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  1. Fantastic courageous action. This is the solution to our problems. Rich filth need to be brought to justice
  2. they are calling for the same law to be applied to all. perhaps point guido to the gospels for a good definition of a hypocrite - or he could just look in the mirror
  3. agriculture - hogs, cows, grains - massively below where they were 10 or 20 years ago.
  4. You could be right, but I am not convinced the wars did not actually dampen the impacts of social revolution. 1914 got rid of a lot of potential revolutionaries in the UK, which was heading for serious political problems.
  5. by this same argument all technological improvements are historic blips and we will soon revert back to the norm of travelling by paddle steamer. the social improvements seen over the last 100 years have been dramatic and we are seeing a reversal of those improvements with a move towards the third world model of pockets of fantastic wealth surrounded by oceans of poverty. my guess is in the next 10 to 20 years we will see a redistribution of that wealth again and an advancement of social progress again. most likely due to the destruction of the central banks.
  6. I am hoping for join - it is stand united or get taken over separately. that is the choice. hopefully the UK will eventually join and become an equal member, rather than a poodle of the US.
  7. what i find most amazing is those impotent chickens in China and Russia were ever using the dollar for bilateral trade
  8. you said "Now imagine that the government offers for sale special geese. The geese cost 1000 ounces of gold and are guaranteed to produce 10 8-ounce gold eggs each year. Furthermore, there is a well established market for golden egg laying geese, as one might expect. Lastly, there are no upkeep costs since the government has its own goose cages where they will keep your goose and feed it on your behalf." "The goose is priced in these modern, rational times using Net Present Value , in which we simply discount the value of future golden eggs by the prevailing interest rate at which gold can be lent in the market. If that rate is positive, then the goose has a finite value. If that rate is zero, then the value of the goose is infinite according to NPV, regardless of how many eggs it lays and over what timeframe." This is only true if the goose lives forever; so when you say "regardless of how many eggs it lays and over what timeframe" you mean the goose must lay eggs in perpetuity (i.e. over an infinite timeframe). So an infinite number of eggs has an infinite value. It is more interesting if the interest rate is say 5%, that the value is not infinite, even if there are an infinite number of eggs. You said: "Both government bonds and geese expire" Government perpetuities do not expire (unless default)
  9. probably better than the fascist economics most commentators advocate
  10. it is a rather desperate effort to convince people to sell their gold. Lord Myners response was the best
  11. It is a good question: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currency_war I am not sure if high inflation was what happened in the last currency war in the 1930s?
  12. the three categories of the definition are: any money declared by a government to be legal tender.[1] state-issued money which is neither legally convertible to any other thing, nor fixed in value in terms of any objective standard.[2] money without intrinsic value.[3] it has intrinsic value - so is not fiat using that definition
  13. gold is a commodity that has uses and universally valued for its beauty; silver and copper are similarly valued for their uses paper also has uses, but paper money has no use other than money. gold, silver and copper are not fiat by definition (at least the wiki definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_money)
  14. How have all paper money experiments ended? When the fed is the largest bond holder and then only bond holder things break down and the money stops functioning. Then back to the gold standard (or other commodity standard). I think the fed is now the second largest bond holder after china, so we are a way through the collapse already. the fed will be gone within the next decade or two, likely sooner. as its balance sheet gets bigger and the same problems persist, inflation becomes more volatile. which means the dollar stops functioning for every large swaths of the community including the all powerful corporate sector.
  15. thanks for all your advice and despite the fact I agree with it; we have taken the place and the LL has agreed to provide a lawnmower. it turned out to be a patient where my GFsometimes works and supposed to be a good bloke. the other issue is there are zero other places to rent near cirencester, the house is also coming off for sale. will probably get punished for this decision; it is an 18 month contract, by which time I am hoping house prices for 3 bed place are affordable. does anyone know if there is a tenant union in the UK?
  16. thanks a lot for all your comments - that is helpful. is there any tenant union in the UK?
  17. it does state the interest belongs to the tenant and the estate agent have to provide evidence that the deposit is held in an account. I am also surprised although this is apparently the norm in Germany.
  18. We are in process of negotiating for a rental house. The marketing literature said it included a 4 bedrooms, a garage and a gardener (- we have never had a gardener before, but in principle it would save time mowing the lawn each week). On this basis we put in an offer and this was accepted. We then paid £365 to the estate agent to get our references draw up a contract and inventory. On receiving the contract there is no gardener included. my wife queried this with the estate agent who said that since the landlord is agreeing to us having a vegetable patch there would be no gardener. I said I am happy to have no gardener, for £20 a month off the rent. The estate agent said the landlord would not negotiate. I told the estate agent we had made an offer in good faith and that they had advertised something falsely. She said we could get our £365 if the deal falls through. It is probably a minor issue and we should just take the place - but it just annoyed the hell out of me that landlords can just lie like this. Maybe next there is no garage. The other issue is the house is on the market for sale. Would appreciate your views - would you take the place?
  19. good to see you posting again does the inflation rate get more volatile with the size of the fed's balance sheet?
  20. s when you are writing this are you really thinking about reality? would you seriously have a child because of the benefits? no - only a mathematical chimp would as the benefit in no way covers the cost of a child
  21. difficult to point the finger at societies effort to help the needy as the cause of the current crisis. in fact it is absurd - not that the daily mail will not try!
  22. yet being the key word i do not really like the cut of your jibe. you should have no children
  23. the working poor fought for centuries to have these securities - only to see them being eroded by thickos repeating what they read in the daily mail
  24. don't mention it. if you ever end up disabled and unable to work I am sure we can get you a broom you can push with your teeth to sweep the street for two pence a day.
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