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  1. No. They're mostly early thirties, mid level and given the title to boost morale..very American thing to do. My contact wasn't around this morning so still don't know whether her son got the chop. With young kids etc won't be easy...
  2. Thanks narrow escape...I was so pleased that my source was spot on that I neglected to post it myself...
  3. Oh yes it did! Look at today's news and see that the lay offs 'were believed to have happened last week' or some such words. Tomorrow I'll find out whether my friend's son got the chop or not. Poor rich blighter.
  4. From the mum of one of the potential layoffs, Goldman's laying off its third batch of people tomorrow. It's bad out there folks
  5. Thanks for the Property Bee update 3 little pigs. Very helpful. Am still receiving 'amended' details thru daily for Fulham houses. Was in London just a week ago and had a quick look at one of the many houses on market. Non-prime locations falling quickly and still receiving 'phone calls from agents. Am holding fire methinks until next year...
  6. I agree. I have received a number of price reductions, particularly those with Faron Sutaria (and just on W6/SW6 edge) with one house which I visited back in January on market at 900k now on at 770k. Also various 'development opportunities' are not shifting at all. In fact got a call from Chesteron today about one such and told them not interested. Houses off the Munster road price dropping too... Will keep you posted when have more time too.
  7. Reading this whole post made me think of a friend who came over this last weekend and proudly announced that she had managed to remortgage for the next 2 years for her 500k ( yes no typo) mortgage. She said her house was worth about 1.5 million. I suggested this was wishful thinking (knowing the house and its situation) and that it was maybe worth 1 million (actually more like 800k). Still she conceded that maybe she had overvalued it and then proceeded to tell me that I was too careful in not wishing to have any debt and that I, too, could afford to spend lots of money staying in 5 star hotels if I wished, but was too 'mean'. I console myself with the thought that I (unlike her) do not have stomach ulcers from financial worry and my grown children know the value of money..And, frankly, 5 star hotels do not appeal..I prefer the simple life..and knowing that I owe nothing to anyone (well almost!). So well done Yorkshireman. You have my respect.
  8. And you can always rent out the second bedroom if things get tough....
  9. Thanks for that TLP. Couldn't agree with you more about flaky indices especially the rightmove ones. H & F hardly seems to move according to most of them but meanwhile I receive 'amended prices' in my inbox every day. Keep us posted.
  10. Hello. I'm pretty much a newbie around here too. However, can't comment on whether you should buy now, as that really is your decision and depends on too many variables, but idea of renting out second room is a good one. I did that for my first and second flats (both in London) and without it could never otherwise have paid my mortgage. I always advised other friends who were buying then to buy a 2 bed flat and rent out the 2nd bedroom. So good plan but watch out not to "catch a falling knife' . Good luck.
  11. Hello! I'm a newbie too but have just realised that I was supposed to post here first rather than in the other bits. Sorry. I live abroad but am a brit as is my husband. We sold up in London back at the start of the 1990's and got out just before the complete crash. Since then we have lived abroad, educated our kids here too (so they are bilingual) but now they are at university back in Blighty so intend buying back in London. We have kept a foot in the market there ( a small flat) which we sold in September 2006. I had a feeling crash was on its way and just got out in time I reckon. We are currently in the throes of selling our house in Brussels (260 sq metres, 50 metres long garden and not overlooked town house) for what, combined with the sold flat, we will be able to buy a 110 sq metres in inner London. Are we mad? Thing is our respective families are also mostly in the UK but the standard of living is probably not as good and I know lots of Brits have moved abroad in recent years.
  12. How could I be a weirdo and a sage? But fair comment! What part of Fulham is it in then Extra dry? ie Parsons Green/Munster 'Village'/or Lillie Road?
  13. Let us know extra dry as I am about to start looking in Fulham for family house. What street is it in? What price range?
  14. Bad luck too Monty. But keep the faith. Will you stay with same agent or are you going to change agents? And as for the Russians, they're rather too many questionable ones around for my liking.
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