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  1. Gold has fallen a lot recently.

    Seems strange given the massive bail outs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which would reasonably be expected to reduce the value of the dollar.

    At the same time a war has started next to the only independent (of Russia) oil pipeline into Europe. Again might reasonably expect oil (and gold!) to rise.

    Yet gold has fallen even further.

    Am i missing something - why is gold falling?

  2. "But I feel more comfortable that people are saying it is a bubble...isnt it in the markets that you want to be doing the opposite from the other 90% alot of the time...IS it not that money goes from the many to the few...?"

    Indeed, and the fact that I see a large number of threads on here saying I want to buy gold/oil/commodities indicates that now is not the time to go long.

    The people posting here are fairly specialist. Take property - everyone I know my age (early 30s) has bought a house, and quite a few did BTL also. I only know one other person who is buying commodities and gold, everyone else thinks it is risky and I am going to lose a load.

    Once everyone is buying gold and commodities, then is the time to dump surely. So far it is a few odd balls.

  3. I just wrote to my MP about the mortgage bail out complaining about the idea.

    I used www.writetothem.com and I received a letter today telling me my questions had been forwarded to the minister responsible Kitty Ussher:


    I would encourage anyone else with savings, or who gives the smallest damn about this country to do the same.

    (Apologies if this appears off topic, but any action people might take that can avoid a state sponsoring using savers and tax payers money of bubble houses prices no one can afford has to be worth it!)

  4. For the first time in years I have been swamped by credit card offers.

    About 8-10 years ago it was similar, with a load of junk mail offering credit cards with free BA miles etc...

    After a year I could not get a decent one with any special offers because I pay it off in full each month always.

    In the last 2-3 months I am swamped again. Anyone have a similar experience? Or an explanation? Is this a concerted effort to boast the money supply?

    The change in sentiment seems strange

  5. I was listening to Jim Rogers recently saying he thought air lines are now cheap and he is buying them.

    Does anyone else have a view on this? Oil seems really high, a lot of people are talking about holidays locally.

    They will probably be around for the long term, but I would have thought it is not a good sector to own. Any thoughts?

  6. also you would be giving your hard earned cash to some smug a**holes to lose - that is difficult to tolerate.

    i bought a leveraged put on the FTSE 100 from SocGen about 6 weeks ago. It went up about 10% in 2 days and I sold - should have held until now and made a few hundred percent.

    There may be better ways of shorting than handing over money to incompetent egotistical sales people.

  7. since starting it looked like it had only just recently outperformed the FTSE all share - and that only because the FTSE has just fallen badly. and all that for a huge fee.

    you are better off with an index that has a lot less fees

    in fact warren buffet just bet $1million that the S&P 500 would outperform a collection of hedge fund manager over the next 10 years. (not that $1million will be worth much then)

    these guys are basically sales men with little or no talent and rarely match the index.

    ditch equities - best off in cash or commodities.

  8. A lot of people are talking about an oil bubble - I have a small amount in emerald energy, which has rocketed after 8 years of going down.

    Is now the time to sell? A lot of people (including Soros) are talking of an oil bubble.

    For my part I think it is probably in a long term bull over the next 10 years, but likely to fall back quite a bit in the short term. Any other views?

  9. Ok thanks.

    I have had a fair amount of gold in etfs and stocks for about 5 years.

    Getting the coins is insurance against things going even more pear shaped - which they have not really started to do in the UK i.e. employment is still high, the average muggins still thinks housing is a good investment in the long term, banking crisis is bad but sure to worsen, pound has not yet collapsed, no riots in the streets yet etc...

  10. I have a stock broker account with Barclays. I trade over the internet and they handle all the admin.

    I now understand that the share certificates are actually in Barclays name, not mine.

    I wrote to ask them this, and as to whether these shares are used for anything (like loaning for a fee) or if they are just stored. also what would happen in the event of an insolvency by Barclays, would they count these shares like their deposits?

    I did not get any reply - I am thinking of cashing in the lot and going for an old fashioned stock broker which has the certificates in my name.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

  11. "He's always told people to look for cash flows, not capital gains"

    What cash flows do you get from Silver?

    Kiyosaki is a salesman, first and last. Stocks and real estate will be battered for the next 10 years or more. He has to say invest in silver because all his income generating "assets" do not meet inflation.

  12. I have racked up on agricultural etfs (wheat, corn, sugar, cotton etc... all up +30% in last 6 months) but am looking to get some similar exposure for my pension fund SIPP.

    I am about to get a SIPP with Hargreaves Lanesdown.

    Does anyone know a share, unit trust or investment trust that is specialising in agricultural commodities?


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