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  1. if you take the whole great depression period - 1929 to 1939. Gold increased during overall deflation. Stocks did not recover until 1950s. I agree the comparison is clouded as there was a gold standard, but the fact that gold standard could not be maintained at the then price is indicative of the same issues (in my view)
  2. Mwuu Mwuu Mwuuuuuuuu Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. they had markets - I just question whether free is appropriate wording
  4. why were the pyramids not built a million years ago? answer the question
  5. It all sounds very idyllic - said the antelope to the lion monopolising violence is relatively new - the romans brought it with them to many places
  6. it is just a silly question - why weren't the pyramids built a million years ago?
  7. a state is a monopoly on violence - that is likely enough of a definition
  8. because the PC was invented hundreds of years later - why do you think?
  9. because it was before PCs were invented
  10. nonsense - many areas the romans conquered had not had states EVER
  11. have you ever seen a Roman arch? the Arc de Triumph. Marble Arch etc... An arch without walls either side? The idea was to show that peace and security was only possible with the power of the army and state underlying it. Free markets do not work without such power. How do I know - thousands of years of empirical data
  12. he had more than a few ounces of gold.....
  13. the point of my posts is that we quickly see without a state you are required to be armed at all times. that there are strong incentives to kill and steal for certain people (this is empirical data not hypothesis). it becomes a violent hell, where only the most violent survive. Albert Camus wrote of such a society and discussed it in "The Rebel". His view was that there would be one victor after the blood bath - which as you point out is Monarchy I think he viewed Monarchy as perhaps a natural outcome from trying to be rid the state.
  14. apparently one in four people today are related to Genghis khan - not sure about Attila
  15. he ruled half of europe, and people gave him wealth beyond any normal persons wildest dreams - how could he have earned that otherwise?
  16. he ruled most of europe for a long time. most people got poorer, he and his family were enormously wealthy
  17. I understand that is what Attila found
  18. the point is you die - I may die at some point, then there will be others just like me
  19. ask Attila the hun, Genghis khan etc..... there are thousands to choose from. My guess is those people found it easier to prey on others and steal their possessions than build their own the concept is common in nature - why are there carnivores?
  20. We are on the way to enslave a whole town somewhere, this is just a small meal to celebrate killing injin in the market
  21. the empirical data says not only am I going to risk death, I am going to make a permanent living by killing and stealing
  22. so am I - I have better more expensive weapons than you
  23. they get killed by the 400 machine gun carrying mercenaries I brought with me
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