 years of empirical data there has been yield on capital - it is a reality. The current problems seem to be related to artificially lowering the yield. The entitlement is no different from people agreeing to trade anything. But it would be strange to argue there is an outrageous culture of people wanting to buy and sell fish and chips
  19. that is a cofusing comment. Some sort of yield on captial is fair and has been recognised as fair in the markets
  20. I agree. There are certain facts. - They were bearish publicly on gold (likely quite different privately). -They were kicked out of the bullion ring (historically a price fixer) - they are now bullish publicly on gold The reason speculation on these events occurs is the failure of the main stream media. I would be a lot poorer if I followed main stream financial advice.
  21. Do you know the details of why Rothschilds were kicked out the gold bullion ring? I do not. I did read that it was a bailout and the price for the bail out was to kick them out. The bullion banks have likely been suppressing the gold price for a long time - so one of them requiring a bail out is significant. Once they are out the ring were they giving a straight story for once?
  22. The Rothschilds started ramping gold immediately after they got kicked out of the bullion market. pretty much the opposite before then What do you make of that timing?
  23. Will have to keep this apology. Print it off, who says paper has no value...
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