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  1. Yes because the Murdoch media is so totally unbiased, and having adverts for 5 minutes every 15 minutes makes for great viewing. Get a grip - the BBC is the best media outlet in the world. Cameron is Murdoch's whore - and it sounds like you are also
  2. Great documentary by Adam Curtis on the BBC: Pretty much captures the lead up to the disaster of the first decade in the 21st century. Four episodes that get better. I must confess to being surprised how powerless our the politicians are. According to this version of events at least, they are basically at the mercy of investors, and helpless to do anything other than give investors what they want.
  3. the sentiment is in the right place. i do not believe there is regression to the mean in wealth distribution. As Mr Pareto discovered it is governed by a power law distribution which is about as fat tailed as it gets. book writers are a case in point - the most popular books will sell millions, the average - a few thousand.
  4. what has it always been? come on - you know by now...
  5. thanks for that she also said: "there is no such thing as society" we are living the consequences of that
  6. surely 50m indians tops that - that is even before the country got properly started
  7. I think the main thing to grasp is there is no material difference between Labour and Conservative on monetary policy. Monetary policy is controlled by an "independent" body, i.e. the bankers... "I care not who makes the laws" and all that
  8. the US in general - many times more people than Adolf hilter. Were there 50m Indians there? - Hitler used this as an example for his own aims. He barely scratched the surface of what Americans did and continue to achieve. Goebbels knew relatively nothing compared to the US about propaganda. If he had done he would have changed the name to something like public relations - a massive industry in the US.
  9. I recall Sweden had the BBC as a biased source to the right during the gulf war. Just shows what perspective it brings. Try telling that to nazi daily mail readers. what was the daily mail saying about jews before ww2?
  10. Conservatives are economically inactive - at best. This is a parasitic class that leaches wealth from those that create it. We are living through the scenario you describe.
  11. Yes a lot seems to hinge on the Chinese economy. I also noticed that the Chinese government was encouraging its citizens to invest in gold at circa $1000. They effectively under wrote the price and must have been aware of the coming inflation.
  12. Yes a lot seems to hinge on the Chinese economy. I also noticed that the Chinese government was encouraging its citizens to invest in gold at circa $1000. They effectively under wrote the price and must have been aware of the coming inflation.
  13. how would you define trickle down? In the US there is a regressive tax regime - where the poor pay proportionally more tax than the rich who use tax havens and international corporations to minimise tax. This tax raised from the poor by force is then given to the rich in the form of subsidies and bailouts. There is no trickle down it is armed robbery by the US government and should be fought with all mean necessary
  14. yes - the alan key for the sewer will be there - you and Mr Cameron can get to work unblocking my sewer or is it just a load of lies?
  15. You said: I need a multi-tude of jobs doing. Can you PM me please, thanks.
  16. you are right this is my society - and I think anti social parasitic organisations should be fairly tried and punished if guilty. so most of the corporations that are highly anti social, pay no tax pump the airwaves with psychologically damaging material, impact aggressive foreign policy etc... large banks and their political whores like David Cameroon should be fairly tried and then punished if found guilty (like in Iceland we are starting to see a genuine big society.) edit - can you come and clear snow from around Cirencester - get it done today or are you lieing in your last sentence?
  17. said the master to the slave - in between counting his billions
  18. You can usually tell when you are walking past a small family run business as the pavement is clear outside. Walk past any large corporate outlet - snow packed hard as ice making pavements unwalkable. That is the problem with these large corporations - the people working there have no sense of ownership nor do they care about the company other than getting the wage. Was that what Marx called alienation?
  19. what would it look like - such a war? who would benefit? if there is no one to benefit then I cannot see it happening. in WW2 hitler really could have defeated to Soviet Union and gone on to win. In this scenario, even if the US won it would be a massive disaster with huge losses to the country and likely falling under some other country.
  20. one bloke with a dirty nuke in the capital city of any country that uses this can we really have war between US and China? I do not think so. I appreciate people we saying the same 75 years ago, but really I cannot see how it could possibly happen
  21. Right on - this is a huge success. It shows the system can be brought into democratic control with concerted effort by the population. Congratulations to all those who made the effort to participate. Well done - huge success. We need to keep the ball rolling
  22. start by reading rather than writing - not the Daily Mail
  23. Really? Is that right - anyone can pay no tax? - or do you need to be a multi millionaire who can afford a place in a tax haven?
  24. I bought 30 last week - I have some more in ETFs - not sure if that counts though...
  25. because conservatives like being rammed in the **** by guys in cowboy hats.
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