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  1. Level 42 'The Sun Goes Down' And they said it would never happen........it's already here. Though I live on the edge, time is on my side.....
  2. Is there something that we are all forgetting about here? St Albans actually exists in a parallel universe to the rest of the commuter belt north of London. Or at least in the minds of the peeps that live there. All property in St Albans is actually made of gold and granite, and therefore is worth far more than just about anything else in the world. They are all far from mad. They pay very reasonable prices for their homes...investments....homes...porfolio....whatever. Its really not a postcode game. Far from it. Anyway, they all need to buy bigger houses, because they can't fit two Merc 'G' c
  3. Not goodbye just yet. Maybe the lemmings will get themselves up to around 25 times salary on self certs before they finally wake up drowning in their weetabix and surfing on their cornflakes.
  4. Isn't the dog shite supposed to be good luck? Maybe your house, for some ungodly reason, will keep rising in price, as all around fall. You will remember that dog shite, trust me. PS, Note to oneself, go out the back door and stand in all fourty seven uncollected doggy patties, ensuring a bomb proof house value for next ten years......
  5. Errm, yep. And as I recall, somebody forecast a gentle breeze in 1987, and there was nothing to worry about. Ahh!...Mr Fish. He got it wrong too......Maybe we are up for a stormy Housing market after all......
  6. Gordon Brown could'nt care less. He is blatently fiddling the figures, and like lemmings we are all believing him. HPI will gather pace, and the head-in-sand attitude of all the property tycoons will see a slippery demise. It won't take much to start it all a tumbling. Surely we must be getting to the point where we really can't afford for house prices to go much higher I just can't understand why somebody would lumber themselves with a self-cert at ten times the salary. Mad, and as we have already seen, it is all down the the banks throwing mortgages at people who can ill-afford to see ev
  7. And you meant what exactly? We all know that all the loonies are on the road to oblivion. I agree that Mr B has done a fantastic job of causing a massive spending spree, making us all feel very rich, when his taxation policies are in fact draconian. The government may well be brought down with what is about to happen. All the gravy train technicians are about to feel the pinch
  8. Nuts! Bloody nuts! £95k? Now what silly tight arsed sod of a developer took a perfectly good end of terrace and made that prison camp? Tie him to a tree and let the birds finish him off!
  9. Or are you all living in the same dreamworld? Runaway train and all that. Bigger cliff, means longer and faster to fall.
  10. And Granny gave her the deposit. Didn't have to work too hard to get started with then, did she? Still couldn't buy my house now even with a 75% deposit. Dreamworld occupant. I hope she loses the bloody lot. Shall we award her a new certificate in the art of talking s**t? Wake up darling, the bogey mans coming to get you...... :angry:
  11. Yep, St Albans is just plain silly. Once you fight you way past all of the Volvo XC90's and the BMW X5's, and the odd Mercedes M Class on the school run, you suddenly realise that this feels remarkably like Belsize park. In fact it could double for it. St Albans' London Rd is a dead ringer for Haverstock Hill in Belsize Park. Same scene, safer aspect. Just trip over to Smallville if you want to slum it!
  12. Hi all, Very green, but interested none-the-less. I can see all this stuff about house prices stalling. So this is good for me. But, what if you really do, if rather stupidly, want to buy now? Whatever you buy stands to lose money. And, to add insult to injury, sellers still think that they can ask what they like, yes? Surely with prices now falling, first time buyers, with no equity stand to lose the most? They have no buffer zone (equity?) to fall back on. I'm up for correction here, I want to learn what drives this thing which I can only see as a pyramid selling scheme. Once you use
  13. The dumping ground north of London. You really want me to say it..... Luton..... The housing cauldron of the southeast. Sub (embarrased)
  14. Marina, It's a prefabricated type of house, it has a metal frame, and metal panels on the outer top floor, and a sort of concrete slab hung to the bottom floor. They were built just after the second world war as temporary accomodation for the 'London Outfall', the 'Bombed Out'. They were only supposed to be up for ten years, twenty at the max. It's totally inadequate as a structure, and I belive that the only people who can get a mortgage, are us council tenants. zzg113, No, I don't like living here, it is a crap estate, and I want to move. But in this ridiculous climate, where parents
  15. Hi all, Before we start, I'm new here, but I have had a look around, and you all seem sensible. Cool forum. I thought I would give you all a laugh. I live in a B.I.S.F. house, owned by my local borough council. It's a three bedroom affair, that has recently (and begrudgingly), been brought up to the government thermal 'decent' homes standard. It looks quite nice, apart from the fact that the back door has fallen out, because of the shabby 'upgrade', and the estate is generally a tip. My next door neighbour is a serial 'BOOM-BOOM' junkie, and I can hear them sneeze cos the walls are mad
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